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  1. 717 initialization error

    Morning, Thanks, it was Bitdefender which blocked the access to the files. Regards, Pack
  2. Hi , I had the same problem after updating to the latest FSUIPC module, for some reason the assignment dissapeared. Check the assignment for the reverse lever in FSUIPC, if there is none reassign the reverse for that engine. Hope it helps . Pack
  3. 717 initialization error

    Yes, I always do. Thanks, Pack
  4. Hi, When loading the aircraft in both P3D v3 and V4 I get this error (see attached file), afrer pushing Ok, the simulator starts with no problem. Thanks, Pack
  5. This Morning Update (06/06/17)

    Hi, I´ve also updated the Addon Manager a few minutes ago and in my case everything was back to normal, so it runs fine. What I did was removing the XML files into the My Documents\TFDi Design\717\Persistence folder. After running P3D or FSX_Steam and selecting the aircraft the file (N712TD.xml) was rebuilt. If you wanna give a try.... Regards, Pack
  6. Jumping on runway

    Good morning, Just to tell your that after deleting the files into the Documents\TFDi Design\717\Persistence folder and after the latest Addon Manager update this morning everything is up and running in FSX_Steam, P3D v3.4 and P3d V4. Thanks, Pack
  7. Jumping on runway

    I had already done that but no way, it still continues dancing on the floor :-). Thanks, Pack
  8. Jumping on runway

    Hi, I have exactly the same problem with P3D v4 after the addon manager update, I tried also to load the aircraft in P3D v3.4 to see if it happens also with that version but everytime I select the B717 the simulator closes with no error. Thanks, Pack
  9. Crash changing the runway in use

    Flying from GCXO to GCLP, just on the descend to GCLP I changed the RWY in the MCDU to RWY 21 with no TRANS and it crashed.
  10. Temporary Addon Manager/Activation Issue

    Disregard, I solved the problem deleting the content of the folder 13 in AppData\Local\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\ Thanks, Pack
  11. Temporary Addon Manager/Activation Issue

    Hi, It does not work here, it downloads the files but if I push the INSTALL button in both FSX Steam and P3D I get an error. See the attached image.
  12. Temporary Addon Manager/Activation Issue

    Same here. Thanks, Pack
  13. OAT MCDU

    Hi there!!! I cannot enter negative values for the OAT int the MCDU. I guess it should be possible, right? Thanks, Pack
  14. Heading Select

    HI, I think you hit the nail. I´ve been testing the problem with the same result in FSX Steam and P3D 3.4. If the wings are levelled the aircraft responds properly to the HDG Select mode but if a commence a turn and select a new heading to the opposite direction it does not respond and continue turning to complete a 360 turn as described. So if the aircraft is turning the HDG Select does not respond as it should. Thanks, Pack
  15. Heading Select

    Morning there!!! There you have the whole sequence, deparing from ENTC RWY 01 on 053 Heading Select to avoid the mountains on the left. Instead of turning the shortest way (to the right) it turns to le left, until completing the 360 turn. Hope it helps. Pack