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  2. Autoland off centre

    Perhaps part of the issue is the autothrottle is a tad too aggressive? Adds a little too much power then reduces a little too much. As for the left/right side of runway landing I'm wondering if it has trouble correcting for wind?
  3. Autoland off centre

    Yup. But I let it go this time to demonstrate. This happens about 1 out of 2 Autoland approaches.
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  5. I have a ASUS MAXIMOUS VI MO/BO I want to change the board to see if performance is better . Thought i would let you all know what was going on as I may need some reactivation as a result of the change . I well keep in touch .
  6. VOR autotune

    Have a same problems...and at moment is a very big problem.
  7. VOR tuning problem on arrival

    Yes...same problems! During last flight from LFRS to LIRP, at LIRP vor don't works. VOR1 and 2 don't shows any information. In FMC the frequency shows correct name,freq ecc., but don't works on ND.
  8. Low FPS - Modern System

    Hey guys, The 717 in V3 was great (20-30fps under load)... yet in V4 its unusable (7-15fps not under load). Not sure what the issue could be as I did try hardware rendering which didn't make a difference. Compared to the FSLabs A320, I get around 18fps under heavy load (full scenery, mesh, 6 cloud layers, etc.). Hopefully I have over looked a potential fix.
  9. Displays going black during flight

    It wasn’t a black screen like the 717 but a faded panel and it was one Facebook post compared to all the reports people have posted here. Your repeating the company line because you said it happened to other planes but only quoted the one 737 screenshot that TFDI mentioned. Besides that one topic on the FB page from some time ago show me a forums post from another aircraft developer that is having this problem. TFDI said there not giving up but I would sure like to see them dig deeper into some of the users computers or try to find a common trigger for this problem. Saying they can’t duplicate the problem on there clean system does not represent a regular users setup. Again see my FSDT comment posted earlier. Sorry but I’m just frustrated because this is not just a 4.1 problem.
  10. Displays going black during flight

    And yet it happening with other planes: someone has posted PMDG 737 screenshots either somewhere here, or at the other forum. And no, it wasn't that piracy-related issue with blank displays.
  11. Displays going black during flight

    I can't believe this is a P3D problem. It doesn't happen with any other aircraft I own. Can someone link a post from LM's forum about it? I really love this aircraft but it uninstalled right now. I am afraid that as soon as the Leo Maddog comes out I will forget about this nice a/c. It will directly affect any future product purchases.
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  13. Displays going black during flight

    What I don’t get is this bug has been reported for version 3.3, 3.4, 4.0 and 4.1. LM hasn’t made any changes to v3x in some time when this problem started happening. This problem did not happen in earlier releases of the 717. What hasn’t been answered is are you you waiting for a reply from LM on all versions that have been reported or just the latest, 4.1? I know you’ll haven’t given up on this but something is triggering it across all versions. Maybe a customer survey on hardware, software or tweaks may help solve the problem. This will be up to TFDI to figure which questions to ask. How about a few more TeamViewer sessions with users who are effected. This way more details can be collected. I remembers when FSDT came out with KMEM it was crashing a bunch of systems. Turns out an old BufferPool tweak was causing the problem. They did several TeamViewer session until they found out what was causing the problem.
  14. B.Betty: "Stabilizer Motion" warning

    It's something we can look into down the line.
  15. Displays going black during flight

