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  1. I'm curious if anyone who has updated to P3Dv4.2 is still experiencing CTD when switching views from internal to external. It was posted that TFDI was awaiting the release of 4.2 to fix the problem. So far I have only seen one report of a user still getting a CTD after updating to 4.2. I don't plan on updating to 4.2 just yet due to reported issues and SDK changes made by LM at the last minute. http://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/topic/2900-any-news-on-crash-when-switching-to-exterior-view/&tab=comments#comment-12126
  2. Will P3Dv4.2 fix some of the 717 issues?

    Was this with 4.2? If I search crash & switching views I get tons of hits in the forums. I’m curious if anyone who has experanced the crash has updated to 4.2 yet.
  3. Just wondering if we can use the 717 in P3D 4.2. I know a lot of Dev's are working on updates.
  4. Will P3Dv4.2 fix some of the 717 issues?

    Ok, at least it happen to one of you during regular use, but your right, it would have been nice to have it happen in a controlled environment.
  5. Will P3Dv4.2 fix some of the 717 issues?

    Not exactly true. We had this discussion back on Nov 20, 2017. On your last Twitch stream which is no longer available one of your guys had the view switching crash during the stream and he knew this was an issue. The video has since been removed for unknown reasons. It was one of your guys because it was a night flight on the TFDI channel.
  6. With word of P3D 4.2 being released soon my question is will some of the 717 bugs finally be addressed with this update? Two major items know are the CTD when switching views and the VC MipMap issues. It was stated that TFDI was waiting for 4.2 to release to fix the view fix CTD. Is this a guaranteed fix? I sure hope so because it sucks not being able to switch views from interior to exterior. Also any word on the MipMap issues?
  7. Displays going black during flight

    Thanks Brain for verifying what I also discovered. So having VC MipMapping off at the very beginning does causes CTD as I experanced in two flights. So for now it’s best to leave it on and cycle as needed when the displays go out. I’m sure this will help TFDi further in resolving this issue.
  8. Displays going black during flight

    @007and @BrianT Have any of you tried flying the same 717 routes with MipMapping off from the beginning? When I did my test routes I had unknown CTD in the same locations were I had my displays go out. Just curious if you’ll would see a CTD were you normally would have you displays go black also. This could provide TFDI with more information or it was a bug on my end.
  9. Displays going black during flight

    You do know this problem was also reported in P3D 3.3 and 3.4. This is not the only thread related to this topic and it’s not just a 4.1 issue. How is it developers are are only focused on 4.1 when previous versions also exhibit the same symptoms. Going through all the threads there was one 3.3 report, several 3.4 which I also seen on my 3.4 (old computer), and numerous 4.1 reports.
  10. Displays going black during flight

    Thanks to Joshua for think outside the box and suggesting the MipMapping idea. Now if LM would hurry up and release the update that will fix the switching views CTD. Sucks to not be able to enjoy the outside view without CTD. Maybe this is also a MipMapping issue.
  11. Displays going black during flight

    FYI, did two more flights and lost displays on both flights. Turning VC MipMapping off each time restore the displays which allowed me to continue the flight.
  12. Displays going black during flight

    gamesyns You may be onto something with the MipMapping. I got tired of the MSP to ATL flights and decided to do a flight from KMCO to KRDU. With MipMap enabled I lost my 4 displays just over an hour into the flight as I was in the descent into KRDU. I decided to un-check VC MipMaping in my display settings and all 4 of my displays came back on. I flew a few miles and decided to re-check VC MipMapping and the displays stayed on the remainder of the flight. So for me it looks like all I have to do is cycle VC mipmapping to continue my flights for now until a fix comes out. Hope this helps. Dan.
  13. Displays going black during flight

    OK, just did another flight. With VC MipMap off, once again in the same general area the sim just shut down. I have down a total of 5 flight now. Each one requires around 2 hours and flight time has averaged around 1.45 hrs. What I have seen so far is as followed. 2 TFDi717 flights MipMap Off = Sudden CTD with no warning or message 2 TFDi717 flights MipMap On = 4 left displays go out, landed at airport 1 CS757 Flight = MipMap On = No problems, landed at airport. On this last flight I was 50 miles further away from Atlanta airport because I spent more time on the ground at KMSP setting up and ate before deaprture. As far as time goes 1.45 is about average, give or take a few minutes. As far as my system goes over the last few days I have done about 7 other flights to include the FNO on Friday. Aircraft ranged from FSLabs A320, PMDG 737, 777, and CS757. I did not have one single system issues with any of those flights. Also I did not go to exterior views during any of my flights seeing this is a know bug to cause the 717 to crash.
  14. Displays going black during flight

    I'll do another one tomorrow seeing I need to hit the 1hr 45 min mark. I very seldom get crashes let alone one without an event viewer message. I have flown this route with other planes so I know it's not a scenery issue. Again, I'll try again tomorrow. Hope someone else tries also.
  15. Displays going black during flight

    Just tried what you suggest. Using the same route and settings as I listed above, KMSP to KATL I was pretty much in the same location were I know the panels will go out but this time the sim just shut down with no error message in event viewer or screen message. I did have VC Texture Mipmapping disabled for this test. Is there a TFDI dmp file I can search for?