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  2. Wingflex and Engine blades

    Ok when abouts would this new update be available?
  3. 717 Crash

    Nope, no sharing. Just have been playing solo!
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  5. Ooption to disable RealLight

    Thanks Collin, It created a real issue testing the new Aerosoft A318. I lost a few days trying to figure out why the panel was flickering like mad.... The joys of Beta Testing ;-) Scott
  6. Reflection on windscreens

    This has been this way since the original version of the aircraft.
  7. Flightplan disappears and weird VOR tuning

    Are you able to recreate this?
  8. Complete Systems Shutdown Mid-Flight - VATSIM

    Add-on aircraft are not supposed to be used as AI traffic, since some of these load custom scripts for them. As noted earlier in this thread, some carenado aircraft will set the mixture axis to something below 100% which will cause engine shutdown.
  9. Screen exited full screen for a second

    I've never heard of that before, could just be a coincidence.
  10. Wingflex and Engine blades

    Yes, most of them will IIRC.
  11. TOD Calc not very accurate

    I posted here because I'm an 'Opt In' user.. do you still want me to transfer?
  12. Tried manually, "ready to fly", "ready to start"moving the knobs: everything; remains like this. Also uninstalled ,removed the folder, reinstalled today. Same. P3d SimConnect Image in attachment.
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  14. wx radar

    @Javier Did that end up correcting it? I've seen a similar bug recently, but when I checked the code, we're not actually using the ASN range system. So, I believe this may be a bug on our side. Have you found any triggers for it? Has it happened since?
  15. Ooption to disable RealLight

    @skyymann This is an issue with the Prepar3D PDK that affected the default F-22 as well, but we were never given a definite answer about it.
  16. Ooption to disable RealLight

    @Daanafca98 It's definitely possible that it'd be causing an issue for you. RealLight can easily take up 1GB of VRAM. Reducing the texture resolution is truly the only thing that can be done - the textures themselves are huge but must be accessible to RealLight. We could implement a system that down scales them automatically when you run it based on an option, but you will start to notice serious degradation in visual quality.
  17. TOD Calc not very accurate

    Please submit these to the MCDU Predictions section of the Bugs and Suggestions system.
  18. Problems with fmc.

    Please submit these to the MCDU Predictions section of the Bugs and Suggestions system.
  19. Another Tablet Clickspot Woes Thread

    @CaptKornDog (Love the username by the way) - It may be due to how the gauge clickspots are handled on a 2K screen. Can you try (temporarily, of course, as I'd never suggest this as a permanent answer), lowering your screen's resolution to SHD and seeing if it helps? If so, I will start digging on this side to see what I can do about that.
  20. 717 Crash

    You didn't happen to be using Aircraft Sharing did you?
  21. On my first flight of the latest beta version the flightplan just went away when rotated. Strange. I am attaching a screenshot. Also, the VOR radios no longer tune to the nearest VOR when after plugging in a flightplan, after a flightplan is entered the MCDU auto tunes to VORs no where close to your position. It seems to tune to a VOR that is on, or near the course, of the flightplan. But how many VOR's can you pick up when you are, in my case, in central Michigan doing a flight for your virtual airline and the 717 picks up a VOR clear across 80 nm or so of land and from across the entire width of Lake Michigan where the signal was originating from, somewhere south of the Chicago area?
  22. This is strange - I can't imagine what's causing this. Are you using multiple monitors or GPUs?
  23. TOD Calc not very accurate

    @Joshua Che.
  24. Windows Installer Error

    That's definitely something wrong with Windows Installer - I've NEVER seen this issue before.
  25. Complete Systems Shutdown Mid-Flight - VATSIM

    Yes, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of having add on aircraft? I am pretty sure I don't have mixture assigned, but will confirm. Thanks Greg
  26. I have the latest beta version and I was at 2,500 AGL coming in for an approach and FSX exited full screen mode for a moment and 2 "MS-DOS like" small windows popped up, looks like a couple of scripts ran, and then went away. FSX returned but it was very small and I had to hit Alt+Enter. First and only time in 11 years of FSX. Only happens in the latest version of the 717. Maybe if I run the 717 again it will not happen?
  27. Reflection on windscreens

    I have the latest FSX beta and the attached screenshot showing the manual rudder trim knob on the captain's windscreen is now present. It does not matter the angle of the sunlight, bank angle, etc. the reflection is always there. I did not notice it in the previous version. Why is the reflection there? The FO's windscreen has some small knobs reflecting on that side from whatever angle you can think of. Same with the captain's side no matter the angle from which you are viewing the windscreen the reflection remains in the same spot.
  28. Nothing in system log. All I can tell you is flight from Cairns to Brisbane over orbx Oz scenery. Looked away to tablet and looked back to see desktop with no error messages visible. However I've just successfully undertaken same flight this time without error - but I think I'd be sacked if using 717s AP! The intercept course is way too oscillatory and you could do with increasing the damping factor before the passengers lose thier breakfast BTW visually (esp the cockpit) your aircraft is way superior to any other addon I own (including q400, pmdg, etc) which makes these niggles even more annoying lol.
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