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  1. I can do this, please let me know how to reach out.
  2. I'm having the issue, no virtual cockpit lighting after the update to Using an old school GTX 960 I've tried uninstalling via the addon manager and reinstalling, still the same issue. I uninstalled and re-downloaded and reinstalled the entire package, still the same issue. I don't know if its "RealLight" or something else, all I know is that I have no over head or glareshield panel or flood lights, map lights, foot well lights. Please advise.
  3. Bravo update!

    I'm pleased that this is working well for you. I would like to enjoy the same experience as you, however, after the update, the (night) lighting in the VC no longer works. By this I mean the panel and flood lights for the overhead and glareshield, the dome lighting, and emergency lighting, the footwell lighting, none of this works. I am not the only one experiencing this. I hope that the issue is at the very least acknowledged, if there is an error in how the update was done, hopefully the developer will point this out.
  4. I've tried uninstalling via the addon manager and reinstalling, still the same issue. I don't know if its "RealLight" or something else, all I know is that I have no over head or glareshield panel or flood lights.
  5. I'm having this issue as well, no cockpit lighting after the update. Otherwise performance is pretty awesome. Using an old school GTX 960
  6. How to Disable TruGlass?

    With the sim menu bar, under add-ons, you should see the option to disable it.

    Is it possible to enter coordinates?, if so what is the format?
  8. No Rudder Axis

    The rudder works fine in the air it responds to my rudder pedals. However, I cannot use it for steering on the ground. I don't recall this being this way before, If I assign an axis to steering tiller via fsuipc I am able to turn on the ground. I recall that I had directional control on the ground with the rudder pedals before don't know what changed.
  9. No Rudder Axis

    I am using the latest update in P3D4.1, with the latest fsuipc 5. The 717 will not recognize my rudders do not move. All other control surfaces are fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program. Tried reassigning the axis to my joystick instead of the pedals. I really enjoyed using this sim in the past. I hope you can help me get this fixed. Please advise.
  10. How to Disable TruGlass?

    I can't seem to find the disable options in the sim addon menu. I'm wondering if I have to remove and then reinstall. Edit: please disregard
  11. Performance is Terrible!

    I don't know if this will help you but I'm using p3d4.1 I got back about 10 frames/sec by turning off Dynamic Lighting. This is the only aircraft I have to do that for but at least it makes it flyable. I'm confident that optimizations will continue to come. TrueGlass for me is also unusable but my mediocre hardware is probably at fault with that. Try turning off Dynamic Lighting if you have it enabled and see if that helps.
  12. How to Disable TruGlass?

    My apologies for not reporting sooner. I'm currently running what many would call a low-end NV Maxwell based GTX 960 with only 2GB of VRAM. I'm normally fine with the 25 or so FPS I get with this set-up. When using the 717 I was able to maintain between 15 and 20, not ideal to most but still fine with me. Once I installed the latest update It dropped to single digits in the VC so I assumed it was TrueGlass that was giving me this issue, not the case, de-activating the .dll did not change anything. I AM NOT FAULTING THE DEVELOPER, since I'm confident they will continue to improve and optimize this product. I was able to overcome this problem and begin using the 717 again by activating HyperThreading on my CPU. I don't know if this affects the title itself or the entire sim but it is usable now and I'm content with that until I'm able to further upgrade my hardware and or find other processes that are conflicting with this title. Thanks to all for the additional information and suggestions.
  13. How to Disable TruGlass?

    Thank you
  14. How to Disable TruGlass?

    So no one knows how to disable TruGlass?
  15. I was hoping to be able to use this feature, unfortunately it seems my hardware does not have the required power to handle it. How do you disable TruGlass once its been installed?