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  1. Engine start has new code?

    I’ll take one tomorrow for ya.
  2. Engine start has new code?

    Just noticing on my engine starts that engine two starts differently than engine one. Engine two has the N2 rise, and TGT go way up before N1 registers, like it always has; engine one has a slow rise of TGT and eventually N1, more akin to a 737 start; is this something new?
  3. After the short stop at Key West, it’ll be an hour or so before we get airborne again!
  4. Ground roll is far too quiet ...??

    All of the 717 videos I've watched have pretty noisy cockpits on takeoff.
  5. Update today??

    Reinstalled and it's running now. TrueGlass is still murdering my frame rates though
  6. Update today??

    Did you guys push an update today? My add-on manager downloaded something, and it has completely broken the 717. I can't click on anything in the VC.
  7. T/D bug

    I'm actually not sure. I haven't had time to fly in a week or so... let you know on the weekend?
  8. Observations of

    Also getting the gear up warning, and the thrust issues as well.
  9. T/D bug

    Happened again today, in LNAV and PROF mode. Descent screen is active, can't go back to CRZ screen, vertical profile bar is active. Didn't come out of LNAV or any mode, but did fly through thunderstorms and got bounced around a bit. Still have hundreds of miles till the TOD waypoint. This is from KEYW to KLGA 2017-7-17_16-40-15-633.bmp
  10. T/D bug

    Seems like it, yeah! I flew the route last night with no deviations, was okay, except as usual, passing the last waypoint before TOD, it slows to descent speed, the vertical profile bar becomes active in the MFD and if you change the altitude before TOD, it'll start descending slowly.
  11. T/D bug

    Didn't trigger flaps/slats but I'm flying it again right now, and it started slowing down almost immediately at cruise. I took it out of NAV mode to divert around a thunderstorm before it started to slow down to descent speed, the vertical profile line is active on the NAV screen and it's asking for drag, because I'm above the speed it wants. The FMC is also in descent mode, not cruise mode.
  12. T/D bug

    Aircraft seems to be going into descent mode well before TOD, slowing down, and then needing to be put in manual thrust mode to maintain speed. This happens on every flight, where the aircraft will descend in a 500fpm dive until reaching TOD if the MCP altitude is moved at all. It's also asking for drag, I imagine because it thinks it should be slower. 2017-7-11_19-6-6-924.bmp
  13. Is TOD a little wonky?

    Just to let you know, latest update is still doing this. Passed my last waypoint before TOD which is 159 miles away right now and it's slowed to the descent IAS of 242 knots, but ignoring the cruise mach of .76, which is also the descent MACH. It also goes into HOLD mode, but If I move the MCP altitude lower, it will descend, when it shouldn't. Any progress on this? 2017-6-29_16-39-31-330.bmp
  14. Flight Plan Disappears P3D V4

    Same here. Just took off for DCA from MDW and it went blank except for a few waypoints on the RNAV into DCA.
  15. Hardware rendering makes displays choppy

    When I enable hardware rendering, all the MFDs on the 717 seem to lose their framerates by about half... any idea? Nvidia GTX970, latest drivers.