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  2. Adding or changing aircraft types

    When you do the import, you can change where it goes. That said, if the layout is different, there may need to be some manual processing.
  3. ATS is really unstable

    Sorry -- it still happens -- but I became preoccupied and didn't have much time for the sim lately. I'll make a video tonight or tomorrow. Kind Regards, Josh
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  5. Adding or changing aircraft types

  6. GoFlight Compatibility?

    It hasn't been a priority, but it's on our list.
  7. Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    it would be nice if somebody do this as a mod
  8. FPS Stutters

    Negative. But I am using EZCA/EZDOK 2 which has similar functionality.
  9. Adding or changing aircraft types

    Any further information to my request as per above?
  10. GoFlight Compatibility?

    Any updates for MCP compatibility?
  11. MCDU CLR Button Causing CTD

    User sent email:
  12. Display AFS Bug

    Hi Saw this while performing some landings, on gear touchdown, this appeared, once the nose gear touched down, it went to to PITCH | HEADING 314 | T/O THRUST with normal boxes. Kind Regards, Josh
  13. Aileron tab problem

    Great, thank you @turbofandude That makes sense, the oscillation only happened when the tab issue occurred. I will do some testing, and let you know if it occurs again. Thank you, Kind Regards, Josh
  14. Crash to Desktop

    Everything is working now since the last new update
  15. Crash to Desktop

    No I have 2 monitors plugged into the same GPU
  16. Cabin altitude descends to 0 despite landing altitude being 4000ft

    This should have improved in the next update.
  17. Opposite turn to heading

    Hello Turbo Unfortunately I had a major crash on my computer a few months ago. For that reason I had to reinstall everything and I decided to take the chance to install P3D v4 instead of installing v3 again. Because of this I haven't flown the 717 for all this time. I will wait for its release on v4 Thanks
  18. Aileron tab problem

    Nope, I take it back - a second bug in the same system caused the oscillation too. Should be fixed.
  19. Wrong fonts in displays

    Finally got them working,I google it and it was my windows 10 firewall blocking it,so thanks for the help,going flying now ..
  20. Aileron tab problem

    The oscillations may be due to a separate AFS bug, however, I did find that the elevator/aileron control tabs were not being set by the autoflight. They will be now.
  21. MCDU CLR Button Causing CTD

    Does this still happen to you? I just tried to recreate it and it didn't crash. Did you have all of your weights and what not entered at the time?
  22. Wrong fonts in displays

    Ok,I reinstall the whole thing,disabled the antivirus just in case that was the issue,when I run the fonts all nine together ,they give me an error that, do not appear to be a valid font,also saw your last post and deleted them and run the addon manager same thing.
  23. Last week
  24. Overhead as 2D Pop up

    This is most likely not something we will be doing - full 2D panels are not in the plan for the 717.
  25. Airport filter

    I'm not sure if the actual aircraft has this or not - if it does, we should definitely add it.
  26. IRU 3 Fail msg

  27. Wrong fonts in displays

    Try deleting the ZIP folder and opening the addon manager, this will redownload the fonts zip and you can retry installing that font.
  28. 717 REALLY REALLY poor performance

    Please try without ChasePlane running and see if it improves it at all.
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