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  1. No sound with pmdg 737

    Did you explicitly install the sound pack to the NGX? There should be a guide included with the product that'll help guide you through it.
  2. If you're seeing high CPU usage, the rendering change won't help. Hardware rendering makes our displays uses the GPU instead of the CPU, and turning it off inverts it. If we switch to a totally different rendering tech, it will still use CPU. What sort of numbers are you seeing, what is your exact CPU speed, and what else do you have running? Do you happen to be using ChasePlane?
  3. thrust going mad

    Just finished the final tweaking and improvements for this - this modified or improved nearly 20,000 pieces of data. There should be quite an improvement in several areas in the next update.
  4. Impressions after quite some time on the ground

    @PhugoidEffect 1:) Shy of completely rewriting the entire startup model and replacing the built-in one, we can't do much more than we have already. 2:) The 717 has a significant delay on its spool, as well as some slight overshoot during massive changes. We would 717-specific numbers or documentation to support any changes. 3:) Yes, the taxi thrust does need tweaking, but it is NOT as far off as everyone thinks. 4:) This can very system to system - some users complain that they're not loud enough, others that they're too loud. 5:) Yes, the fogging logic needs to be fixed. 6:) We don't intend to simulate SEC F-PLN at this time. 7:) We don't intend to simulate ENG OUT at this time. Thank you for the feedback! Most of these are already on our list, which gives me some confidence - they're at least not new issues.
  5. I believe changing display technology will be the only way we can push this further - we have it on our list to-do and will be looking at it soon.
  6. thrust going mad

    Alright - I've managed to get a fix in place. At 535 knots at about 3000 feet, idle gave me 24% N1. I need to tweak/polish it a bit (several hundred lines of code to fix these data holes), but I will have a fix soon.
  7. @jac, just to be absolutely sure, this started ONLY after the recent update? We've gotten a few reports but nothing happened that should have caused this.
  8. How to Disable TruGlass?

    That's not bad at all - for some users with older GPUs, it may have more of an impact. We've added a formal, easy way to quickly disable TrueGlass in future versions.
  9. thrust going mad

    I reviewed the code and data and I do believe I know why this is happening. I am working on a fix, but it is fairly involved. I will keep everybody posted.
  10. ZFW CG

    David, The limitations we have on the CG are per reference we had in house - I'll reach out to a pilot to verify.
  11. Cant use tablet

    Are you explicitly setting the panel scale up or make a modification to your cfg by adding that line?
  12. Fogging Oddities

    I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! We will definitely review and improve this.
  13. Cosmetic Exteroir

  14. Feedback

    We will take a look at some performance related fixes soon.
  15. Cannot install True Glass due to kernelbase.dll error

    @Prowerfox Would you be able to work with me more on-one-on to debug this?