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  1. Thottle Bursts

    I just noticed the throttle surges after start as well. The actual throttles and their indicators on the engine gauges both showed idle.
  2. New lights - Awesome!

    TFDi gents: the new lighting is nothing short of spectacular. Big ups!
  3. How to do a ferry flight?

    Here, fixed that for you.
  4. gauge text too small and fuzzy

    I was wildly late to game in turning off FXAA. Doing that will sharpen things immensely. FXAA is a crude AA technique that gets rid of jaggies by simply blurring the hell out of them. I have to admit: whoever came up with it was smart. That guy was probably asked by his boss on Friday afternoon to have some ground-breaking new AA method by Monday morning so FXAA is what he came up with...
  5. Are you on vacation?

    They probably should be.
  6. Thinking about buying this, few questions..

    I can echo the sentiments here about support and I have zero doubts that every single kink will get worked out and the aircraft will be both a staple and a benchmark in the FS world. The other thing you should consider is that, among well-modeled sim aircraft (and let's be honest, there really aren't a lot especially with regard to commercial airliners), it's a very unique and quirky aircraft in its own right. Boeings, to me, are a bit boring yet the 717 is as far as you can get without being an Airbus or Maddog. It's priced more than fair at $60 and it could be the best $60 you spend in FS.
  7. Cockpit Night Lighting Fix

    Oh no, does this mean it will be dependent on dynamic lighting?
  8. Brief Status Update

    Keep up the good work. This aircraft will be a staple in the FS world.
  9. I was having the same conundrum with AA when I first started messing around with v4 and, as Collin will attest, I haphazardly blamed the 717. Do yourself a favor and just go down to MSAA 4x or 8x and then use nVidia Inspector to apply SGSS 4x. Play around with those combos. And before you freak out thinking that SGSS will grind things to a halt, it seems to play much nicer than the P3Dv4 SSAA somehow. And, for now, turn off Dynamic Lighting until [hopefully] LM can revisit it. Even with DL turned off, having lights on will affect GPU usage but not nearly as bad. I compared GPU usage between the 717 (with hardware rendering on) to the PMDG 747v3 and 777 and the 717 uses slightly more GPU. About 7-9% more GPU usage on my machine. Not quite negligible but not drastic, either.
  10. Timeline for Milviz EGWPS Gauge

    Awesome, thanks! I drove myself crazy trying to figure out how to work the terrain display (figured out all sorts of other things in the process), so I consider it useful time spent.
  11. Timeline for Milviz EGWPS Gauge

    Have been spending an hour or so wondering why the terrain radar (even with the peaks option enabled) wasn't showing any returns or map data in P3Dv4 until I realized that it's run by a Milviz gauge in the panels folder (thanks to the 717 product page, "Terrain radar (courtesy of Milviz)). Then I noticed the date the gauge file was created or modified, 24DEC2016. So yeah, I guess needs to be recompiled for x64. Has TFDi reached out to Milviz? Thanks!
  12. 18,500lbs or 21,000lbs Thrust?

    Delta should learn how to edit their aircraft.cfg file...
  13. Won't the liveries be redone since the exterior of the 717 is being edited? Or am I mistaken?
  14. Frame stutters?

    I can vouch for the improvements in the upcoming update. I was a performance "problem child" and the team worked with me to get this solved (quite gracefully, I might add) vis-a-vis the pipeline rendering optimization.
  15. Next Update Preview

    Ok, we get it. To quote a woman nobody has heard from since November, "What difference, at this point, does it make?" What does harping on the past, in this instance (let alone any), accomplish?