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  1. P3Dv4 - Error Connecting to Database

    Again I am writing to you to ask if there is a possibility of solving the problem of the database Microsoft Access database 32 bits since until the moment I still have the problem and when I install the 64-bit database I can not working with the 32-bit office seeing me forced to reinstall the whole Office as it changes the libraries. Thanks for your answer to know when you plan to solve this as I can not update the program so far to avoid problems Sincerely Antoni
  2. P3Dv4 - Error Connecting to Database

    Hello again, I wanted to ask if they had a solution to the problem exposed in my post on July 3rd about being able to work with the Microsoft Access database 32 bits. (Office 2010 plus 32-bit) Thanks for your reply Antoni
  3. P3Dv4 - Error Connecting to Database

    The problem is that in Windows 10 64-bit Microsoft installs by default the Office of 32 bits because by structure it is understood with all the applications. If you want to install the 64-bit version, you must manually scan the executable version 64 bits in the CD (automatically not installed) but before the 32-bit office must have been completely deleted. As of this moment, problems of incompatibilities with different applications may begin to emerge and this is why Microsoft does not recommend installing a 64-bit Office if you are not sure that all applications are ready for it. I think the best and as you pointed out in the topics a few days ago is that you will prepare to work both the v3 version and the v4 with the Microsoft Access Database Base 32-bit engine. Thank you for your help and for your solutions so that everything is updated automatically without problems. Antoni
  4. Problem Access database engine 64 bits

    Sorry, the correct order of error messages is doc3, doc2 and doc1 Thank you
  5. Problem Access database engine 64 bits

    Good morning again With the update of this morning of today everything has been installed correctly and in the Addon manager appears as installed in both prepar3d v3 and in Prepar3d v4. When loading the program v4 the program loads well but when loading the 717 first appears the error messages doc1 and doc2, in this order, and continuing with the installation, the airplane is loaded but the doc3 error message appears. Antoni Doc1.docx Doc2.docx Doc3.docx
  6. Problem Access database engine 64 bits

    Good morning and thank you very much for your quick reply. No problem came up during the installation and I realized the problem when using Office for my work I noticed that I had problems reading the files because I was missing a library. I had to uninstall the Microsoft access database engine 2010 (which is installed with your program) to get Office to work again, but I had to re-download the 717 update through the Addon Manager because it disappeared and I try again installation. After all this appears to me in the Addon manager that yes it is installed 717 for Prepar v3 but not for v4 and when I try to load the plane inside pepar3d v4 is when the indicated errors appear and the plane is loaded badly and it does not work. thanks for your help Antoni
  7. I have installed Windows 10 64 bit i Office 2010 plus 32 bit. I can not fully install 717 for Prepar3d v4 since I get error: Microsoft Access database engine 2010 is for 64 bit office. Also leave these warnnings: thanks for your help Antoni 717.docx