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  1. CTD when going back to cockpit

    Yeah I'm really looking forward to this fix..cause just like you guys I can't help but peek (actually enable chaseplane cinematic mode).
  2. unable to download add-on manager

    Hi Patco, I was able to download the addon and then install/update to latest version. I can't say that I did anything different, it just started working again. Not sure if tfdi did anything on their end tbh.
  3. What graphics settings are people using in P3D V4

    I too have similar specs 4790k, 16gb ram, 980ti with the usual stuff. I pretty much all sliders on max but use 4xSSAA during daylight flights and 8xMSAA during evening (HDR) flights. I'm still in search of the holy grail of perfect settings (even bought Process Lasso Pro to tweak settings). Regards, HL
  4. HI all. I am having difficulty downloading the latest add-on manager. I am trying to download from my account. I've used 3 different browsers and 2 different internet connections (work - fibre and home - cellular data) with 2 different computers. In every case the download keeps getting interrupted at different stages of the download. Are the any alternate download links?
  5. HW Rendering?

    Hey Macca....are you suggesting that with HW enabled, you haven't noticed as many CTDs (or none at all)?? I had to disable mine (uncheck) due to laggy displays and instrument feedback. I just had CTD a while ago while still on the ground (HW NOT enabled).
  6. HW Rendering?

    start TFDi Design 717 manager Customize Options Scroll down to the Performance setting. Its right there.
  7. While its not a fix for whatever the problem is.....the way I deal with this view related CTD is to limit view switching during takeoff and climb. Once I get to T/C I enable chaseplane cinematic mode. Once I get to T/D I switch back to internal chaseplane views (I have hotkeys set for various internal views). I have been able to successfully complete flights using this method.
  8. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Did you have Chaseplane or Activesky running? TBD, my last few flights ran ok even with Chaseplane and Active Sky running (I find it difficult and boring to fly without Chaseplane). I kept my view switching to a minimum and once I hit T/C I enabled chaseplane's cinematic mode until I reached T/D then switched back to internal view. Thereafter I kept view switching to internal views only (looking at uppper panel, displays, CDUs etc. etc.).
  9. Flickering numbers FMC

    What version do you have installed?
  10. Issues entering route

    It didn't validate ....but I think its because of the format entered: ESSA DCT NOSLI DCT PELUP N851 MAKEL DCT LUB UP605 KEMAD DCT ERNEP DCT EMGOD T729 NOSPA DCT BETEX EDDF Response: SYN112: INCORRECT USAGE OF BRACKETS '(' AND ')' AT ROW= 1, COL= 1 (TITLE) I then tried letting PFPX find a route from ESSA to EDDF, instead of Pro-ATC. This is what it found: ESSA DCT NOSLI N850 ABAMA DCT SALLO DCT HLZ T157 KERAX EDDF I tried to validate that through Eurocontrol but that didn't validate either (similar syntax looking error). I will try the new PFPX route and see if the 717 likes it and report.
  11. Very low FPS on MFD/PFD Only

    I must concur.... seems to be much smoother than previous versions (I also have HR turned off). I hope the devs can confirm that in fact some optimisations were done which resulted in the apparent increase in performance.
  12. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Just suffered a CTD on my initial climb out of TJSJ (flight to KMIA). I switched to the F11 external view and was watching the bird climb. I noticed the nose was a bit high, so I switched back to the internal view (using a chase plane hotkey) and then it froze. Got the popup box indicating P3D had stopped responding.
  13. Issues entering route

    When I enter UN851 in PFPX, it deletes the airway completely and sets up a direct connection between PELUP and MAKEL Thus I am suggesting that UN851 isn't a valid airway for this route. Also even if when I enter UN851 in the via field, I still can't enter MAKEL in the To field.
  14. Issues entering route

    Strange.....cause when I enter the route in PFPX, it accepts it as valid. It also shows the airway as N851
  15. Issues entering route

    I tried entering a bogus airway and immediately got the NOT IN DATABASE message, so it appears that N851 is in fact valid (since it does allow me to enter it)....its just that its not allowing me to enter the next waypoint after the airway.