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  1. I'm Just LOVING This 717

    Since all of the added work and updates that TFDi has put into this 717, it is now the most enjoyable aircraft that I fly on P3Dv4. Everything works perfectly and the sound is beautiful, not to overlook the beautiful cockpit lighting that no other simulation can match. I have wanted a 717 simulation for so many years, I even tried to help a developer once, that said he would make one if he could get enough support, but he backed out because he couldn't get enough funding for it. This TFDi 717 is so far beyond my expectations and I'm loving the experience of flying it so much, that I felt I had to get in this forum and say something. It's an absolute dream. Thank you to all who helped make it a reality. Bob
  2. ATS Off But Engines 71 N1

    The 717 has been updated and works fantastic. I'm lovin' it. Thank you.
  3. ATS Off But Engines 71 N1

    Hello, This may be something that I'm doing wrong, but after starting the engines, my throttles levers are all the way back and my autothrottle system is off, but the engines are winding out to 72 N1 and I can't bring them back to idle. I am running the latest update. Thank you, Bob
  4. ATS Off But Engines 71 N1

    Gosh. That's something. The aircraft is not flyable as it is. Sure looking forward to that update. I do appreciate your help. Thank you, Bob
  5. ATS Off But Engines 71 N1

    Am I asking for support in the wrong forum?
  6. TFDi Design 717: Introducing RealLight

    FSL's Spotlights is not for P3Dv4 and I can see it doesn't look as good. I just brought it up because I didn't know why RealLights didn't have a user interface for other aircraft, but that has been answered. Thank you, Bob
  7. ATS Off But Engines 71 N1

    I'm finding that if I select the FADEC switches to ALTN, the engine RPM will drop to idle. As soon as I put them back to normal, my engines N1 will go back up to 72. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Never had this problem before. Thank you, Bob
  8. TFDi Design 717: Introducing RealLight

    Oh, ok. I was wondering because FSLabs had released a product called SpotLights that they sold separately and it can be used by a novice to add cockpit lights with some kind of UI. I don't know if their lights really look this good though. These lights on the 717 update are really special. This is the best lighting that I have ever seen in a cockpit for any flight simulation. Bob
  9. TFDi Design 717: Introducing RealLight

    Is "Real Lights" a separate product that can be used with any aircraft, or is it only for the 717?
  10. Simple Request AirTran Livery

    Nothing, except that they would fly over my house and give me a good look at the 717 for the first time. (:
  11. FMC Problem

    I really love all that was done with the new update. It is such a huge improvement, but I know that you don't want to know what is right as much as you want to know any problems that we might have. I'm sure that you still have a lot of work to do on the FMC, but I wanted to point out my experience. It still does not seem to put the correct altitudes for SIDs and STARs. I will see a waypoint that shows +16000 on a SID, then the next waypoint shows 15999, which wouldn't make much sense if you had to be above FS160 at the previous waypoint. Also, I was decending via LEEHY4 STAR to KSLC Rwy 16L using autoflight NAV mode with VS decent, when they cleared me for RWY 16R. I went into the FMC and selected 16R without changing the STAR (*Insert), and the autopilot completely lost the track on the STAR and didn't turn for the next waypoint. I had to catch it and turn with HDG SEL and was asked by ATC if I thought I was still on LEEHY4. i just acted innocent, but I was about five miles off track and they had to vector me to the runway.
  12. FMC Problem

    Thank you Collin. That is good information. I will be looking for that. I will let you know if I see anything else suspicious too. Bob
  13. FMC Problem

    Hello Collin, PCKNS is 6 miles from FOOOT. I didn't think that the numbers were a big deal. So the +16000 is the restriction, but because the other doesn't have a + or -, it is a prediction? You have done simply amazing with this 717. I have wanted a 717 for so long and never expected one that is at this level of high realism. It is simply beautiful and a pleasure to fly. I'm so glad if I can find something that would make it even better. Changing runways from the one you expect is something that ATC is very good at doing. I like to fly with real ATC on Pilotedge and sometimes it can be nerve racking. Especially if the aircraft does something that you don't expect and ATC is asking "What are you doing?" (which has happened to me more than once). Thank you for responding, Bob
  14. You asked, we listened.

