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  1. Stutters are back.

    I checked and unchecked nearly every setting within the sim. I changed every setting and nothing stopped the micro stutters. I checked and unchecked the hardware enabler within the TFDI manager. I flew the very same route from KSLC to KIDA with the NGX and it was smooth. The plane seemed to be smoother before the latest fix that I just downloaded via the manager last night. Using i7-4790 K @4. GHz 8GB 64 Bit Win 7 SP1 GTX 1080Ti. I should not be getting stutters.
  2. Had a very enjoyable flight with the 717 today. Thought I would do a turnaround since it had flown so well. Got headed in the right direction with the AP in charge so I took a little break. Returned to see it had crashed to desktop. It seems I can never get two good flights in a row. So I put it in the hangar for awhile, take it out, have a good flight, have a problem such as the throttle quitting, and then put it back in the hangar.
  3. 717 Throttles stopped responding

    Just had it happen to me as I attempted to change runways at KMSP as directed by ATC on final. Throttle was totally inoperable.
  4. Stutters and sound issues.

    I reinstalled and that helped the stutters a lot. Still some slight ones but much improvement.
  5. Stutters and sound issues.

    I assume that means un-installing prior to reinstalling? It may be worth a shot since the plane has been in the hangar most of the time which is too bad. I like the plane.
  6. I have noticed that if I start from a Cold & Dark status that many of the cabin sounds do not work to include flaps & spoiler. If I start from Ready for Startup then they work. Also, I am getting stutters with this aircraft. I get decent FPS but the constant stutters are a problem. I do not get them with the NGX or AS CRJ flying the same routes. My setup is i7-4790K @GHz 8GB 64 Bit Win 7 SP1 GeForce GTX 1080 ti card.
  7. Frame stutters?

    Mine doesn't have the option to select it either. Have only v4. Just did the latest update. Update! Found it...just needed to scroll down.
  8. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    I have flown two flights and had CTD each time. I have flown the PMDG 777 with no issues. I guess 717 goes back to hangar. I had just begun flying it after I read that removing the xml files would eliminate the black gauges.
  9. Displays going black during flight

    Interesting reply. I only had the plane for a very short time and all worked well. But I have been adding airports and weather as they became available in V4. It will be very difficult to pin down what is affecting the panels. This plane will remain in the hangar until a solution is found. Frustrating.
  10. If you look under Systems in the support thread you will see that this has happened to many including me. I am hoping they solve this soon. Love the plane but there are still some issues to be worked out and this is one of them.
  11. Displays going black during flight

    I thought after the update today that possibly this issue was solved but it was not to be. Forty miles from destination they all turned to a camouflage color. UGH
  12. Poor Performance

    I to am experiencing low performance especially on the ground. In the low double digits. After shutting off the engines the performance improved. I have to reduce the resolution to 1024/1024 to get smoothness on the ground. I have a Jetline System that gets very good FPS with the PMDG 747. I am using P3D v4 with Windows 7 and reasonable settings. My biggest complaint though is that the four of the gauges shut off about 40 miles from destination. By shut off I mean, they turn to a camouflage color. This plane has the potential to be my favorite but it is not there yet.
  13. Displays going black during flight

    Is there anything happening on this problem? I have attempted several flights at different locations and it continues to happen making the plane unflyable.
  14. The Addon Manager does not seem to update the info to the aircraft. I make changes in the fuel and payload and then send both to the sim. I have the then shutdown the Addon Manager. Another time I minimized it. Neither way seem to get the info to the plane. Is there another way to accomplish this or is there a problem? Thanks.
  15. Cockpit No Gauges Working P3Dv4

    I get this same warning when I turn on the beacon light.