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  1. Autoland off centre

    Yup. But I let it go this time to demonstrate. This happens about 1 out of 2 Autoland approaches.
  2. Autoland off centre

    It porpoised on final for me too and landed pretty long. This was actually the second approach. I did a planned go around earlier and came back, but then it got a bit wonky in the end.
  3. Autopilot becomes too aggressive when on an intercept course to the FMS flightpath. It should go to NAV ARMED when outside 10nm from the flight path and then when it captures, it should remain on heading or into the path rather than abruptly swing hard to the left or right (depending on the direction you're coming from). I've added a video to show exactly what it does for me when I select NAV while on and intercept course and then again while flying away. When flying away the FMC should tell me I'm not on an intercept course and should ignore the command to NAV instead of trying to steer to it. At 00:13 will be the on intercept capture. 4:22 will be the away from capture. 5:06 will be the direct intercept capture Creating this to follow another post i made awhile ago.
  4. B.Betty: "Stabilizer Motion" warning

    Wish I could find more on it. But after flying around and testing some things I can see it can just come down to technique on flying the aircraft. The better the setup, the fewer the alerts. However the autopilot is still very aggressive when it comes to capturing the FMS flight path on an intercept course and that leads it to use more Stab Trim than necessary.
  5. B.Betty: "Stabilizer Motion" warning

    It’ll do that if you’ve haven’t already trimmed the aircraft properly before engaging AUTOFLIGHT. For me, it’s more noticed during big turns with AUTOFLIGHT engaged.
  6. B.Betty: "Stabilizer Motion" warning

    I hear ya. I agree it might be overly chatty. Looking it over again it seems pretty clear it sounds off every 1 degree. Taking back what I said about ALT TRIM.too. It does tie into the system to sound off when you move the stab. The only thing that's making me question this, is that on an old training video I have, there is a scene where the capt puts in a 90 degree heading change with AUTOFLIGHT engaged, the plane rolls 25 degrees to the right and not a peep. I can share some of that vid later when I get a chance. But there are also vids out there that also show descent, climb and bank and there is no alert. So just as you said, it's hard to pinpoint without proper data.
  7. B.Betty: "Stabilizer Motion" warning

    Bumping this up and this is just something to think about... This kinda bugged me for awhile too, but I couldn't find anything solid to present to say it does or doesn't alert as much. The texts all say that "STABILIZER MOTION" will sound if it travels 1° for 1 sec. Digging deeper, I found that the 717's flight control computers monitor the Stab trim position when it moves. There is an internal rate monitor looking to see the stabilizer is actually moving .08°/sec or -08°/sec. But what I found was only if the crew moves the switches up or down on either side and holds it there for 1 sec or more. If they were to "bump the switch" but not drive it for very long, the alert shouldn't sound. I tried this out on the TFDi 717 sim and it alerts regardless. Now the tricky thing is that I looked to see if it would alert if the aircraft was in AUTOFLIGHT (FCC in control) and there was nothing said or showed.and it started to lead me down a rabbit hole that made my head spin. Soooo, in theory, bumping the switches shouldn't cause the alert to go off. It also doesn't say that the ALT Trim switches are tied into the STABILIZER MOTION circuit. This probably wasn't helpful, lol, but I'd thought to share. My experience with this plane is that it has (as many planes do) odd behaviors that aren't exactly written in black and white. But they do exist.

    I made an attempt a few months ago but abandoned it for a few reasons. Primarily the lines at the nose and bulkhead were giving me a hard time (this set me back on others I was doing) but I also had other matters outside of simming to attend to. I can go back to it after 1.1 and the PK release and finish it then.
  9. Ground roll is far too quiet ...??

    I added some door rattling audio sound from a home video. It definitely adds a nice touch to the roll sound because you can hear that thing rattle not only in the cockpit but also from the front row.
  10. NAV ARMED mode

    I noticed lately the aircraft is too aggressive after selecting NAV mode from HEADING HOLD mode. There is no indication for NAV ARMED when on an intercept path to the flight plan path. When I select NAV mode, it immediately deviates to the flight path, banking pretty hard. It'll do this even when I'm NOT on an intercept path and at any distance away. I flew away from the waypoint about 40nm and tried again and it went straight to NAV1. It's not crazy but I don't think it's supposed to fly away from the heading that rapidly. 2017-11-29_21-24-19-955.BMP
  11. How to Disable TruGlass?

    it's really not. it runs P3D just fine but P3D takes up quite a bit of my RAM on it's own. I'll try and set some of the graphic settings too to see if that helps. Thanks.
  12. How to Disable TruGlass?

    Reinstallation got me the addon tab but the performance change is minimal. However i was able to fly it point to point, it got a little slow with hard turns and approach or if I do too much viewing around, but I was able to complete the hop. This looks more like a hardware issue on my end.
  13. How to Disable TruGlass?

    6GB DDR2. That's the thing, I don't see anything in the sims add on menu related to the 717 or TFDi. I have P3Dv4. I'll try reinstalling it later to see if it changes anything.
  14. How to Disable TruGlass?

    @turbofandude Where is the disabling selection for TrueGlass? I've searched but maybe I'm not looking hard enough. It's a shame I have to use this because I believe it causes heavy usage on my RAM (about 97%) which is causing lockup’s. Thanks.
  15. Glad to help. Never worked on corporate jets, but I know what you're meaning about battery starts at high altitude.