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  2. 1&2. I was a little surprised by the start simulation, but I did some investigation and ended up thinking it's pretty good. The BR700s ramp the fuel flow very slowly at's a slow start. 3. What simulator are you using? P3Dv4 infamously ended the DynamicFriction.LUA tweak that many people were using, via FSUIPC. Supposedly there will be a fix eventually, but it's not ready yet. If you were using that, perhaps it explains this issue? 4. I can't speak to the developer's intention, but many simmers complain that they want to hear the engines from a cockpit setting, so I think the devs chose a balance. Try reducing the engine sounds by 25% in FS and see what you think.
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  4. P3D V4 Installation

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  5. Buying 717 question.

    Yes, that would be the proper procedure.

    Ok i found it. endir (enshade) i had to disable special effects !
  7. P3D V4 Installation

    Hello,Please I need hep I just bought the TFDi 717 and I was going to install it, but the P3D V4 installation is on grey box, cant click on it like if i dont have P3D V4
  8. No sound with pmdg 737

    Did you explicitly install the sound pack to the NGX? There should be a guide included with the product that'll help guide you through it.
  9. If you're seeing high CPU usage, the rendering change won't help. Hardware rendering makes our displays uses the GPU instead of the CPU, and turning it off inverts it. If we switch to a totally different rendering tech, it will still use CPU. What sort of numbers are you seeing, what is your exact CPU speed, and what else do you have running? Do you happen to be using ChasePlane?
  10. Buying 717 question.

    Hi ,I have P3D v4.1 and I wanna buy your product,What is the procedure to do it ,buy the v3 version and then install the v4 beta?
  11. thrust going mad

    Again, great news! Cannot wait to try it out - thanks, Collin! Regards, Mario
  12. thrust going mad

    Just finished the final tweaking and improvements for this - this modified or improved nearly 20,000 pieces of data. There should be quite an improvement in several areas in the next update.
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  14. Brake Overheat

    In response to that, not brake overheat.
  15. I have bought the 717 but cannot download the Addon Manager, which I assume I need to actually obatain the product. The download repeatedly fails due to a "network error". I had no trouble downloading the documents however.
  16. Glad to help. Never worked on corporate jets, but I know what you're meaning about battery starts at high altitude.
  17. Thanks so much. I will look at the sites and try the AM. I appreciate you.
  18. Thanks for the reply. That's helpful. I wasn't familiar with "bowed rotor" issues...had to google that one. Good to know, although it must not be a significant concern with the small turbines I'm used to since no one ever mentions it in that context. (The biggest issue with corporate light jets and turboprops is having an adequate power source for the electric starter-generators, based on the conditions. Sometimes there just isn't a GPU cart and you have to do a super hairy battery start at high density altitude. I've had some real nail-biters, watching the ITT shoot up just shy of the start limit and hang out there).
  19. Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    Not a mod or a request. Just a photoshopped image of the start switch light I did to see how it would look day and night. Too pretty not to share.
  20. "TrueGlass Installer has stopped working"

    Ah! I somehow never managed to see that. Makes sense why it wasn't working before, but then I had the installer error on Win7 and it threw me off.
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  22. Brake Overheat

    Distance to go from brake overheat?
  23. Brake Overheat

    Distance to Go
  24. MCDU distance to next waypoint

    Thank you kind sir!
  25. Brake Overheat

    Thank you Joshua but what does DTG stand for? So many different acronyms for a "Boeing" airplane.
  26. Pictures of your TFDi 717?

    Oh! Thank you!
  27. Display Frame Rate

    Try Hardware Rendering in the Addon Manager.
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