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  1. sounds

    Brandon, I've not been able to hear the touchdown sounds of the B-717, especially the one closer to the pilot, i.e, the nose gear touchdown. I checked the .CFG file and couldn't find any clue for improvement. Is it possible to make it more notable? Thanks.
  2. No fuel flow at engine start

    The developers are aware of this issue, I hope they're able to do some custom tuning in this regard to make it realistic. In my opinion this is the only major glitch nowadays, aside from the lack of some more detailed functionalities of the FMC.
  3. Latest version

    What is the latest version/release of the 717? Today I got an update, did you devs release something a few hours ago? Thanks.
  4. FMC freezing after route insertion

    That might have well been the case I dealt with! Perhaps the devs should filter the SIDs, STARs, RWY, etc so that it couldn't happen. Not sure how it works on the real airplane though. BTW, the other day I also got a CTD changing the views, no messages shown.
  5. FMC freezing after route insertion

    I don't have the time right now, but I can say it was a route departing from Heathrow to Charles de Gaulle, RWY 27R.
  6. Winds - will the be included?

    They are indeed. Maybe if not the whole wind profile for climb, cruise and descent, at least the mean wind could be considered for fuel calculations purposes. BTW, I also miss PFPX integration for route insertion.
  7. After quite some time I took the 717 out of the hangar, taking the advantage that it had been updated in the meantime. Starting from scratch, probably because some parameters have been reviewed my saved flight didn't load the previous state, but cold and dark instead. Everything was running fine when I finished inserting the whole route, including DEP RWY, SID, ..., STAR, ARR RWY with procedure, etc, when the FMC started behaving sluggish, like I pressed a button and it responded several seconds later. If I insisted in pressing the button several times P3D v4.1 threat to close (this program stopped responding blah, blah, blah), but I just had to wait and it returned, but it was so bad nothing could be done thereafter really. Both FMCs behaved equally.
  8. Impressions after quite some time on the ground

    As to the engines start, like a few other real world pilots have commented, what bothers me the most are the facts that I don't get N1 readings prior to fuel opening, and also TGT readings for lots of times as well. Just doesn't make sense. P3D latest version, I did use the script in the past, which had its advantages, but also screwed up other things as well, but it's important to say that even without the script the 717 still had a much better behaviour in this regard in the past. There was a certain version where the friction if was not perfect, at least was much more leaning towards real world behaviour. I understand the developers have the right to do what pleases them, but it just doesn't make sense hearing simmers that complain out of nothing because they don't know how it sounds in the real world. I suppose the idea is to make a as much realistic as possible airplane, and such ones with tail mounted engines definitely don't make much engine sounds as heard from the cockpit. I also have the option to tune it myself, but I refrain from changing the settings once I set them and expect them to apply for all the airplanes in their most realistic way by default. In the end I might tune the sound files and configs directly myself, which is what I would really like to avoid.
  9. Hello everyone, I've been grounded for a while due to vacations, computer upgrade (including P3D from 4.0 to 4.1) and other minor reasons. Today I finally took the 717 out of the hangar, making sure it was up-to-date, and noticed these: 1) Engine start procedure is still lacking realism in regards to TGT and FF, they're very out of sync; 2) Engine spooling is still presenting lots of delay as if old generation turbojets were installed in lieu of modern turbofans, which are much more responsive; 3) The airplane is needing to much power to breakaway on taxi and also to keep a compatible amount of groundspeed during taxi, which is clearly incompatible to the behaviour of this type of aircraft. Issues 2 and 3 together make the ground handling a nightmare; 4) Engine sounds are too pronounced during cruise as heard from the cockpit, IMHO there should be at least some individual adjustment for the airplane itself; 5) Back windows and eyebrows are fogging too frequently and too intensively, at all phases of flight, causing too much distraction; 6) Still can't use SEC F-PLN (FMS); 7) Still can't use ENG OUT (FMS). The intention of this post is not to criticize, but to provide some inputs in some areas that I think would add a great amount of value to the final product if fixed/implemented.
  10. Feedback

    I'm sure you guys are going to find a reasonable value. But please do the same when the landing gear is kept lowered after takeoff. This is a very effective way of lowering the temps when the crew for some reason decide to takeoff with the brakes somewhat hot. Full flight simulators tend to give a wheel well fire when the crew inadvertently raise the gear and the brakes are hot.
  11. Feedback

    Why not letting the brakes cool more slowly (approximate to real world behaviour) and add some command for the pilot to reset it if wanted? Much more realistic and yet with a touch of flexibility. For sure it will add value to the product, as many pilots do care about this time and take it into account when planning workaround between flights. Not to mention proper braking techniques in order to prevent heat build-up.
  12. Feedback

    Now, talking about brakes overheat I noticed the temperatures kick in too quickly, and they fade away too fast as well. Usually they take time (a few minutes) to show up and then take LOTS of time to come down to normal levels, even with brakefans to a certain degree, which is not the case anyway.
  13. Feedback

    Never left the Virtual Cockpit, I have some preset views managed by ChasePlane, some internal, some external, but restricted myself to the internal ones knowing about this tendency of CTD'ing when switching views to external.
  14. Feedback

    I just tried making a flight with the latest updates (.DLL sent via message + update this night from Addon Manager). Everything fine until cruise (disregarding the ground model which is very bad, looks like I'm taxiing over mud, and also disregarding the gauges behaviour during engines startup, i.e., lack of N1, lack of FF, etc). Now, initial descent went fine, she did descent automatically within the symbol of TOD, and I was at FL360. When she was about the FL 280 the engines started building up EPR/N1, with engine noise and thrust raising accordingly - obviously airspeed increase as well up to the point of achieving well over overspeed. Disengaging A/T did not help at all, what did help was entering into FADEC ALTN MODE for both engines.Tried once reverting to normal mode but the problem returned, so I kept the FADEC alternate. Then crossing ten thousand things seemed to have normalised, since I returned to normal FADEC mode and commanded speed intervention (or whatever denomination the 717 uses) from the typical 245/250 KIAS to 220 KIAS. Now the worst part, as she was crossing about 7 thousand P3D v4 just crashed to desktop, no messages shown before, no messages shown later, nothing, just total disappointment...