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  2. Shared Cockpit - still buggy

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  4. Few questions

    Hey Gunny, If you launch the addon manager, and go to Install, you'll be able to choose the platforms to install the 717 to. P3D v4 is within one of the options.
  5. Few questions

    As a purchaser of the 717 FSX I was quite pleased with your product. My question is as I have transitioned to P3dV4 I have waited for the update checking weekly. Have I missed the release?
  6. Hey folks, now after the update I finally managed to complete some flights in the fabulous 717. Could easily become my new favorite! Still I'm experiencing some weird troubles: I'm running a i5 4690k @ 4.6, with an ASUS ROG STRIX GTX 1060 OC 16 GB and 8 GB of RAM, Windows 10. With this setup I get smooth 30 fps locked at medium/high settings. With the house livery I am able to complete a flight with UT-live DISabled. When choosing the -let's say- JET Star livery, I'm not even able to power up the engines before my system runs out of (physical) memory. With UTL enabled at 50% traffic I have no chance at all. I thought 8 Gigs would do because even with the PMDG 737 NGX I do not encounter any problems. I did test it with ORBX New Zealand at NZAA, which is not really an add-on Airport. So what am I doing wrong or can I do anything to reduce the RAM usage of the plane? Is there any chance not to use the 2048 textures, but reduce to 1024? Any help would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance and greetings from LOWL, Peter P.S.: Minor bug btw: When changing graphics settings during flight (e.g. AA) I loose thrust. Throttles advance to 100% but engines do not respond at all. Nothing serious, I just was curious if anyone else is seeing this?
  7. [Ask and Request] X-Plane Version TFDi 717

    Hello Collin and Joshua, thank you for your answer, looking forward someday there will be TFDi 717 for X-Plane... Regards, Rudy
  8. Shared Cockpit - still buggy

    Hi Joshua, it happens everytime if you trim the aircraft on ground. When I trim the aircraft, the trim is set correctly. At the partner the elevator trims to the maximum. Shortly afterwards the connection collapses. If the partner trims, the trim is set correctly in the Partnercockpit, but with me the elevator trims to max. even then the connection breaks off.
  9. Feedback

    To any with the view switching CTD, do you happen to be using MyTraffic 6? If so, please disable it ENTIRELY (remove the BGLs, etc.). Regarding the panel lights, which simulator is this in?
  10. Engines stop generating thrust mid-flight?

    This is a bug we've had happen on some isolated cases. It appears to have stopped in our internal builds but we will continue testing.
  11. 717 Throttles stopped responding

    We will be continuing to investigate this - it seems to have stopped in our internal builds.
  12. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Thank you for reporting the resolution for this! Hopefully others will benefit from the answer too.
  13. Displays going black during flight

    Just to reiterate - I have NEVER had this issue, nor have any of our developers, at any time throughout development and testing. That makes this almost impossible to debug.
  14. [Ask and Request] X-Plane Version TFDi 717

    It's definitely something we're open to, but the sheer amount of work/differences in platforms will keep us from doing it in the immediate future. Thank you for the support!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Unable to load odbcji32.dll

    Here is how I managed to fix the above issue, maybe it will work for someone else too. To repair the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 component Go to Control Panel --> Programs and features Search for Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Right-click on it and select the option Repair
  17. HW Rendering?

    Hey Macca....are you suggesting that with HW enabled, you haven't noticed as many CTDs (or none at all)?? I had to disable mine (uncheck) due to laggy displays and instrument feedback. I just had CTD a while ago while still on the ground (HW NOT enabled).
  18. Aligning IRS without airport codes

    Ok, will do. Thanks.
  19. Wrong fonts in displays

    Absolutely SUPER Duper Thanks for your prompt reply. Now I can see everything I am doing wrong. Up, Up and away. Carliolian
  20. Wrong fonts in displays

    Go to C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\13 and open the and install all the fonts manually and see if it fixes the issue.
  21. Shared Cockpit - still buggy

    Are you able to reliably recreate this issue?
  22. Aligning IRS without airport codes

    Please provide said documentation and @turbofandude will take a look
  23. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Hi, Regular flight this morning LEJR-LEGE. To give me the maximum chances not to crash I set texture resolution to 512 and have disabled a lot off addon sceneries (not too much as P3Dv4 crashes also if this case). All was perfect until clearing the runway at arrival when I set some static AI Traffic aircrafts and then switch to external view: CTD. I hope P3Dv4.1 will solve this problem. EDIT: I just have an idea as I use Mytraffic 6 with P3Dv4. I removed all AFCAD files (keeping only the commercial traffic bgl) and some aircrafts (there's a list of old models to remove on some forums) and it seems this helps P3Dv4 to manage all my scenery addons at once. I also load the 717 at AMS by night wit lots of AI and texture resolution set to 4096: No CTD switching views... Skip.
  24. Shared Cockpit - still buggy

    We did some shared cockpit flights in the last weeks, which where stable, the most time. The only thing where we get a expected disconnection every time is during trimming the aircraft for take off, independently if we use the Controller or the vc-yoke-buttons. In a few cases, the AddOn Manager crashed. We use Hamachi for a stable Connection.
  25. Hello TFDi team, well I'm big fans of your 717, it's marvelous despite sometimes had troubles with CTD even in P3D V4, well I just wondered whether you have any plan to develop the 717 for X-Plane, and if I may, honestly I request that you develop to X-Plane. Since, in my opinion flying with X-Plane are closest to real experience of flying. thank you for your marvelous products... Regards, Rudy
  26. Engines response delay

    Ya I see there is a delay in engine response
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