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  1. Glad to help. Never worked on corporate jets, but I know what you're meaning about battery starts at high altitude.
  2. Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    Not a mod or a request. Just a photoshopped image of the start switch light I did to see how it would look day and night. Too pretty not to share.
  3. I think he means you won't get any N1 indication between 0.0 and 4.5%. During start, N2 shows immediately while N1 sits at 0.0. After about 30-45 seconds N1 goes directly from 0.0 to 4.5. That'll be your indication to throw the fuel switch to FUEL ON. Then you get Fuel flow, EGT rise and everything else all the way until the engine settles. This is how the real 717 starts. The 30 second delay is for "bowed-rotor" protection to prevent damge to the high pressure turbine bearings in the hot section of the engine. As far as the sim model, I think they've mentioned they're working on a way to customize the engine start process so that it is proper. To answer your concern, yes, you wouldn't throw on fuel until you saw N1 4.5 pop up on the display. If it doesn't come up or it takes too long then the flight crew would verify from the ground crew that the fan is rotating or would stop the start process altogether. So right now the indication stays at 0.0 until you throw fuel on. Again, (from what I'm told) it's the simulator itself causing that. PM me if you have questions.
  4. This might be an easy fix for the external. Noticed it months ago but didn't say anything becasue of the V4 change up at the time and then forgot about it. But, if it's not too much see if there's anything that can be done for the main gear torsion links. The forward links compress but the aft well...here: Thanks.
  5. Fogging Oddities

    I want to add that it doesn't usually stay fogged up in cruise flight or high speeds normally. The aft windows and eyebrows were fogged throughout the entire flight.
  6. Fogging Oddities

    Only the aft window doesn't have any anti-ice or anti-fog protection. It's quite common to see the aircraft roll in with this window completely covered with moisture. Externally, of course. The upper eyebrow window does have anti-fog but not anti-ice. I also experienced a CTD and it locked up my CPU at first. Which resulted in having to reboot. After messing with some graphics settings it was a little better but a bit choppy. Still working out to optimize it better. All in all, it's the most impressive thing I've seen in a sim. Fantastic job.
  7. Fuel Switch Fire light

    I'm putting in a video for better display of what I mean. Thanks.
  8. Feedback

    Will do. Thanks.
  9. Can MCDU Initial coordinates be manually entered?

    It normally takes the coordiantes from either a company route, GNS or when you type in your airports. BUT, you can "tune" your coordinates by pressing the up and down arrow keys on the MCDU and by pressing either LSK 3L or 3R, where it says ALIGN POS and adjust your coordinates manually. Hope that helps.
  10. Thrust Ratings

    Most likely Delta and Hawaiian use the BR715-C1-30 series engine.
  11. IRU 3 Fail msg

    In the Sensor Status page the FAIL msg appears for IRU3/AUX. Since the model has it inop (and would be considered not installed) this message wouldn't exist. Thanks.
  12. Fuel Switch Fire light

    The red fire light on the fuel switches doesn't come on until the fire handle is pulled during a fire alert. They're supposed to come on with the alert initially (along with the voice, m/w and EADS msg) for the affected engine. Also during the fire test they will come on when the fuel switches are in the ON position and the test switch is pressed (with or without engines running), but won't light up if they're in CUTOFF position during the test. Thanks.
  13. Feedback

    I agree with doing the same with the gears down. However, there isn't a Wheel Well Fire detection for the 717. The QRH will say keep the gears down until cool and then the tubes take care of cooling in the well.
  14. Feedback

    That sounds good to me. This is one of those things that has one job and it's a simple one. As long as brakes were cooling down and no indication stating otherwise inflight, everyone is happy. Thanks, man.
  15. Feedback

    It would accelerate the cool down time significantly, but I can’t say by how much.