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  1. P3D V4 Installation

    You must sign up for the Community Opt-In Beta:
  2. Buying 717 question.

    Yes, that would be the proper procedure.
  3. Brake Overheat

    In response to that, not brake overheat.
  4. Brake Overheat

    Distance to Go
  5. Display Frame Rate

    Try Hardware Rendering in the Addon Manager.
  6. Blurry Cockpit Textures in P3D

  7. Pictures of your TFDi 717?

    We have an awesome thread going on here:
  8. Watching Youtube on IPAD?

    Not at this time
  9. MCDU distance to next waypoint

    It should be listed on the PROG page.
  10. Brake Overheat

    Brakes will cool down over time, you can also load up into a different state using the tablet. It should change to DTG once in the air.
  11. How can I fix this?

    Try disabling Reshade
  12. FSL Spotlights - TRAIL lower left corner

    We do not use FSL Spotlights, maybe this is reshade?
  13. Have you installed anything else recently?
  14. I'm not really sure at this point, what are your specs?