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  2. Switch view Crash

    Apparently this issue occurs only with the 717 (what it was reported on avsim) so it seems related to this addon not p3d.
  3. Autoland off centre

    130K lbs / flaps 40 it should be 150 kts max (maybe 145)
  4. VOR autotune

    (Navigation category is missing :p) Hi, I noticed that the autotune feature always points the VOR 1 and the VOR 2 to the same beacon. It should be two different beacons.
  5. VOR autotune

  6. Autoland off centre

    I can't read the ac weight but 157kts as vref seems a bit too higher, isn't it?
  7. Latest beta performance

    + 1 I am getting stutters and the head movement in the cockpit (I am using track IR) is really not fluid to the point I am putting it in the hangar for now. On the ground I am getting more fluidity but once in the air and approaching the clouds (I am referring to even scattered clouds, not an overcast) the stutters begin. In another thread it was raised it may be related to Active Sky - was there any progress with the investigation? Using P3D v4 Shom
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  9. Displays going black during flight

    Ok, thanks for that information. I will attempt a flight this week and keep an eye on the gpu memory. I will also state my drivers and video card used.
  10. Displays going black during flight

    In my experience, P3D has always been very picky about GPU drivers. It took me awhile to find a stable Nvidia driver for P3D3.4. But in P3D4 this very driver led to constant crashes. I've had to change five or seven versions before I found the stable one (and it wasn't the latest version at all). So I won't be surprised if this bug is indeed caused by P3D, and would require some yet unknown hack or workaround to avoid it. It's not like Lockheed Martin have the best programmers in the world (after seeing their dynamic lights implementation, I think it's quite the opposite).
  11. Displays going black during flight

    Dan, One of the users experiencing this hadn't modified his CFG at all, so unless another tool did it, I'm doubtful it's those specific tweaks. That said, thank you for the initiative and idea. LM seems to think it has to do possibly with drivers/GPU texture paging, hence my sudden focus on memory.
  12. Displays going black during flight

    We haven't ruled out anything. But based on our troubleshooting and the reports, it generally sounds like something within the core code is causing this to happen. We're going to keep looking into why this is happening and why it seems so much more common with our aircraft, believe us, we're equally as frustrated by this. We want to get v1.1 out, but we're not going to release it to the general public with this bug in it.
  13. Displays going black during flight

    Even if it’s just on the LM developers site you would think there would be a public posting of this issue in the LM, PMDG, FSLabs, Aerosoft, etc by many users if this problem was happening to all these other aircraft. I still think something is being missed in the 717 because once again this happens on more than one of P3D and didn’t happen with early releases of the 717. Been a user of since day one and still have hopes for a fix.
  14. Updater painfully slow

    Is it during install or download?
  15. Displays going black during flight

    The forum post is in a hidden developer forum on the LM forums. I could link it for you, but you wouldn't have access to that section of the forums.
  16. Displays going black during flight

    OK. Then how about a link to a LM forum post where its shown to be their issue. Heard that more than once in this forum by people on the TFDi team. I love this aircraft and want to fly it but cant because what was once tolerable is no longer. Put up with all the problems since it's initial release. Worked around or with those issues. Over 1 year later I would like a aircraft with no major bugs. Not too much to ask I think.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hey guys, Don't know if it's just me , but the updater has become very , very, slow. It's since yesterday that i'm trying to update this plane but it takes ages for every single file. There is some sort of issue with the repo ? Thanks
  19. Displays going black during flight

    I'll do a flight tonight and get a reading but I've had it happen on my EVGA 1080 FTW and now my EVGA 1080ti FTW3. I've monitored the memory in the past and never got close to maxing it out.
  20. Displays going black during flight

    It everyone with this issue could do me a favor - if you could please measure your GPU memory usage while it's happening and report it, it may give me some more insight.
  21. Displays going black during flight

    So could a tweak or setting be causing this problem? This question hasn't been asked yet for those having the issue. As I stated before I have this problem on two separate computers, one running P3Dv3.4 and now my new build running 4.1. I do run 3 tweaks in the P3D.cfg to help with scenery load times. These tweaks were used on both systems to help eliminate the black texture load times. Just trying to find a common cause seeing no one else is asking. Is anyone using the following tweaks that is having the issue? I use the following in all my builds. [DISPLAY] TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=160 TextureMaxLoad=30 [MAIN] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01
  22. Autothrottle(?) changing rapidly

    Any progress with this issue?
  23. FMC Speed and Altitude flux

    Any progress with this issue?
  24. Displays going black during flight

    By that logic, why is it not happening to me on the 717? Not arguing, just making the point. I'm not interested in blaming anyone or deflecting at all - that said, here is an image sent to us by a tester:
  25. Displays going black during flight

    So if it happening on the NGX too why is it not happening to me with it? None of the PMDG aircraft. I have all the 737's, T7's and 744's. No issues. Nothing on FSLabs. If it is a known LM issue there should be more about it on their forums. Someone needs to link a post from their forum stating that it is a known issue for them otherwise it seems like people are just blaming them.
  26. Hey you guys, I installed the latest update, and im still having performance issues with the airplane, averaging 10FPS, its up 5FPS from my last post but this is still disappointing. Still getting great performance with PMDG, not saying this is a bad product but I really want to fly this plane, but I cant from my other airports if the performance is this ungodly.
  27. Autoland off centre

    Perhaps part of the issue is the autothrottle is a tad too aggressive? Adds a little too much power then reduces a little too much. As for the left/right side of runway landing I'm wondering if it has trouble correcting for wind?
  28. Autoland off centre

    Yup. But I let it go this time to demonstrate. This happens about 1 out of 2 Autoland approaches.
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