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  1. Recommended realism settings for 717

    PhugoidEffect Thanks for the reply. I figure in the week since I posted this question and 70+ views later one of the developers would have answered the question by now seeing its there product. Some product require certain settings but normally include the recommendations in the manual. I did not see anything in the 717 manual for realism settings for the flight characteristic.
  2. I read the manuals but can't find the recommended realism settings for the 717. I know with PMDG they recommend 100% on all sliders. Is this the same for the 717? Thanks
  3. feedback

    I have to agree. Just did a flight from KATL to KMDW and it was a great flight. I still had that strange FMC issue of fluxing Speed/altitude but I removed the first intercept point it went away. Now I can start to enjoy the 717 and add it to my rotation. is the best one I've used to date.
  4. FMC Speed and Altitude flux

    Joshua I don't use FSUIPC autosave and I only have a few files in the folder you mentioned. The one I sent is the only one that fits the format you requested. If we need to do a team viewer session let me know because it does it every single time I load that flight, sid and route. Note, do you want me to load the setup again and than save the flight and send you the file? I don't save flight so I not sure what you mean by this. I just start the sim, load the plane which starts already in cold and dark <-- not set by me, and start my checklist .
  5. FMC Speed and Altitude flux

    Here you go. I believe this is it. I didn't do a flight after this incident Previous Flight.fxml.xml Note: Just loaded up the same flight from yesterday, same time, sid, same runway. Getting the same issue. I also tried different runways and sids and some did it and other didn't. Don't know if this helps but if I remove the INTCPT the problem goes away. Did this on several SID. Seems the INTCPT is beyond the first fix which is causing this issue. I'm using the latest Nav data. Come to thing of it I was using the default nav data when I first installed the plane my first two flights. Not sure if this plays a factor. Just trying to provide all the info I can.
  6. Data Flickering

    I was getting that today in Atlanta on the ground. Using the same version.
  7. This is my third flight with and on the third flight I noticed the FMC SPD/ALT was all over the place along with the magenta line trying to keep up. It seemed to stabilize once in the air. This happened while I was sitting at the gate. I tried loading the plan again with the same results. I decided to fly anyway and once I got airborne and went direct to MPASS the problem went away. I noticed the magenta line was doing a loop after departure instead of a straight line to the next fix. To help I had 100 passengers and 13K on the gas for this flight. This will help with the ZFW and GW.
  8. 717 Throttles stopped responding

    I wish I had recorded the event. The displays worked because I could see the throttle indicators move as I was cycling the throttle on the EPR gauges but I didn't catch the rest. I do know the engines were not shut down as I could still hear them. I will repeat the flight again tomorrow and see if I can record the event. I did do a screen grab 30 min before the event. Not sure if it will help. https://prnt.sc/g7g9tx
  9. 717 Throttles stopped responding

    It was more like engine thrust just stopped working. It reminded me of BA Flight 38. Yoke and throttles moved but I wasn't getting power from the engines. Its like they spooled down to idle and nothing I did brought them back up. Plenty of gas, no warnings except stall warnings when plane was getting to slow. I was getting throttle position on the displays as I was moving them forward. Just no thrust. This was my third flight for the day, rebooted after each flight. Only thing different about this flight was it was longer, higher and had the strange FMC issues that I posted earlier.
  10. I was 3/4 into a flight from KATL to KORD when I noticed my engines throttle back to idle. The throttles themselves were forward and the FMC had .776 programed in. I had plenty of fuel at FL360. I was 40 miles from TD when I noticed this. I disconnected the AT and tried to advanced the throttles. I would get an indication on the ND and the throttles that I was moving them but I got no response from the engines themselves. I had no warning lights to indicate there was a problem until the stall warning system alerted me of my slow speed. I'm using on a brand new PC build with P3Dv4.
  11. This is my third flight with and on the third flight I noticed the FMC SPD/ALT was all over the place along with the magenta line trying to keep up. It seemed to stabilize once in the air.
  12. Monday Aug 7 Progress

    FYI, just completed my first successful 717 flight since owning it. Everything worked great. Need to do a longer flight but FPS and performance were great.
  13. Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    Just completed my first successful 717 flight.
  14. Monday Aug 7 Progress

    @turbofandude On the old system running P3Dv3 my PFD on the pilots side go black. You have yet to resolve that issues as the ticket is still open in your system. Before than I was getting CTD's but have resolved that issue after I sent you guys the dump file and it was fixed but than the display issues started. As I also stated I just built a new system with v4 installed and I have yet to fly the 717 because I was waiting for the recent issues to be resolved. The biggest one being the 717 crashing when switching views in v4. So yes, I haven't been able to complete one flight yet without some issue arising. I'm hoping this next update will allow me to do so. I will report back once I have completed a flight.
  15. Monday Aug 7 Progress

    LOL, I figure in 4 more months will be at the 1 year anniversary. I for one still haven't completed a flight in the 717 yet without a CTD or displays going black. I just built a new v4 rig and haven't run the 717 yet due to ongoing problems. Let's hope the future holds more postitive results.