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  1. Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    it would be nice if somebody do this as a mod
  2. How can I fix this?

    wait, PTA and URP aren't the same thing? Both have shaders
  3. Feedback

    @turbofandude all yours!!
  4. Feedback

    Share your thoughts!!
  5. Reverse thrust limit

    Reinstalled the airplane, same results
  6. Next Beta release ?

    so, We ACTUALLY can expect this at November 3rd? Excited!!
  7. Next Beta release ?

    Didn't realise until now he said 'roll out today'!!!!!! I CANT JUST WAIT
  8. Reverse thrust limit

    nope, It just started working that strange after update
  9. Reverse thrust limit

    I dont know, maybe something missed at installation? Should I reinstall?
  10. Next Beta release ?

    I think they are finishing TrueGlass before release of the
  11. TrueGlass

    Nice! I saw this on r/Flightsim
  12. TrueGlass

    waiting for it!
  13. TrueGlass

    Roger that! Do you have any expected date?