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  1. Exterior is always dark....normal?

    Yea, I comparing to MT6 aircraft at the gates.
  2. I have noticed that the 717 is always dark on the exterior while other planes are lit up at airports. I am using DL. Is that normal?
  3. Great plane now.

    Just a quick thank you for this great plane. It has become my "go to" plane and that is saying a lot to surpass the PMDG NGX! You have made it stable, at least on my system, and fun to fly. Looking forward to a couple additions that have been mentioned on threads in the past such as ground noise, call outs and descent arrows. Thank you!
  4. Autopilot too sensitive, shuts off.

    I had altered the pitch and roll stability too much in an effort to give it a heavier feel.
  5. Autopilot too sensitive, shuts off.

    Fixed, disregard.
  6. I have been experiencing an autopilot that shuts off if I adjust the heading knob in any way. Then it will not re-connect the auto pilot on the first attempt. Example, while in departure climb out I set the heading knob course and activate the auto pilot. If I try to change the course of the heading knob the auto pilot will disconnect. If I am flying in NAV mode and then pull the heading knob to direct the plane the auto pilot will disengage. Attempts to initiate the auto pilot meet with immediate disengagement of the auto pilot. I have had to fly the plane manually for a period of time and then hit the auto pilot to turn it on. Those are just a couple examples. Bottom line is the auto pilot is not connecting and staying connected when it should. It did not always behave this way. I have tried to isolate when it began and the closest I can recall is after the last minor update which was done when I initiated the manager. Any suggestions as to what may be causing this and how I might correct it? Thanks
  7. How to Disable TruGlass?

    Nope, I don't have it. Doesn't matter since I love having it and my plane runs great. Just curious why it doesn't show up. Strange.
  8. How to Disable TruGlass?

    I don't want to disable it but I am very curious where it is. I have not been able to find it.
  9. P3D exe crashes

    I installed the new textures as well and have not had a sim crash. There is a noticeable difference in the textures though so I hope the new update will solve the issue.
  10. P3D exe crashes

    I will give it a try yerco. I am on my second flight today and so far no crashes. Thanks for you assistance. And greetings to you!
  11. P3D exe crashes

    I read on another forum that changing the 717 texture from 2048 to 1024 solved his problem. I saw this before on the tfdi forum but can't seem to find the download even with search. Does this sound like a reasonable solve for this issue?
  12. P3D exe crashes

    No Chaseplane. I can check the Event Viewer log. What exactly do I look for within the log? Further information, I flew the same flight with PMDG 737 and had no issue. Flying at night with Dynamic Lighting. Previous to that I had flown two flights with 717 both crashing.
  13. P3D exe crashes

    It seems either on longer flights of 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour flights the P3D crashes. I put my flight on Auto and leave during the flight. When I return the screen is white and a message that P3D exe has stopped working. Along with the time issue it happens on about 25 % of the flights. It has happened with PMDG NGS as well but not as often. I use TracIR and I point the camera at the gauges so I can see the distance until descent. Has anyone experienced this of have a suggestion as to what may be causing this issue. I am only using ASky and fly both daytime and night. It doesn't seem to matter the conditions. After writing the above my second flight crashed. KMSO to KSDF. Same scenario as mention above
  14. Just curious, is their a protocol for initiating the 717? Should you start the manager first and set it up for fuel, pax etc., or start the sim first and then the manager? I have tried both and have not noticed a difference that I am aware of.
  15. How to Disable TruGlass?

    I have flown four flights and I can report that I am getting excellent fps with no stutters. The plane has become a joy to fly. However, now my wish list.....the descent arrow (banana) showing your descent progress when flying with vertical speed would be very nice and an indicator near the N1 gauge to show you where your throttle is would be great. Those are just a couple things to make the flight even better. Thanks for all the assistance received and advice given to make the plane and sim better.