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  1. ZFWCG Calculation

    Hi, as in topic, how to calculate it properly?
  2. Stabilizer motion

    "A warning horn, inhibited on the ground, sounds to alert the crew any time the stabilizer moves more than one degree, and continues to sound once for each approximately one degree of stabilizer movement. The “stabilizer motion” voice warning also sounds." It is a part of the plane system, so you can not disable it.
  3. TFDi Design 717: Introducing RealLight

    Yeah, it looks very well, but are you going to change something in exterior lighting?
  4. APU start without GPU connected

    1. Batteries on 2. Emergency power on 3. Start pump on 4. apu master on then to start
  5. How to enable ATS only?

    Thanks, problem solved
  6. Hello. When are you planning to change exterior lights to more bright and realistic? Nav, strobe and ground flood are very dark. In addition, these textures looks pretty bad. Of course I did not mention about interior lights which are crappy too. But do not get me wrong, I am enjoying your aircraft, but I am bored with only daytime flying because of ugly light textures.
  7. Hello. I would like to know how can I enable ATS only (I mean without the heading and altitude mode). For example, in A320 there is an auto throttle button. The only way I discovered is pressing Auto Flight and then disconnecting it, but it is kind of weird for me.
  8. Strange Night Lighting issue

    The lights are broken since product release. You can not fix them at the moment.
  9. Lighting issues in P3D V4

    Are you planning to make them work with DL off? Dynamic lighting is very heavy on fps, many people have it disabled.
  10. Lighting issues in P3D V4

    Cockpit lights look blurry since product release, it is not new issue.
  11. Systems freeze after replaying

    Hello. After pressing Instant replay button and watching it, when I go back to real time all of the systems are not usable. I can not retract flaps, spoilers etc. It is because my cabin rate jumps to 70000ft and starts decreasing. When it comes back to normal, everything starts working.
  12. Little correction

    Hello. As far as I know, when you press MAINT INTPH on overhead button it should illuminate ON light. Secondly, when you press RADIO/INT switch on the ACP it should return to center when released. I know these are very cosmetic issues but you can correct it in your free time Cheers.
  13. As in topic, before the touchdown I move back throttle and the engines go idle, but after the touchdown they go full throttle and I can not stop them. It happened to me second time when I was landing manually. I'm using P3D v3 and beta