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  1. no TrueGlass

    after the recent update to, True glass is now working for me.
  2. no TrueGlass

    Thx Nico I've just reinstalled and completely removed all TFDI directories and files from SIMOBJECTS and GAUGES directory. I reinstalled and watched trueglass and reallight install along with some C++ files. However still no trueglass effects.
  3. no TrueGlass

    I would be happy to do that.
  4. no TrueGlass

    is there a stand alone installer for TrueGlass? In my case it must have installed as I have the trueglass.dll in my gauges directory and also the option to enable/disable. However there are no effects that I can tell
  5. no TrueGlass

    I also had this initially and uninstalled the 717 and then reinstalled the latest version using the addon manager. This fixed the missing menu option
  6. no TrueGlass

    I have and have the same problem with trueglass. Initially none of the default aircraft had window droplets and I realized that when upgrading P3D I was installing just the client and not the content. Installing the content fixed the default aircraft. However the 717 still does not show any of the effects even though I can see it is installed in the gauges directory and have the enable and disable in the addons menu. Not sure if there are any specific P3D settings that need to be enabled. I have the windshield and detailed precipitation enabled. I couldn't find any setup information and have been monitoring this forum for a couple of weeks so sorry if there is any obvious fix.