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  1. Go into the default F-22, and on the big MFD in the middle, select TID, then ATG. Get over land so you get decent returns on the radar and you will see the same flickering.
  2. New update 10914

    The tablet isn't messed up...well maybe it is but messed up in the sense that someone didn't wash their hands before touching it after eating lots of fries.
  3. Blue Screen Crash

    Blue screens with something graphics related like the lighting, especially in P3D with its heavy GPU use, means a possible fault, either in the GPU driver or even in the video card hardware itself.
  4. 717/MD-11?

    Milviz isn't working on the Fokker (unless KC has kept considerable secrets from me yet revealed them to the public lol).
  5. Some errors...

    Your video card?
  6. TFDi Design 717: Introducing RealLight

    Not in a way that customers can integrate. That is up to developers.
  7. Hi

    Link didn't make it into your post
  8. Failure to creat render target

    The PMDG jets aren't using the newer graphics libraries used by the 717 to render displays. These absolutely require a newer GPU.
  9. Timeline for Milviz EGWPS Gauge

    I am working with Henry (RogueShadow) on getting it working again as LM changed a few things that have thrown us for a loop and now I am not sure what is what.
  10. European ND-symbols error

    Looks like you are missing a font.

    Same. That material setting is night only. Day/Dawn/Dusk will not work.

    That's due to the material settings. We have a possible fix coming up now that we have discovered what causes graphics glitches when we use a setting that can be seen during dawn/dusk.
  13. No milviz lighting

    Since you are running P3D, double check you don't have an FSX.exe in the task manager at the same time. If you do, make sure to completely disable Estonia migration tool
  14. Night VC Lighting and stuttering

    Some progress has been made. The reason we can use different materials depending on the nature of the light is because FSX/P3D converts our lighting textures into 16bit entirely out of our control. We are looking at solutions to solve this problem so we can have lighting at all times without nasty artifacts.
  15. You will need to post the error report from the crash.