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  1. turbofandude

    WX radar auto mode

    I'm pretty sure the auto functionality only affects gain, not the tilt.
  2. turbofandude

    FD color too dark

    @kdfw I see what you mean - I can take care of that today.
  3. turbofandude

    Crash to desktop

    Would be able to coordinate a TeamViewer meeting with me to debug it directly? We should be able to get it nailed down pretty quickly.
  4. turbofandude

    WX Radar...same WX on differente NM setting

    I'll do my best to debug this and get it sorted.
  5. turbofandude

    WX Radar...same WX on differente NM setting

    Is the captain's side radar echo tied to the first officer's range or vice versa? Or is it stuck completely? I'm sorry for all the questions, but I can't recreate it here and I have no idea what the issue might be.
  6. @TangoWhiskey Glad to hear it! Thank you for reporting back.
  7. turbofandude

    FD color too dark

    @kdfw The 717's (and MD-11's) display colors are actually quite different from the image you posted. Below is a side by side comparison of our PFD to a real 717 PFD. https://gyazo.com/20c5980a84d5055776b4d819e88c1645
  8. Toby, That's exactly what I was thinking - a route corruption issue or similar causing the drawing to freak out. @Joshua Che. thoughts?
  9. turbofandude

    WX Radar...same WX on differente NM setting

    So, your radar absolutely never changes range at all? Or is one side tied to the other?
  10. Can you provide us the exact cruise altitude, cost index, route (including runways/approaches), etc. that was entered before this happened? Are you experiencing this every flight?
  11. turbofandude

    Prepar3D V4.2 Crashes at TOD

    Is it a crash EVERY time exactly at TOD?
  12. turbofandude

    Performance Update -

    @BlackCloud58 Unfortunately, the framework we used to drive the new displays only exists in P3D v4 (and partially in v3, but not in the same way). We're seeing the worst performance in V4, so we addressed it as much as possible there. Everyone else - if you are using older hardware or hardware very close to the minimum requirements, it is normal to see sub-par performance. The technologies we're using are built to use the hardware to its fullest potential, but if there isn't any hardware to spare, it will suffer. In that case, turning settings down will be the only answer. It also seems the dynamic lighting is a big FPS killer for some - it's something that's fairly well known (with more than just our product). If you're having issues, please let us know if turning it off it, and if so, we can find workarounds until a permanent solution is created. Also, please report it to Lockheed Martin. The more input they get, the better. Regarding CTDs, we haven't had any like that here but we've gotten a few isolated reports. If it is us, we need to isolate triggers/circumstances to debug and resolve it. If the above doesn't provide an answer, please open a ticket with us so we can continue to debug. It seems we made really good progress with this update, but there's a bit more to do still.
  13. turbofandude

    Issue After Updating

    This is a bug in the Prepar3D rendering system with the PDK and SLI configuration. This is actually an issue that's been seen throughout the software world, as well. Disabling SLI, although not optimal, will resolve the flickering.
  14. Folks, as promised, we have made several changes in to improve performance, and preliminary testing results have shown remarkable improvements. I've detailed the specifics of the changes below. We introduced a new display rendering system that is not only significantly clearer, but also faster and less resource intensive. We created a bridge that allowed us to render our displays using the same system RealLight and TrueGlass use to render at higher refresh rates with low performance impact. This is good all by itself, but even better when it replaces the archaic, horrendously slow gauge rendering system that was previously required.* We created a new texture processing system to allow better compression without reducing visual quality of RealLight textures. This has allowed us to reduce texture memory consumption by approximately 66%. Users experiencing issues due to video memory consumption should notice a reduction of around 300MB from the 717.* We also rewrote and re-optimized the custom sound engine to reduce unnecessary resource consumption. This change is minor, but should help edge case performance drops and FPS stability. Remember, we are testing new technology with the displays. There may be some hiccups - if so, we will fix them. Please let us know your experiences with the new version. *These items apply to the Prepar3D v4 version only. We are investigating options to further help both other simulator users and Prepar3D v4 users who still have sub-par performance.
  15. turbofandude

    Scrambled MCDU

    Please submit these to the MCDU Predictions sections of the Bugs and Suggestions system, as it will ask for the required information to recreate and fix it.