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  1. Displays going black during flight

    We haven't ruled out anything. But based on our troubleshooting and the reports, it generally sounds like something within the core code is causing this to happen. We're going to keep looking into why this is happening and why it seems so much more common with our aircraft, believe us, we're equally as frustrated by this. We want to get v1.1 out, but we're not going to release it to the general public with this bug in it.
  2. Updater painfully slow

    Is it during install or download?
  3. Displays going black during flight

    The forum post is in a hidden developer forum on the LM forums. I could link it for you, but you wouldn't have access to that section of the forums.
  4. Switch view Crash

    This is supposedly an issue with the Prepar3D base code, it is apparently going to be fixed in the next major update to Prepar3D.
  5. Community Support Only (READ HERE)

    This is a community support forum, meaning you can discuss performance optimization tips and tricks. If you are experiencing heavy performance issues and wish to have a development team response, please submit a complete performance report from here:
  6. Heavy on FPS -p3dv4.1

    Please make a post here: so we can get more information:
  7. Try running this and clicking uninstall and downloading the latest version of the addon manager.
  8. What is the path that pops up when it says network path not found?
  9. Fan blade textures (or animation)

    Please make sure you post these here: Posting it there will be a better place in the long run.
  10. Fan blade textures (or animation)

    We do plan to update the animation for the fan blades. As for air stairs, it’s actually not something we’re looking at since they never were ordered by airlines. It was order on a select number of aircraft, but removed due to unnecessary weight it added to the aircraft and decreased it’s range. So this has made getting documentation for it very difficult.
  11. Latest Update will not run

    What happens when you try to uninstall it and reinstall it?
  12. True glass

    It won't be coming to FSX, this requires technology only found in P3Dv4 at the moment.
  13. FPS P3Dv4

    Do you have hardware rendering enabled or disabled?
  14. VC panels disappear

    @turbofandude any news?
  15. Is there a hidden FO somewhere? ;-)