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  1. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    I had a p3d crash this morning, when i started pushback in the 717. This will probably implicate things on the prepar3d side (4.0.28), but maybe it will help... Attached are the logs i scraped from event viewer. -Garg p3d-717-CTD.log.txt
  2. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    I am happy to report back that I have now completed a short hop (30 min) and also a 2hr+ flight after turning down some of my graphics settings. I had the sliders maxed out, so I can imagine that my hardware might have reached some limitation there. FWIW, Garg
  3. VC panels disappear

    Hello, I'm attaching a screenshot of something that happened towards the end of my flight today. I lost the Captain and center Displays in the Virtual Cockpit and they were replaced with some sort of scenery texture. The 2d panels still functioned when I popped them out, and the First Officer displays were not affected if it helps. As an aside: I was able to complete a flight from KCLT to KMSP without CTD after turning down some of my graphics settings (I was using sliders maxed out). Thanks, Garg
  4. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    I am using Chase Plane too, I've had 4 CTDs of the 5 attempts I've made to fly the plane. I think it happens after i cycle too many views but I don't have much more data than that. The most recent two crashes did not yield any logs in event viewer. The first few times I the application crash log pointed to Prepar3d.exe and KernelBase.dll. I've also experienced an application hang CTD. The other two CTDs did not have any errors.
  5. Crash when re-selecting arrival Airport

    Hi there, I am happy to report that I flew three legs last night on the latest code with out experiencing this issue. Thanks for the quick resolution! I am having a blast flying this plane so far! Best, Garg
  6. Crash when re-selecting arrival Airport

    Hi - terribly sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Life is busy. Unfortunately I am not seeing a dump or anything in Event Viewer by the process described in your reporting problems link above. Steps I can take to reliably reproduce this issue twice this morning (perhaps if you have some time you can see if you are able to get this too): - Load DAL livery at KSFO active runway - Load Cold and Dark Airplane state - TFDi Add on Manager "Send Payload and Fuel to sim" using default values - Battery on, emer pwr armed, connect GPU, external power on - IRS to nav - PACKs auto, bleeds auto, ISO Valve OPEN - NAV, BCN, HI-INT lights on - Initialize Flight plan KSFO/KSJC - Align IRS - Flt no, cruise alt, CI - Enter Load Statistics - Go to FLTPLN page - Enter in short route: SFO OSI - select rwy 28L (active runway) for SID - select I12R for STAR - back to FLTPLN page, scroll down to KSJC - selecting KSJC crashes p3d Again, the Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application offers nothing with timestamps anywhere near the crash, I do not get any exception window pop ups, and I do not have any crash dump file (to my knowlege) after this happens. I noticed before I began this morning and opened the TFDi Add-On manager that it downloaded an update so I assume I am on the latest community beta release. Hope this is helpful and you are able to repro and get to the bottom of this - I'd love to stream this plane again on twitch! Best regards, El
  7. Crash when re-selecting arrival Airport

    Thanks for the quick reply! Are there instructions somewhere to find the dump file you are referencing (and any other info that will be useful)?
  8. Crash when re-selecting arrival Airport

    Hello, I have hit an issue twice with the 717 now. When I enter an arrival in my FMS, if I want to go back and change something (either different arrival or rwy), I've noticed that P3D v3.4 will crash immediately when you select the airport. Is this a known issue? I believe I am on the latest version for the community opt in beta for the 717. This last time I checked windows event viewer and did not see an error at the time of the crash. Thanks, El