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  2. In my experience there is a performance drop when switching on landing lights even when DL is disabled (albeit not as pronounced). My solution to this was to replace your fx files with landing lights from another aircraft and the problem disappeared, I.e I can now switch on LL without a performance hit. I also now get visible LL with no DL unlike with your fx files. This on a Titan X Pascal and 7700K.
  3. Ooption to disable RealLight

    @FishermanIvan simply by reducing it in the main P3D display settings page will do the trick?
  4. Reflection on windscreens

  5. AirTran XM Radio

  6. sel ctr pumps off

    The label CTR indicates that the two switches vertically underneath are the aft and forward centre pumps. The same applies for the left and right, if I'm not mistaken. So if you see that message 'sel ctr pumps off' it means you look at label CTR and change the position of the 2 switches under that label to the off position.
  7. sel ctr pumps off

    Hello during flight i see the msg "sel ctr pumps off" What does it mean because i see Fuel CTR L and R AFT pumps and FWD Pumps. Thanks for the reply. Dick
  8. Sounds like dynamic lighting is the issue. Unfortunately, LM didn't optimize this new tech to handle the different AA methods properly, so this is likely the cause of the performance issues for you.
  9. Ooption to disable RealLight

    Dropping the VC textures to 2048 have made it flyable again for me, and my eyes can't tell the difference lol. Thanks for that tip!
  10. Last week
  11. Flightplan disappears and weird VOR tuning

    Here is the VOR problem you wanted recreated. After flightplan input (on the ground of course) the nearest VORs' needles, 3 character identifier, and range completely disappear: Once airborne the VOR identifiers and ranging come back on the ND, but there are no needles. And it autotunes to a VOR that is no where close to the 717 nor the destination:
  12. Left side black screens (included FMC)

    deleted documents folder. Fixed. Thanks. Maybe old versions conflict.
  13. Flightplan disappears and weird VOR tuning

  14. Complete Systems Shutdown Mid-Flight - VATSIM

    This seems to have worked so far. No shutdown last night. Only thing I did was remove all add on aircraft from Vpilot. I'll update if there are more issues. Thanks so much. Greg
  15. Left side black screens (included FMC)

    ...did you disable captain's displays via the tablet? This is that exact behavior.
  16. Flightplan disappears and weird VOR tuning

    Here is the flightplan disappearing problem recreated. This happens as soon as you rotate off the ground at airports where you are doing take-offs and landings at the same airport. The missed approach fix remains but everything else goes away. The MCDU does not allow anything to be done on the F-PLAN page when this happens. There is a faulty Insufficient Fuel warning that also pops up in the MCDU which is strange because there is almost 12,000 pounds of fuel on board, the airport is 1nm behind the 717 and the fix you see on the NAV Display is only 8nm away. And I noticed another problem, but it is minor. When on the ground and inputting the flight plan, if there is a discontinuity the MCDU's screen looks like this. I popped it up (clicked on MCDU screen) to make it bigger:
  17. Wingflex and Engine blades

    Soon™ we want to get it all done properly beforehand.
  18. Wingflex and Engine blades

    How long is soon?
  19. AirTran XM Radio

    Attached. README.txt
  20. AirTran dirty

    Version 1.0.0


    Dirty version of the AirTran Tan and Green livery. Currently operates for Delta Air Lines Fleet# 9541
  21. Stuttering

    Hi, Since i got the 717 for 4.2, it seems to stutter, it gets worse and worse, by the time i start my engines it just freezes every 3 secs, fly's for 2 secs and continues to freeze, I have tried to disable true glass, I did try to disable truglass, same results, tried with AS off same thing, tried the hardware rending same results, I have a 1080 EVGA FTW, with AMD 9370, any ideas on how to fix?
  22. Flightplan disappears and weird VOR tuning

    Which part? The flightplan disappearing or the VOR tuning problem?
  23. Reflection on windscreens

    You are right. Will it be fixed?
  24. Wx radar in auto at cruise tilt at 0.0

    When im at crz level the wx radar is set to AUTO the tilt is at 0.0 it should automatically tilt down when climbing
  25. TOD Calc not very accurate

    Please, as it will ask for certain information required to help us debug it.
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