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  1. Pre-Purchase Questions

    Marc, My answers are inline. No, our simply is configured by default for phpVMS This answers both questions - our web scripts are set up in an extremely modular way and built to be customized. There are framework functions smartCARS will call with all required information that you can easily convert to custom database formats and systems. Changing airline URL/options can be done in real time via our customization panel and an airline name change is done simply with a support ticket/email to us. I'm not sure if you already sent in the ticket, but I'll still leave this here for anyone else with similar questions.
  2. 8 GB RAM not enough? What am I doing wrong?

    Easy answer first: the losing thrust issue is something we're aware of and believe we have fixed in our internal versions (will be released soon). Regarding memory - put plainly, the aircraft does not even have enough running to consume 8GB of memory. There is absolutely something else going on if you are running out of memory, still. Can you provide me with some metrics of P3D memory usage with other aircraft and the 717 in the same scenario (using a memory monitoring tool) so I can see the numbers directly? That'd be the best place to start in figuring this out.
  3. Shared Cockpit - still buggy

    There is indeed an issue with trimming in shared cockpit and it is on our short term list to fix (read: the next COB update).
  4. A question about entering routes in MCDU

    I'm not quite sure I follow - our system does support consecutive airways via the AIRWAYS LAT REV function (or, at least it SHOULD). What is happening when you try to enter it and how are you entering it?
  5. Contact Support

    You can open a ticket with us via our website or by emailing us. We don't offer refunds for something easily fixable - that said, I agree with you - we will be improving the information listed in the Addon Manager to make finding support easier. I've reset your activations and have private messaged you instructions for the final step of clean activating the aircraft on your system.
  6. VOR Auto Tune corrupt frequencies

    Found and fixed.
  7. Feedback

    To any with the view switching CTD, do you happen to be using MyTraffic 6? If so, please disable it ENTIRELY (remove the BGLs, etc.). Regarding the panel lights, which simulator is this in?
  8. Engines stop generating thrust mid-flight?

    This is a bug we've had happen on some isolated cases. It appears to have stopped in our internal builds but we will continue testing.
  9. 717 Throttles stopped responding

    We will be continuing to investigate this - it seems to have stopped in our internal builds.
  10. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Thank you for reporting the resolution for this! Hopefully others will benefit from the answer too.
  11. Displays going black during flight

    Just to reiterate - I have NEVER had this issue, nor have any of our developers, at any time throughout development and testing. That makes this almost impossible to debug.
  12. [Ask and Request] X-Plane Version TFDi 717

    It's definitely something we're open to, but the sheer amount of work/differences in platforms will keep us from doing it in the immediate future. Thank you for the support!
  13. VOR Auto Tune corrupt frequencies

    If you do experience it again in a particular location, please let me know.
  14. Any post on how tracking VORs in the forum?

    This has now been fully implemented and will be available with the next COB release, along with a slew of other VOR related fixes and improvements.
  15. Random crashes to desktop

    Is this with hardware rendering on or off? Also, is persistence on or off?
  16. DME calculation seems to be wrong

    Please report this properly via the Bugs and Suggestions system.
  17. Stutters are back.

    Kenthom, What version of the plane did you have previously? Do you have the REX WX Advantage?
  18. upslope/wind

    I actually use this tool: http://craigsweb.net/mystuff/wxcalculator.htm to calculate the head/tail wind component.
  19. Browser in 717 Tablet

  20. Excellent! The hardware rendering seems to have a varied effect for everyone. Regarding ILS deviation, I'm going to be looking at this over the next few days to see if I can figure it out.
  21. We are currently in the process of redoing and creating new manuals as our current ones are seriously lacking. And yes, SOP is to use the yellow button on the yoke to silence the AUTOPILOT warning.
  22. Any post on how tracking VORs in the forum?

    Just a little teaser of what's done so far: https://gyazo.com/748c9aec68c19c5e11fbc95ade09175f (and yes, the VOR ARM line does work).
  23. Windows 10 Blue Screen of :(

    Blue screens are almost guaranteed to be hardware or driver/low-level software related. Do you ever experience any sort of issues with ANY other software/games at all? (Temperature issues, locking up, blue screens, etc.)? And yes, are you over clocking?
  24. Addon Manager setup corrupt

    I believe I just replied to your ticket.
  25. Adding or changing aircraft types

    What's happening on the pilot end? Are you importing into phpVMS?