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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure how to describe this one. My displays look like fish tanks now. I just installed the update in P3D v4. Happened about 40-45 minutes into my flight. The popup displays work normally. *Also reported in the bug system*
  2. Blue displays!

    This happened about 45 minutes into the flight. The pop-up displays work as normal I just installed the update in P3D v4.
  3. Why is access to liveries so inconvenient?

    64-bit version is already out dude. At least for the COB it is.
  4. Cockpit Night Lighting Fix

    Dynamic lighting? I've seen some awesome things being done with it in the little time that P3D v4 has been out.
  5. 717/MD-11?

    They don't sell or even support it anymore.
  6. P3DV4 Update today?

    More like the old people capital of the USA.
  7. If You're Undecided

  8. If You're Undecided

    Can't wait for this to come to P3D v4. It really is a game changer.
  9. Psst, P3D v4!
  10. Engine Data V1.0.7.8

    I guess the financial troubles at McDonnell Douglas were such that they couldn't afford to spell check their panels.
  11. First Flight KLAS-KLAX

    The speedbrakes need to be like 1/2 or even 1/4 as powerful as they are. Even the BAe 146/Avro RJ, with its hinged tail brake, doesn't slow down like this does.
  12. 18,500lbs or 21,000lbs Thrust?

    But that's why "capable of" and "producing" are two totally different things. But you are correct about the only thing needing to be changed is a plug. I'm not sure about what Delta does with their aircraft regarding the plugs, but there definitely is a mix of both.
  13. 18,500lbs or 21,000lbs Thrust?

    Most of Delta's aircraft have the -A1 engines with 18.5k lbs of thrust, but there are a few aircraft that have the -C1 engines with 21k lbs of thrust.
  14. Temporary Addon Manager/Activation Issue

    I had to re-download, but it seems all is working fine now.
  15. Temporary Addon Manager/Activation Issue

    It's letting me into the Addon Manager now, but apparently not seeing that I already have the 717 installed. When I try to click download, it gives me an error.