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  1. Sorry, please move to the screen shot forum. Bob
  2. I'm having a blast flying various routes to airports that would not accommodate the NGX. I'm using Pro-ATC or RC4 depending on the terrain, I generally use PRO-ATC but switch to RC4 in mountainous areas as it is better with elevation awareness. For me flying the airplane with ATC gives much better control relative to climb and decent and more realistic. I have never talked to a real 717 driver but would guess because of the short flights engaging 'PROF' vertical mode from departure to approach is rare. A couple shots of landing KATL. Bob
  3. Feedback

    Using P3dV4 64bit beta I just completed two very good flights without any surprises after many training flights teaching myself the systems and procedures. From take off to climb to cruise to descent and Autoland the plane responded as expected. The decent from cruise was via Flight Change, I did not use the descend profile feature as I cannot control descent and speed without spoilers or very early deployment of flaps. Since I own my Airline I taped over the PROF button. Yesterday I was frustrated with my lack of knowledge of plane, what's the difference today? I READ the damn book. I download the Crew Training Manual for the 717 and spent quite a bit of time in Volume 3, I love learning this stuff. Great job Tdfi as the plane is modeled very well relative to systems and procedures compared to the docs. In my opinion It's a bargain at $59 US and just going to get better. Great fun to fly! Thank you. Bob
  4. Dumb questions

    After re-reading the above it should be obvious to the most casual observer that in the absence of system manuals I do not have a clue how to manage the auto flight system. But I just found a download location and have them now. I'll get busy reading. Bob I downloaded the manuals from after the registration process.
  5. Dumb questions

    Hi everyone, I'm a relative new owner and have no idea how this airplane is supposed to fly a descent profile after TOD, I'm not sure if it's me or the plane. 1. At the descent point the vertical mode is announced and the engines start to roll back, the plane starts a descent. The FMC commanded descent speed is 280 however it accelerates to 314 and maintains it right down to 8000 feet. (I'm going to get a speeding ticket). It looks like an 'open descent' on a bus, however, without throttle control. I command speed reduction to 240 manually, the throttles do not rollback the VS does not change. I do know you can't go down and slow down at the same time, but there are no changes in speed or VS. Should not the VS change on a descent if you change the speed? Tried ATS off (is that FADEC?) back on does not help, went to Vertical Speed no change, Auto flight off and throttles are stuck. I can handle the plane if Auto flight goes tilt, but not when I have zero manual control of the speed. Help. 2. How do you turn off the auto throttles? 3. Is there a technical manual (link) on the operation of the Auto Flight systems with greater detail than location of the buttons? Thank you! Bob
  6. VOR/NDB on ND and other stuff..

    Thank you for the reply, I look forward to future updates. Bob
  7. Hi everyone, Is there an option to declutter the ND i.e. select VOR only? Also, when on final and in a stable configuration with approach activated the autopilot/autoland seems to forget where it's going. I'm reducing speed manually and note the track is drifting then hit the approach button again and the plane corrects the approach. I always land safely by taking the AP off and manually land the plane. Is the on/off autoland my pilot error or issues with the simulation. Thank you. Bob