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  1. Displays going black during flight

    Dan, One of the users experiencing this hadn't modified his CFG at all, so unless another tool did it, I'm doubtful it's those specific tweaks. That said, thank you for the initiative and idea. LM seems to think it has to do possibly with drivers/GPU texture paging, hence my sudden focus on memory.
  2. Displays going black during flight

    It everyone with this issue could do me a favor - if you could please measure your GPU memory usage while it's happening and report it, it may give me some more insight.
  3. Displays going black during flight

    By that logic, why is it not happening to me on the 717? Not arguing, just making the point. I'm not interested in blaming anyone or deflecting at all - that said, here is an image sent to us by a tester: https://gyazo.com/031b67d5e036a91195db9fe12ca6912d
  4. B.Betty: "Stabilizer Motion" warning

    It's something we can look into down the line.
  5. Displays going black during flight

    It's not shame - we're asking for the same chance we give everyone else. If you read through the forums, you'll see that it's been reported before, we've started looking into it, and have NEVER, not once, found a common factor/trigger for it. If you read through ANY other posts, you'll see we respond to issues personally and research them all. We have never hid behind blame deflection. That said, I have no interest in arguing with you. Believe me, I am aware of what ignoring a major issue will do to our reputation - that's why we're not ignoring it. I've tried two or three different ideas to try to step around it these last two weeks (keeping in mind I have to wait for it to be tested, as it never happens to me). They all failed to correct it. I am now waiting on input from Lockheed Martin to see if they have any idea. If it ISN'T our fault, I'd like confirmation. If it is, I'm hoping they can point us toward what the problem is. If you look at technically, it makes no sense. Our displays, that work almost all the time, randomly begin to show terrain textures instead of the image our code is creating. I managed to be on a TeamViewer session with a customer when it happened once, and I attached a debugger (he was nice enough to install Visual Studio to help me test), and I verified all of the code. The functions were getting called like they should, our code was still creating the image of the displays as it was the rest of the flight. It's also the same code that drives the right displays (it's just a single variable that tells it uses source 1 or source 2 to draw). So, we know it's not the logic causing the terrain. As well, our code does not do any massive memory copying or manipulation of internal resources in the sim like that, so there is no way it would be over-reaching and grabbing terrain textures or similar. So, hence us being at a bit of a loss here. I refuse to admit we can't fix it, because that'd be giving up. There is ALWAYS a way, I just do not know what it is yet. We are all human, and unfortunately, the machine is thinking faster than I am about this one. All I ask is that we all have patience with each other (and yes, it goes both ways, us to you as well). I understand it's frustrating, just know it's not just frustrating to you.
  6. Aircraft crashes everytime STAR page completed

    There was at one point - we've solved a number of crashes like this (some going back many months).
  7. Aircraft crashes everytime STAR page completed

    Please try opting in to the Community Opt-in Beta - I believe this has been resolved already.
  8. Not a problem! I'm glad it was a quick fix!
  9. no TrueGlass

    Excellent! Glad to hear it!
  10. Alright everyone - this should now be resolved. Thank you to @jalbino59 and @Emensch1980 for helping me get it situated. Just allow your Addon Manager and aircraft to update and it should work itself out.
  11. no TrueGlass

    This is a known issue I am in the process of fixing at this exact moment.
  12. @Wispy @jalbino59 @Emensch1980 @Bigryan6266 If anybody are up for it, please PM me and we can coordinate. I'm not going to waste your time with trying to debug via the forums - I know I need more detailed debugging than that can do.
  13. Bravo update!

    @Phil Chimbolo I have been trying various things to see if we can get around this P3D bug. So far, it has defied all logic we've been able to create. Believe me, we are still on this, seeing as it's one of the main remaining issues.
  14. Airplane Symbol below Magenta Line drawing

    You got me! I knew something looked off but I couldn't quite place it. This has been fixed and rolled out with the TrueGlass/RealLight fixes today.