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  1. couple of bugs/issues

    We are both using the same ai traffic. The flight was on Vatism. The aircraft was there just not shown on the ND. (2000 feet above) I'll try to recreate it the next time.
  2. Speedbrakes

    Hi As I already mentioned the speedbrakes feel overpowered. They should increase the descent rate by 1000-1500', roughly. Thanks
  3. couple of bugs/issues

    Thanks for your answer. The FMC thing seems to be a one time thing. I tried to delete the constrain on the vert rev page and on the F-PLN page . Neither worked. The 717 FMC is a bit different to the honeywell FMC I'm used to. Not sure if the F-PLN constrain delete actually workes with that version. I pressed the TRFC button. The ND showed on the lower left corner "TRFC". Nothing -my shared cockpit bud had a trafffic indication. Speedbrakes- I'm flying a jet myself (not the 717) and I even asked some colleagues about the descent rate with speed brakes. They all confirmed that an increase by 1000-1500' up to the double is normal. The speedbrake on the 717 just feels a bit off and overpowered. If you need more infos just pm me
  4. Hi. First overall it's a nice aircraft but I found a couple of bugs/issues. Since the last update I have roughly 10 frames less than before and a lot of stutters. Hardware rendering doesn't change anything. I'm unable to delete contrains out of the FMC (have experience with the real FMC). The speedbrakes are producing too much drag. Speedbrakes roughly increase the descent rate times 1,5 but with the 717 its 2 to 2,5 times. And it doesn't show me traffic on the ND with shared cockpit and everytime I use the trim the other guy is experiencing trim runway or a disconnect from the session My specs are: I7 2600K OC 4,6 GHz, GTX 1080, 16GB RAM, Win 7 64 bit P3Dv4 Thanks for your help