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  1. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    TFDi 717 doesn't use NTDLL.dll file Searching the web, I found that ntdll.dll is related to graphics rendering on windows, so NVIDIA may be the cause of CTDs with this .DLL cheers! Santiago
  2. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Hello! I had this issue with UK2000 EGBB because I used P3DV3 version on P3DV4 UK2000 V3 sceneries are not compatible with Prepar3D V4 Cheers!
  3. Reversers not working

    Yes! I even tried to check reversers after T/O, they weren't working
  4. Liveries requests and reviews here

    Glad you'll be on So, This is for collecting some request to do on the future Cheers and be happy! Santiago
  5. Reversers not working

    Happening to me! It worked before
  6. Liveries requests and reviews here

    @Fab10 ? @Mistrfiksit
  7. Feedback

    Yep, There are some people that still having that problem I've made 5 flights with current version and no CTD yet
  8. Feedback

    i made a flight yesterday SCIE - SCEL with a succcesful result! Switched views a couple of times, no CTD but, I noticed Throttles reversers won't work, Checked FSUIPC and everything is normal like it was at they worked before ( and below) The aircraft flies great!! Congrats TFDi!
  9. Liveries requests and reviews here

    GUYS! New livery available! TAP air Fictional livery! Go download now!
  10. couple of bugs/issues

    Agreed with Speedbrakes!
  11. Liveries requests and reviews here

    haha! Difficult! btw, I think we need a private (fictional or not) livery for the 717 (like the one above) Also, It seems easy to do, Going to see what i can do
  12. couple of bugs/issues

    I just realised my FPS increased since MFDs screens updates
  13. Liveries requests and reviews here

    Thanks for put this here! I'll give this one a +1 @Fab10