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  1. ( Blue displays!

  2. ( Blue displays!

    Unfortunately, I had grounded my 717 for the same reason. I'll have to try it again with the new
  3. GoFlight Compatibility?

    Me too haha.
  4. GoFlight Compatibility?

    Any updates for MCP compatibility?
  5. Anyone know why this is happening?

    Have you tried turning panel backlighting brightness up?
  6. GoFlight Compatibility?

    Looking forward to it.
  7. GoFlight Compatibility?

    Has anyone gotten the 717 working with GoFlight products, particularly the MCP Pro? Perhaps through the GoFlight Interface Tool or SDK? Thanks.
  8. By chance anyone have any tables from the 717 FCOM for Flaps 5 takeoff speeds? I'm routinely getting FMS calculated speeds in the high 140-150s, even at very light weights, which doesn't seem right from the little info I've been able to gather elsewhere. Thanks!
  9. ZFWCG Calculation

    Add me to that list.
  10. Auto Throttle

    I am. I'm winding up just pulling speed and dialing manually.
  11. Thottle Bursts

    Shame to hear. Looking forward to being able to pull the 717 out of the hangar again.
  12. Thottle Bursts

    Barely above idle. In the 1.02-1.05 EPR range.
  13. Thottle Bursts

    Fixed the surge at start up for me but engines seem to not be able to hold speed during approach now on my system. They'll just stop responding and the aircraft stalls. Saw this on 2 back to back coupled ILS approaches tonight, with no difference trying to recover thrust manually.
  14. Some Suggestions...

    Would also love a random payload function.
  15. Instrument Panel Going Blank Mid Flight

    What's the process for disabling it in a manner that allows the 717 to function?