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  2. Landingrate differences

    Hmm.. maybe i just do not understand how this logging prozess is working. with thoughts you said, i would thing fscloud and smartcars are the unprecicse tools...
  3. Landingrate differences

    Typically, these tools that measure landing rates are not updating every frame, this is to prevent performance degradation. So they may be calculation FPM at a different frame each, thus, it is not the same.
  4. Add more freedom in external wing views!

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  6. Installation and P3D4

    for me the p3dv4 instalation button is greyed out and i cant install it into v4 what do i do? pls help! Thankyou!
  7. The 717 is a fantastic aircraft enough said, however one thing I don't like about flight sim's generally is when they have somewhat bad view systems. For the picture below is an example off the wing view that doesn't let you move your camera at all (apart from zoom in and out a tiny bit rarely). In future updates I would love to be able to move more freely in external views e.g. to the left/right up/down in the wing views!
  8. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    PS I have texture resolution at 4096, Tessalation full to the right as well as LOD distance maxed. 4xSSAA, autogen draw distance full right. In my case I am really convinced that MT6 was the guilty party...but maybe not in your case. You have to be a member of the Flight1 forum to get access to the UT....23 beta. Some of the AI aircraft are shockers, but it works just fine.
  9. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Guys: if you use MyTraffic6 I suggest you completely uninstall it (including get every MX plane deleted from the Appdata Simobject Airplanes folder. I made a flight with no AI without one CTD and changed Views constantly and also made changes in the FMC. No hint of a CTD. I installed UTLive a beta for p3dv4, plenty of traffic at airports. Changed views many times while sitting on the ground, then flew Gatwick to Hamburg. Changed views constantly and again no hint of a CTD. I realise that if you don't use MyTraffic this isn't going to help. However MT was never altered for v4, it just seemed to work. Maybe in fact there is a conflict with v4 and without the CTDs so far have not occurred for me anyway.
  10. Feedback

    Last part of the serial, for tonight at least. Completed Gatwick to Hamburg, much view switching including entries into the FMC. With UT no CTD. Did not use transponder so no test of airborne traffic. Hamburg: Approaching, on final, and landed with all the washing out
  11. Landingrate differences

    Hey, currently i fly most time PMDG B747. I'm logging the flight with smartcars, flying on FScloud, and use a tool to make my own "logbook" if you want to call it that way. Smartcars as the Logbooktool using FSUIPC. But i have often completly different landingrates between all three tools. While Smartcars report -414, FSCloud reports -450. And the third tool reporting -64. Thats a huge difference and i'm wondering how this can happen, both tools using FSUIPC. From Acustic and Visual feeling i would say it was better than -414. Not sure if -64 are correct. But how is that possible? Are there any Settings how i can make it more accurate?
  12. Feedback

    Collin: Sorry to be a serial commentator, but I have installed Ultimate Traffic, and although only on the ground at Gatwick I have been switching views without a CTD...several times making changes of view within a second of each other. So it may be a real problem with MT6: but as theirs is a reputable Traffic add-on it would be a good thing if the source of the conflict could be isolated.
  13. Feedback

    Collin: I cleaned out MT6, then did a flight EGKK-ELLX. I changed views with enthusiasm but could not induce a CTD. Could well be that MT6 is a problem. I shall now have to hunt for an alternative AI Traffic programme...I hate bare, traffic free airports. Some less important points... the FMC did not hit the speed and low altitude targets on the way to DET from Gatwick. The Flightplan said 250/5000 but the plane kept climbing to the set cruise altitude. Maybe I have to manually keep the aircraft at the lower alts by setting them. Had one of those throttle fadeouts, used Ctrl+E to make everything good again. Will turn the FADECs on and off next time.
  14. Browser in 717 Tablet

    oh, next we can ask for a plugin manager via the tablet, and let people develop plugins for the tablet. an app for radio, like maybe sky blue or jet stream. then maybe an uplink to simbrief for dispatch documents....I'm dreaming here, but yea cool idea.
  15. Yeah! Good news I could go back at home from SAWH with your nice 717 after been there with there good Learjet 25D from Xtreme Prototypes
  16. Liveries requests and reviews here

    There's one of our painters who confirmed to me. He will do AUSTRAL when TFDi releases the painkit
  17. Feedback

    Now Collin: you are setting a high bar. I use My Traffic 6, but totally uninstalling it is a big request. But I shall, and will let you know.
  18. Feedback

    Unfortunately that is not the most common of experiences. Is a new version of the beta due soon?
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  20. Feedback

    Likewise my reversers have stopped working
  21. 717 Throttles stopped responding

    This has so far happened on 2 of my last 2 flights.......... every time I access a menu from the looks. Today right during cruise, an hour or so totally gone... Absolutely no fixing it, AFS off, didn't try the FADEC. Idle thrust and unable to recover.
  22. Stutters are back.

    Hello, I had the same experience. I uninstalled and re-installed the 717 through the add-on manager and it seems fine now. Hope it stays
  23. after i installed the 717 in p3d no folder shows up in simobjects airplane folder please help am i missing something?
  24. Some one found Austral livery ?
  25. A question about entering routes in MCDU

    I think I'm making a bad comparison to the way a Boeing fmc works, on that fmc if you were to enter 2 or more intersecting airways on the route page, the intersecting waypoint would automatically be presented. I tried the same on the "LAT-REV AIRWAYS" page by entering 2 intersecting airways in the "VIA" column, leaving the "TO" column blank. The MCDU returned a "NOT ALLOWED" message. Maybe it's just the way it works, but I could have sworn I was able to do this with MD11. Since I can't test it, I can't confirm it so.
  26. Liveries requests and reviews here

    What do you think about SAS new Color (Tribute to the MD-87)?
  27. Few questions

    You need to be part of the Community Opt-In Beta, please see this post here:
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