    It's not shame - we're asking for the same chance we give everyone else. If you read through the forums, you'll see that it's been reported before, we've started looking into it, and have NEVER, not once, found a common factor/trigger for it. If you read through ANY other posts, you'll see we respond to issues personally and research them all. We have never hid behind blame deflection. That said, I have no interest in arguing with you. Believe me, I am aware of what ignoring a major issue will do to our reputation - that's why we're not ignoring it. I've tried two or three different ideas to try to step around it these last two weeks (keeping in mind I have to wait for it to be tested, as it never happens to me). They all failed to correct it. I am now waiting on input from Lockheed Martin to see if they have any idea. If it ISN'T our fault, I'd like confirmation. If it is, I'm hoping they can point us toward what the problem is. If you look at technically, it makes no sense. Our displays, that work almost all the time, randomly begin to show terrain textures instead of the image our code is creating. I managed to be on a TeamViewer session with a customer when it happened once, and I attached a debugger (he was nice enough to install Visual Studio to help me test), and I verified all of the code. The functions were getting called like they should, our code was still creating the image of the displays as it was the rest of the flight. It's also the same code that drives the right displays (it's just a single variable that tells it uses source 1 or source 2 to draw). So, we know it's not the logic causing the terrain. As well, our code does not do any massive memory copying or manipulation of internal resources in the sim like that, so there is no way it would be over-reaching and grabbing terrain textures or similar. So, hence us being at a bit of a loss here. I refuse to admit we can't fix it, because that'd be giving up. There is ALWAYS a way, I just do not know what it is yet. We are all human, and unfortunately, the machine is thinking faster than I am about this one. All I ask is that we all have patience with each other (and yes, it goes both ways, us to you as well). I understand it's frustrating, just know it's not just frustrating to you.
  16. Low VC Performance

    Tested at night at the default starting airport, Fair weather preset, hardware rendering disabled, all possible graphics options set to their lowest possible setting except dynamic lighting Few observations: Cockpit lighting and exterior lighting has little effect performance FPS is erratic, jumping between lows of 7 and highs of 52 (Though this may be just and P3D issue) FPS issues seem to be systems related, even on the lowest possible graphics settings P3D's menus allow, Major stuttering is still seen. P3D reports the FPS to be as high as 60 at times despite it still being stuttery Pausing the sim removes all FPS issues and FPS raises well above the 60s While not related to P3Dv4, I have noticed the same FPS stuttering in FSX:SE, not as bad as in P3Dv4 but at times would bring FPS down to unusable levels, while in the same situation in a PMDG 737 the fps may be low, but stable and still playable.
  17. Latest Update will not run

    Sorry for late response... The same thing happened when I uninstalled. I downloaded the file a day or so later and it installed perfectly. tks/Bill
  18. Aircraft crashes everytime STAR page completed

    Ok thank you.
  19. Autoland off centre

    Yeah, that was pretty terrible lol. Definitely should have been another go around.
  20. Engine start has new code?

    Just noticing on my engine starts that engine two starts differently than engine one. Engine two has the N2 rise, and TGT go way up before N1 registers, like it always has; engine one has a slow rise of TGT and eventually N1, more akin to a 737 start; is this something new?
  21. Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    I can't stop to fly this beauty...Great addon aircraft ! Thanks ! Regards,
  22. Autoland off centre

    It porpoised on final for me too and landed pretty long. This was actually the second approach. I did a planned go around earlier and came back, but then it got a bit wonky in the end.
  23. Autopilot becomes too aggressive when on an intercept course to the FMS flightpath. It should go to NAV ARMED when outside 10nm from the flight path and then when it captures, it should remain on heading or into the path rather than abruptly swing hard to the left or right (depending on the direction you're coming from). I've added a video to show exactly what it does for me when I select NAV while on and intercept course and then again while flying away. When flying away the FMC should tell me I'm not on an intercept course and should ignore the command to NAV instead of trying to steer to it. At 00:13 will be the on intercept capture. 4:22 will be the away from capture. 5:06 will be the direct intercept capture Creating this to follow another post i made awhile ago.
  24. Switch view Crash

    This is supposedly an issue with the Prepar3D base code, it is apparently going to be fixed in the next major update to Prepar3D.
  25. B.Betty: "Stabilizer Motion" warning

    Wish I could find more on it. But after flying around and testing some things I can see it can just come down to technique on flying the aircraft. The better the setup, the fewer the alerts. However the autopilot is still very aggressive when it comes to capturing the FMS flight path on an intercept course and that leads it to use more Stab Trim than necessary.
  26. Switch view Crash

    Happened to me once with, after this I prefer to stay in the cockpit.
  27. Switch view Crash

    I've experienced it as well, but I can't duplicate. It seems very random.
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  29. OK, I surrender. . .

    That "select the appropriate approach" part seems to be one of my problems. That and what buttons set the AP to what state I'll keep trying. . . Thanks, N99WB
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