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  1. Wondering if it will be soon. Steve
  2. Post your best 717 Screenshots here

    QF1730 YMML-YBBN Prepar3d v4 ENVTEX PTA (v4)
  3. Did you push the yellow button on top of the control column to cancel the autopilot disconnect sound?
  4. Cold and Dark Gnd Pwr Gen switches in On position

    They are ON in the Cold and Dark state. In previous versions they were OFF in this state. What are they supposed to be when the AC is in Cold and Dark State?
  5. Used to be that when the aircraft was set to Cold and Dark from the Tablet Menu the Left and right Overhead Generator and the Ground Power switches were in the OFF position and had to be turned on, at the appropriate check and flows, now, they are always in the ON position. Even if they are turned OFF, then Cold and Dark again selected from the Tablet, they have been turned to ON. Which is the correct position for this aircraft State. Steve
  6. Direct To not working

    Two separate flights, both times selected "Direct To" different waypoints in the FMC, waypoint shown at top of waypoints in scratchpad. Instead of tracking to requested waypoints, àircraft turned toward previous waypoint not desired "direct to ". V1.0.9
  7. After a 3 hour flight from YBAS Alice Springs the 717 shot a Perfect ILS at Perth. P3d v3.4 NO VAS or OOM ...performed flawlessly
  8. Do you know a work around for those that have Office 32 bit installed. Is this an issue for Team TFDi?
  9. Few issues with latest update

    They are on medium now, turning down, doesn't affect lagging. I'm not sure if Chaseplane has any impact on the 717, I know I get lag with the AS A320(something the CP developers are aware of), but that is with every aspect not just the knobs,switches
  10. Few issues with latest update

    I7 4790k@4.0ghz 20gig DDR3 gtx1060 win 10 pro anniversary 64bit
  11. Few issues with latest update

    No, I though of that..on/off doesn't improve it.
  12. Hello Team 717 Dont know if the Opt in Beta is still running with the release of .8 but here are a few issues brought to my attention during a recent flight with the latest build. Prepar3d v3.4 The flight was 3 hours in duration QF1851 YBCS-YAYE (Cairns to Connellan ) 1051nm During taxi and Cairns and Connellan I noticed that the nose wheel was not as responsive and seem to 'castor', in some cases during the turn it moved full right or left but the aircraft continued straight ahead, power settings were at minimal and had to be backed right off to idle before steering restored, but as stated it's not as responsive as past versions. There is a definite 'lag' when turning switches such as heading etc before the actual turn registers in the HDG eg turn right to 030 - dial moved a couple of clicks then the 030 hdg shows in the window, it is not instantaneous. This also applies to altitude, radio, speed - anything that should give an instant reading when the dial clicked doesn't. All in all, the 717 has improved immensely but for a few minor glitches. It is now reliable enough to use online for VA flights, which I have now completed 6 times for a total of 13 hours, no VAS or OOM issues and it is now an aircraft I look forward to flying. I intent concentrating on doing a few 717 flights in Prepar3D v4 for comparison and making use of the extra memory availabe. steve
  13. P3DV4 Update today?

    Can you clarify this, I'm in the opt in Beta, the Addon manager was updated, but I only have the "Coming Soon" button. steve
  14. So far, these have not affected me, in all, I have flown 15 hours online with the 717 (versions - and never had a VAS or OOM issue, some of these flights were over 3 hours duration. I used to suffer VAS and OOM issues all the time when flying the pmdg 737NGX in Prepar3d v3.4 and once in the 717 with version prior to until I adjusted my settings to medium and have never had one since. Now, in Prepar3D v4, I have all my settings maxed and it is truly unbelievable. I will be using P3Dv3 for some time yet until all the 3rd party products become compatible, I hope the 717 will be soon
  15. Rev Route YSCB-YBBN (Canberra - Brisbane, Australia) Flight Qantas QF1546 (Real World) Depart 11.35am Local Route Rwy17 CB AVBERG1(SID) AVBERG W184 MUDGI H66 BN CG1(STAR) SINNK(Trans)ILSz Rwy19 Cruise FL330 Flight time: 1hr 25mins Flown online Date 2 June 2017 UTC + 10 TOW 97909LBS FUEL 13697LBS Flight went flawlessly, takeoff engage autopilot at 700'AGL, climbed to cruise. No issues with cruise, no stutters. TOD was not indicated in the FMC so manual descent initiated about 120nm south YBBN. Although auto descent path profile was requested, this didn't show in the profile indicator gauge, however @12000' at a waypoint in the FMC was shown and the 717 had reached this when crossing, further down to @6000 at further waypoint was also correct at crossing. APPR for ILS Rwy 19 was initiated at SINNK transition where the 717 stuck to the glideslope and localizer, autopilot was disengaged by me at 300' AGL on short finals and a manual landing completed, reverse thrust and braking were perfect and a lot more positive than previous versions, taxi to gate was also a lot slower and required less throttle to unstick and move. My next flight will be from YBCS-YBBN (QF1861 Cairns-Ayers Rock(Uluru)) this is a 3 hour flight so I will have the opportunity to further test this release 717 and do an RNAV approach at YAYE. The 717 is now a reliable, enjoyable aircraft to fly. WELL DONE TFDi Desig Team, I think your months of plagued issues and persistence in fixing them have paid off, with a few minor refinements, the 717 is up there with the best. Platform Prepar3D v3.4 (final build) Addons used ORBX AU,YSCB AND YBBN, AS2016 with ACA, PROATC-X System: i7-4790K @ 4.0, 20gig DDR3, Asus(Nvidia)GTX 1060 3gig. Win 10 Pro(Anniversary) steve s