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  1. wx radar

    @Javier Did that end up correcting it? I've seen a similar bug recently, but when I checked the code, we're not actually using the ASN range system. So, I believe this may be a bug on our side. Have you found any triggers for it? Has it happened since?
  2. Ooption to disable RealLight

    @skyymann This is an issue with the Prepar3D PDK that affected the default F-22 as well, but we were never given a definite answer about it.
  3. Ooption to disable RealLight

    @Daanafca98 It's definitely possible that it'd be causing an issue for you. RealLight can easily take up 1GB of VRAM. Reducing the texture resolution is truly the only thing that can be done - the textures themselves are huge but must be accessible to RealLight. We could implement a system that down scales them automatically when you run it based on an option, but you will start to notice serious degradation in visual quality.
  4. TOD Calc not very accurate

    Please submit these to the MCDU Predictions section of the Bugs and Suggestions system.
  5. Problems with fmc.

    Please submit these to the MCDU Predictions section of the Bugs and Suggestions system.
  6. Another Tablet Clickspot Woes Thread

    @CaptKornDog (Love the username by the way) - It may be due to how the gauge clickspots are handled on a 2K screen. Can you try (temporarily, of course, as I'd never suggest this as a permanent answer), lowering your screen's resolution to SHD and seeing if it helps? If so, I will start digging on this side to see what I can do about that.
  7. 717 Crash

    You didn't happen to be using Aircraft Sharing did you?
  8. This is strange - I can't imagine what's causing this. Are you using multiple monitors or GPUs?
  9. TOD Calc not very accurate

    @Joshua Che.
  10. Windows Installer Error

    That's definitely something wrong with Windows Installer - I've NEVER seen this issue before.
  11. Engine Start-up indication

    That, on the other hand is not expected. I will review and correct the difference in behavior.
  12. Engine Start-up indication

    Beyond what's there, likely not. The indications currently aren't far enough off to cause alarm, and any further adjustments would require essentially ignoring the entire default startup process completely, which I'd like to avoid if possible.
  13. It's gonna be very hard to pin that down and say whether or not it's the 717, or what the cause. Is it recreatable?
  14. Buffer overflow

    I have NEVER seen or heard of this before - is it strictly informational or is it causing issues?
  15. Ooption to disable RealLight

    @Daanafca98 What GPU are you using?