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  1. TFDi Design 717: Introducing RealLight

    I would recommend you look a bit more closely. Not to downplay what FSL has done, but these are two completely different concepts and visual results. FSL Spotlights is a light source (similar to placing a vclight FX file) that can be added to any aircraft by end users. RealLight allows for variable blending of pre-baked lighting textures, which yields a more realistic result. Developers can license this technology and distribute it with their aircraft to achieve much more authentic lighting.
  2. RealLight is a Prepar3D v4-exclusive technology that we have developed to achieve much clearer, smoother cockpit lighting textures. Learn more at
  3. Liveries requests and reviews here

    I was giving estimates at one point, but it's very difficult to provide accurate time frames for something like this, so I try to avoid it. Shouldn't be too much longer, though.
  4. Virtual Cockpit Interior Windows Semi-Opaque

    Brad, 1. What graphics card do you have? 2. What operating system do you run? 3. How much RAM and VRAM does your system have? No, I've been asking people with this issue to provide system specs and such, and I'm getting very little in response. So, let's try here! This issue seems inconsistent. It sometimes affects more objects than just the window glass.
  5. vc night light workaround & thoughts...

    We're currently exploring a potential solution for the color banding that would be a v4 feature only (due to increased memory usage).
  6. Liveries requests and reviews here

    Yes, I did our official Hawaiian and Qantas liveries (Delta was done by the original artist years ago). Thanks, glad you like it! I plan to do the new Hawaiian livery after I'm done with the exterior update. I also plan to improve the Delta one and offer an official Volotea and Turkmenistan livery as well. Later on, I want to do some of the historical liveries (Midwest and AirTran to name a few).
  7. Liveries requests and reviews here

    The fonts I used aren't identical, but they seemed fairly close. Codex LT for the name on the nose, and Microsoft Sans Serif for the tail.
  8. Eyebrow window texture overlaps

    Sorry for the delay on this! The video compression is making it hard to see, especially being night time. Are you sure you're not just seeing the window through the visor because it's transparent? I'll take a look on my end, though.
  9. Extremely bright internal cockpit windows

    That's odd, nothing was changed in the textures or models for that update. I'll have to look into this to see if it's on our end.
  10. Exterior PAX window textures

    This is on my to-do list to fix prior to releasing the exterior update. Thanks for the report, though!
  11. Frosty windows

    To anyone having this issue: 1. How much RAM do you have? 2. What graphics card do you have and how much VRAM does it have? 3. Did this issue start after updating Windows or your graphics drivers?
  12. Ready To Fly option for 717

    Though this is marked as solved, in case anyone else ever comes across this topic with the same question, a Ready to Fly option can be found on the Status page of the 717's tablet.
  13. Frosty windows

    Two things to try: 1. If you're using the DirectX 10 preview, turn it off. 2. Try reinstalling the aircraft. There could possibly be a missing texture in your aircraft folder.
  14. Cockpit sounds

    I recently was on a Delta 717 in seat 23A. Believe me, the cockpit sounds in ours are no where near as loud as the back half of the real plane.
  15. Wrong Position At Gate

    Mario, This is a problem that every aircraft has and is beyond our control. ESP-based simulators place the aircraft based on the "reference point" of the aircraft, which is centered on the T of the parking space. Easiest solution is to simply use Shift+P to push the aircraft back (or use slew mode to move the aircraft back). You could also save a flight with the aircraft at the correct location.