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  1. Engine Start-up indication

    That, on the other hand is not expected. I will review and correct the difference in behavior.
  2. Engine Start-up indication

    Beyond what's there, likely not. The indications currently aren't far enough off to cause alarm, and any further adjustments would require essentially ignoring the entire default startup process completely, which I'd like to avoid if possible.
  3. It's gonna be very hard to pin that down and say whether or not it's the 717, or what the cause. Is it recreatable?
  4. Buffer overflow

    I have NEVER seen or heard of this before - is it strictly informational or is it causing issues?
  5. Ooption to disable RealLight

    @Daanafca98 What GPU are you using?
  6. Is a enroute climb at 316 knots correct?

    Dmitri, It depends on cost index, weight, etc. The behavior you described is definitely possible though. If you use MAX CLB, it will cause it to use a MUCH slower climb speed and climb much faster.
  7. Ooption to disable RealLight

    Well, optimally, there would be no need to. I'd suggest trying downsized versions of the textures or reducing the MAX_VC_TEXTURE_RESOLUTION (which changed, by default, to 4K in Prepar3D v4.2). RealLight does set this value up by default, so that may be accounting for some of the performance issues. The other thing is - as long as the lights aren't constantly redrawing (which they should not be, if implemented correctly), the only performance impact it would have is due to memory consumption (which can be considerable), hence my suggestion to reduce texture resolution. If you're not experiencing FPS issues with the 717 (which also uses it), I'd suggest letting the Maddog developer know about this and seeing if they're able to provide a lower resolution option.
  8. Simultaneous engine start

    This is how it will behave in the future: https://gyazo.com/738962f1cf19bb2df53ac4c7ef6bdc12
  9. Simultaneous engine start

    @Mistrfiksit I totally over complicated this. I agree - I'll have the pressure drop in both manifolds when a starter engages. Pulling both will cause the pressure to drop too much to start either one.
  10. Any further thoughts on entering winds?

    At this moment, proper wind simulation is a bit beyond the scope of the project. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up by saying anything else. I'm not saying we'll never do it, but if/when is still a huge question mark.
  11. Simultaneous engine start

    Alright - would a reasonable choice be to reduce offside manifold pressure while starting? (i.e. Left starter is engaged, so reduce right-side pressure, as there won't be as much air). This would accomplish not being able to start both simultaneously.
  12. VOR tuning problem on arrival

    We haven't released it just yet, but will be soon.
  13. wx radar

    "Update 022818 ⦁ Fixed issue related to radar/data communications (with problematic detail map range) with P3D 4.1" That definitely sounds promising.
  14. I just wanted to post this to update everyone - we are actively working on fixing the two issues in the title. We have tried 5 or 6 different fixes to no avail and are in communication with Lockheed Martin to mitigate it. I know there are a number of you with lighting-related issues - you're not being forgotten. EDIT: As of 1/11/2018, an update has been pushed that should solve the CTD caused by the multiple GPU/monitors issue. The symptoms were an immediate CTD upon loading that was fixable by disabling RealLight and/or TrueGlass. The flickering is a very isolated issue seen only with SLI so far. Lockheed is aware and is looking into it.
  15. Simultaneous engine start

    @Tango777 I agree this may not be correct - @Mistrfiksit how would the aircraft behave under these conditions?
  16. Weather radar echo

    We will review and fix the AUTO gain value - thank you for the feedback.
  17. Engine not running but running

    I have NEVER experienced this or seen this reported before. The VOR/ILS issue is actually fixed now already, and this one I would write off as a sim hiccup unless it becomes a regular occurrence.
  18. Magenta line breaks after runway selection

    This may be resolved in the next update - please try again.
  19. VOR tuning problem on arrival

    @dimkzr This ended up not being as big of a deal as I thought it was going to be to fix, so it's been corrected now for and above.
  20. Adding STAR once airbourne

    @PeterDa I've reviewed the code and this scenario and cannot recreate it. I've made a change that may improve/fix this. Please let me know if it happens again after the next update.
  21. Air Conditioning Sound

    This is correct - that's not an air conditioning sound, it's the cockpit cooling can. With the packs on, that fan isn't needed as the packs provide air flow.
  22. Poor Performance P3D 4.2

    Are you able to schedule a one-on-one session with me?
  23. CTD on Descent while entering Radio Freq

    Have you been able to recreate this? I just looked through the dump and it's not showing 717 code crashing, our crash handler just happened to catch it.
  24. VOR needles and distance on ND

    Upon further review, this is actually a duplicate of this: It's the same issue - the ILS being tuned is causing the VOR not to display.
  25. wx radar

    @Javier I just checked this - https://gyazo.com/c7f8e8a510ca69145e217cad91f76235. It's definitely working properly here. Has this been a recurring issue or just that once?