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  1. Displays going black during flight

    Ok, thanks for that information. I will attempt a flight this week and keep an eye on the gpu memory. I will also state my drivers and video card used.
  2. Displays going black during flight

    Even if it’s just on the LM developers site you would think there would be a public posting of this issue in the LM, PMDG, FSLabs, Aerosoft, etc by many users if this problem was happening to all these other aircraft. I still think something is being missed in the 717 because once again this happens on more than one of P3D and didn’t happen with early releases of the 717. Been a user of since day one and still have hopes for a fix.
  3. Displays going black during flight

    I'll do a flight tonight and get a reading but I've had it happen on my EVGA 1080 FTW and now my EVGA 1080ti FTW3. I've monitored the memory in the past and never got close to maxing it out.
  4. Displays going black during flight

    So could a tweak or setting be causing this problem? This question hasn't been asked yet for those having the issue. As I stated before I have this problem on two separate computers, one running P3Dv3.4 and now my new build running 4.1. I do run 3 tweaks in the P3D.cfg to help with scenery load times. These tweaks were used on both systems to help eliminate the black texture load times. Just trying to find a common cause seeing no one else is asking. Is anyone using the following tweaks that is having the issue? I use the following in all my builds. [DISPLAY] TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=160 TextureMaxLoad=30 [MAIN] FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01
  5. Displays going black during flight

    It wasn’t a black screen like the 717 but a faded panel and it was one Facebook post compared to all the reports people have posted here. Your repeating the company line because you said it happened to other planes but only quoted the one 737 screenshot that TFDI mentioned. Besides that one topic on the FB page from some time ago show me a forums post from another aircraft developer that is having this problem. TFDI said there not giving up but I would sure like to see them dig deeper into some of the users computers or try to find a common trigger for this problem. Saying they can’t duplicate the problem on there clean system does not represent a regular users setup. Again see my FSDT comment posted earlier. Sorry but I’m just frustrated because this is not just a 4.1 problem.
  6. Displays going black during flight

    What I don’t get is this bug has been reported for version 3.3, 3.4, 4.0 and 4.1. LM hasn’t made any changes to v3x in some time when this problem started happening. This problem did not happen in earlier releases of the 717. What hasn’t been answered is are you you waiting for a reply from LM on all versions that have been reported or just the latest, 4.1? I know you’ll haven’t given up on this but something is triggering it across all versions. Maybe a customer survey on hardware, software or tweaks may help solve the problem. This will be up to TFDI to figure which questions to ask. How about a few more TeamViewer sessions with users who are effected. This way more details can be collected. I remembers when FSDT came out with KMEM it was crashing a bunch of systems. Turns out an old BufferPool tweak was causing the problem. They did several TeamViewer session until they found out what was causing the problem.
  7. Displays going black during flight

    Thanks for the input Chris. Others have also said they experienced this in P3Dv3.4, 4.0 and now 4.1. I even stated that I did a new computer build from P3Dv3.4 (Win 7) to new computer (Win 10) P3Dv4.0 and 4.1 and I was still having the display problems. When the 717 first came out and even early COB builds did not have this problem. I would investigate when the reports first stated comping in and see what changes they made to the 717 from then to now. Even the first post in this topic was reported by a user on version 3.3.
  8. Displays going black during flight

    Well mine always seems to happen around the 1 hour mark, give or take 10 minutes. Also I have been staying inside the aircraft due to the CTD issue that is suppose to be resolved with the 4.2. One gent loaded a video showing this happen but I’m guessing even a teamviewer session is not going to show you what you need to know. To bad you can’t creat something in the plane like a black box in the COB version to record what is going on when this happens.
  9. Displays going black during flight

    I just read through all three pages of this topic and 3 separate Devs have stated that they read on other forums that others have seen this problem with other aircraft but myself and others have requested links or searched these forums to discover no other planes experiencing this problem. No such report on the Aerosoft, PMDG, FSLabs, or Q400 forums. Strange how the same 4 displays go out but not the two on the copilots sides. What's different between the pilot and copilots displays? If it was a P3D issues than all the displays should go out. What is also know, the 4 displays work when you click them (pop-out) mode. So again how is this a LM issues when it has been reported in P3D 3.4 and 4.0, 4.1 and this didn't happen to the earlier version of the 717.
  10. Displays going black during flight

    Can I also get a link to this also. I’d be interested to see what PMDG or others have to say. I do know black screens for them are activation issues and have not seen a post were they go out after an hour in flight. I’ve been fly the mess out of the 747 and never had the displays go black on me during flight. I haven’t seen any reference to this on the PMDG forum.
  11. Displays go black

    Disabling addon managers or turning down settings is not a good fix when others have reported that this not happen to other planes. I'm not running max setting and my displays went out in both P3D 3.4 and 4.1 on two different computers. Can only get an hour of flight time out of the 717 before the pilot and center displays go out. Even now we're stuck in interior view due to the CTD bug which you mention will be fixed in 4.2.
  12. Just wonder the status of this problem. This is a widely know issue with the 717 and it would be nice to be able to cycle to the outside view and back inside without the plane freezing and crashing the sim. On your last Twitch stream which is no longer available one of your guys had the crash during the stream and he knew this was an issue.
  13. MCDU Lag

    I’m running the EVGA 1080ti FTW3.
  14. FSL Spotlights - TRAIL lower left corner

    I did that and it shows disabled but still displays in the bottom left corner. Took me two reboots for it to finally stop. Only effected the 717, no other aircraft. And since I'm not the only one seeing this there must be something strange going on with Spotlights and the 717.
  15. Crash when clicking any icon on the tablet

    Same thing happened to me. I have attached the dump file. TFDi717_MDump_11_14_2017_19_22_40.rar