    I LOVE THE POP-UPS!!! Thank you Colin. Even using TrackIR and a camera program, the popups are a great asset. I appreciate all of your work. Bob
  15. Thoughts

    I'm finding the new update to be fantastic. I'm finely able to use this aircraft with confidence on Pilotedge. I'm really happy about that. Good job TFDi!
  16. 717 Operations Manual

    I found it. Thank you. This is a great source. They have all kind of different manuals. Here is the most direct link: You have to register to see the downloads. I had registered previously and forgot about it.
  17. 717 Operations Manual

    How did you find them? Could you put a direct link?
  18. 717 systems documentation

    Wow! Thank you! This is great. This is also downloadable as a .pdf by clicking on the "Study Guide" button.
  19. Autoflight Tutorial

    You're already on autopilot/autothrottle, just select the button above the "Autoflight" button called "Appr/Land" once you are lined up with the ILS, to activate the autoland mode. When you push the little button labeled V/S - FPA next to the wheel, you are selecting either vertical speed or flight path angle. Once that is on one or the other and you start to turn the wheel, the autopilot will set which ever is selected. Not sure, but did you try pushing the Altitude button in for ALT HOLD before pushing PROF? I'll have to try it, but that might work.
  20. little transparency

    You guys are doing a great job. This aircraft is awesome and just gets better. Although it's a very good idea to keep everyone in the loop with the work that is being done. I also know that TFDi Design isn't going to quit until this aircraft is as perfect as it is possible to do in a simulation. I lot of people worry because there exist developers that will release an aircraft, do a couple of quick updates, then the aircraft just stays broken and next thing you hear, they're working on a new aircraft while neglecting to finish the last one. This is very common, but these developers never show the commitment to quality that TFDi has already shown thus far, so I see no reason to be concerned about TFDi quitting and moving on to a new project, before people are completely satisfied with how this one is working. Bob
  21. The Immediate To-Do List

    Yeah, but an aircraft sim shouldn't be built depending on everyone to have Chase Plane as a requirement.
  22. Almost Perfect Flight

    I just went from KPHX to KSFO and the flight was almost perfect. Taxing to the runway was perfect. Set throttles at 40% N1 and wait a few seconds, the aircraft starts moving. Pull throttles back and it rolls at about 17 kts. without any problems. The only problem that I had on the flight was that the MCDU didn't put in all of the waypoints for the SERFR2 STAR. It had the first few waypoints with altitudes and speeds put in correctly, but I had to manually put in the last four waypoints. Is this a problem with the MCDU, or with Navigraph's update? I've had a couple of similar problems with procedure waypoints not showing up in the MCDU. Once the waypoints were in the MCDU, with all of the altitudes and speeds, the aircraft followed the lateral and vertical profile perfectly, asking for speedbrakes when it was trying to reduce speed. Autoland activated perfectly and I disconnected the autopilot and autothrottle a little above minimums. The aircraft handled manually perfectly for the most gentle landing. I loved it. The VREF and VAPP speeds calculated by the MCDU are perfect, but they are not correct until the aircraft is on final. At top of decent, it will show a VREF of around 180kts. On final, it will show a VREF of around 145kts, which is a perfect speed to land at.
  23. Almost Perfect Flight

    I don't know if this problem is something that is caused by the aircraft's MCDU, or some fault with Navigraph's data. It seems to be just on the STARs though. The SIDs seem to be complete. I filling in the blanks by manually revising the STAR, and the aircraft will follow the new altitude and speed restrictions perfectly. Also I see that the aircraft knows where the TOD is, even though it does not show yet on the ND. It will begin descending when it supposed to.
  24. Almost Perfect Flight

    The operators manual says to use periodic braking to slow down the aircraft and before turning. When turning, it says to start the turn with the pedals, then overriding the pedals with the tiller. I bring it down to around 11kts before a turn. On long straight taxiways, I will keep it around 26 - 28kts by adding just a little throttle, then backing off. To me this 717 taxis just the way that I would imagine the real aircraft would, and the manual supports that belief.
  25. If You're Undecided

    I would never run anything based on "Minimum Requirements". Don't expect much more than bare minimum performance using that as a guideline.