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  1. Bravo update!

    @turbofandude I spoke too soon on #3 above. Although I didn't get any ground textures with my most recent flight, my panels did black out completely. This ABOVE ALL ELSE makes this aircraft no longer fun to fly. I guess my first flight on was lucky to not have this panel issue. I can confirm that Real Glass and Real Light work on my multi-GPU system though. I didn't think the changelog referenced this problem, but I hoped for the best.
  2. Bravo update!

    Problems solved for me (multi-GPU + multi-monitor): 1. Real Light now works flawlessly 2. Real Glass now works flawlessly -- and the first time I was able to experience it! 3. No more ground textures suddenly appearing in my MCD panels near TOD <-- NEVER MIND, THIS IS STILL AN ISSUE THANK YOU TFDi!!!!
  3. VC panels disappear

    @turbofandude Merry Christmas sir! Wondering if any progress has been made on this issue? I can't complete a single flight without this happening. Frustrating because the only aircraft in my hangar that does this is the 717.
  4. No Cockpit Lighting -

    @turbofandude I know this has long-been declared an LM bug, but I cannot find anything on LM's forum about it. Is there some place that the public can see this having been reported to, and confirmed by, LM? Thanks again for all your and your team's hard work. The 717 is my favorite bird!!
  5. ( Blue displays!

    Have LM confirmed this to be a big on their end? Between this and the multi-GPU RealLight and TrueGlass issues... it's VERY frustrating and disappointing. Thanks for continuing to bird dog these issues guys!
  6. VC Lighting flickering. P3DV4. 1

    @gamesyns No, it doesn't, HOWEVER... I may have determined that it is something different. I noticed the "flickering" (for me) is nothing more than the position I am viewing the VC. I noticed if I turn my head (even slightly) the light & shadows tend to change. If I hold my head still (again, using TrackIR) the light holds steady. Sorry for the confusion. This, for me, is NOT a big problem.
  7. VC panels disappear

    Definitely seems to be a corruption of some memory space... probably GPU RAM. @turbofandude Let me know if there is anything I can do to help narrow things down for you.
  8. VC Lighting flickering. P3DV4. 1

    @Michael Moe Curious, I just started seeing some "flickering" as well. I got the sensation of clouds passing in front of the sun (only at 31,000 feet on a clear day). Not sure if that's the flickering you're experiencing or not. For what it's worth... I only just (1-day ago) installed Matt Davies' P3D Tweak Assistant (PTA) and have started seeing that type of light flicker. So I suspect mine is related to PTA, because up until installing PTA, I had no light flicker in my 717 VC. I am going to try and restore my pre-PTA defaults to see if that eliminates my flicker. So, if you don't have PTA... that's easily ruled out. @gamesyns For chuckles, I am not running SLI, but I am running multiple independent GPUs (one with single monitor, one with three smaller monitors) Not intending to hijack the thread, just trying to help.
  9. VC panels disappear

    @turbofandude I'm on v1.0.9.14 and I started experiencing this. Every flight for the past three (3) flights over the past week or so. Seems to happen late in the flight, usually just before or just after TOD. I can't correlate any actions I'm taking to the sudden corruption of the panels. Not always the same ground texture shows up, but always some sort of ground texture. Twice ALL of the panels across the VC turned into some ground scenery. Once, only the captain (left) side got corrupted and the first officer's panels were fine. My setup, as reported during the "no lights" thread, two GPUs, primary GPU (1070GTX) with one 32" monitor displaying P3D in windowed mode. Three other monitors plugged into the 2nd GPU (770GTX) displaying only external applications (charts, flight bag map and flight plan) with no undocked P3D panels. I use ChasePlane with TrackIR to pan the cockpit and look outside regularly throughout the flight. But I can't detect any common "trigger" that might cause this to suddenly happen.
  10. No Cockpit Lighting -

    @turbofandude That's it!!! I had three other monitors plugged into my 2nd GPU for various flanking displays (maps, charts, weather etc.). I unplugged all of those and just used my primary GPU with single monitor and BINGO! The lights work. Hoping that gives you enough to go on to fix the problem so we can have the lights *with* our secondary displays. Good luck!!!!
  11. New lights not working at all, constant CTD

    @turbofandude Same here. Very frustrating to still not have cockpit lighting. Can't see any of the switch/button labels and no dome light. BTW -- I don't have NVIDIA surround enabled, but I do have multiple monitors where I only use P3D on my primary (running off of a 1070 GTX). All my other monitors running off of a separate card (770 GTX). Works fine with everything else I do. I also tried starting with another aircraft and switching to the 717 -- doesn't work either.
  12. No Cockpit Lighting -

    Good news and bad news. The good news is I completed my flight to Broome with no CTD at all. Bad news is... still no cockpit lighting. @turbofandude Let me know how the TeamViewer session goes with @airlinetycoon and then maybe we can schedule a separate TeamViewer session.
  13. No Cockpit Lighting -

    Just installed -- no, I do not see any boxes/dialogs when opening the sim. Currently flying from Perth to Broome in Aussieland. Will let you know how that 2.5 hour flight goes on the latest version. NOTE: Still not cockpit lighting for me, but looking at the beta change log I didn't expect any yet.
  14. No Cockpit Lighting -

    @turbofandude Yes, in fact, I do. I have multiple (4) monitors, and multiple NVIDIA cards. However, I don't run them in SLI. My main monitor (AOC 32" widescreen HD) is the sole monitor for in-sim / cockpit display. I use the other three monitors for external add-on UI's (i.e. Aivlasoft flight bag, ActiveSky + Cloud Art, Charts etc.)
  15. No Cockpit Lighting -

    Hey guys, Not sure if it's my setup or not, but I'm unable to turn on the cockpit lights. Displays and MCP (IAS/HDG/ALT/VS) lights up fine. No other panel, overheard, pedestal lighting at all. This is the first time I used TFDi 717 in a couple of weeks. Opened Addon Manager and allowed the Addon Manager update to occur. Seemed to go just fine. Addon Manager started up after updated and the bird downloaded. I started up P3Dv4, set to Cold and Dark, did the usual startup and flight planning procedures. Simply went to turn lights on and nothing. I saw someone else's post who said their AV removed some DLL. I see nothing on my AV logs indicating any file was removed. Anything I can do to provide more info, let me know. Other than lighting... the flight dynamics and overall performance in flight is amazing! UPDATE: I wrote the original post during my first flight. It eventually CTD'd. I see nothing at all in the Event Viewer. Thanks gents!