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  1. gamesyns

    717 caused FSX to ctd

  2. gamesyns

    717 causes ctd

    Please report that here:
  3. gamesyns

    Latest beta build looping installation

    could your anti-virus be blocking it?
  4. gamesyns

    displays black and switch no reaction

    This is certainly strange, can you open up a ticket with us and we'll schedule a TeamViewer session?
  5. gamesyns

    WX radar auto mode

  6. gamesyns

    EFB and PFD

    We had an issue with the version being available to people outside the COB on accident. Try uninstalling it and seeing what it says
  7. gamesyns

    Problem with new release

    Verify you are restarting the sim after checking. Follow this step by step: 1. Close the sim and any attached processes to the sim 2. Open the addon manager 3. Go to the customization -> options page 4. Scroll to the bottom and verify hardware rendering is unchecked 5. Click save and close the addon manager 6. Open the simulator and open the 717 If it is still giving you this issue, let me know.
  8. gamesyns

    Flickering Displays

    This is likely the case. The V4 infrastructure for which RealLight and TrueGlass run off of can be finicky sometimes. Are you running in SLI?
  9. gamesyns

    Still Getting CTD with P3D 4.2 Update

    Please report any crashes here, as it will give us the information we need.
  10. Please report crashes to here:
  11. gamesyns

    Still Getting CTD with P3D 4.2 Update

    We're looking into it, the best thing we can get is the crash logs. This lets us get some idea where it is happening.
  12. gamesyns

    FD color too dark

  13. gamesyns

    displays black and switch no reaction

    Did you delete the 717 from your simobjects folder before reinstalling?
  14. gamesyns

    EFB and PFD

    Are you a member of the COB?
  15. gamesyns

    Problem with new release

    What graphics card are you using? What sim are you running? Do the cockpit switches move?