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  1. GoFlight Compatibility?

    Small world eh? It's turned into a real nice aircraft. I'm sure it'll keep evolving into something even better. Dave
  2. GoFlight Compatibility?

    I too would like to see this happen. I met you guys at FlightSimCon last June, saw your aircraft and bought it there. I’ve been really happy with it. Go Fight compatibility would be good.
  3. ADF

    Thank you.
  4. ADF

    Hi. Any further word when the ADF may be available? Here in Canada there are still lots of ADFs around. Thanks. I'm enjoying this aircraft. Dave
  5. Air Canada... Any chance someone could do one of these. Air Canada operated the DC9 for a lot of years. Thank you. Dave

    Clorix and Cfristian, Thanks for the manuals and checklist. Most appreciated. Dave