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  1. Sounds like dynamic lighting is the issue. Unfortunately, LM didn't optimize this new tech to handle the different AA methods properly, so this is likely the cause of the performance issues for you.
  2. Flightplan disappears and weird VOR tuning

  3. Wingflex and Engine blades

    Soon™ we want to get it all done properly beforehand.
  4. Wingflex and Engine blades

  5. Reflection on windscreens

    This has been this way since the original version of the aircraft.
  6. Flightplan disappears and weird VOR tuning

    Are you able to recreate this?
  7. Complete Systems Shutdown Mid-Flight - VATSIM

    Add-on aircraft are not supposed to be used as AI traffic, since some of these load custom scripts for them. As noted earlier in this thread, some carenado aircraft will set the mixture axis to something below 100% which will cause engine shutdown.
  8. Screen exited full screen for a second

    I've never heard of that before, could just be a coincidence.
  9. Wingflex and Engine blades

    Yes, most of them will IIRC.
  10. Windows Installer Error

    @turbofandude seen anything like this before?
  11. TOD Calc not very accurate

  12. Wingflex and Engine blades

    We are working on a large external model update coming with version 1.1
  13. Windows Installer Error

    I take it your not in Safe Mode, correct? Do you have the addon manager running as admin?
  14. Problems with fmc.

    Hey Guys, can you provide us your full flight info? Sid, route, star, CI, weight, weather, cruising alt, etc? @Joshua Che.
  15. Question on plane presets

    It is a reset, loading a panel state (which includes dropping all old fmc data and loading in the default fmc data).
  16. Complete Systems Shutdown Mid-Flight - VATSIM

    Sounds like something is being assigned to the mixture axis or is modifying the mixture axis. Make sure it is unassigned in the sim/FSUIPC and that you do not have any other add-on aircraft being used as traffic models.
  17. Are you on P3Dv4?
  18. Windows Installer Error

    Can you give us the specific error details?
  19. Another Tablet Clickspot Woes Thread

  20. Buffer overflow

  21. FMS and routes

    Not at all, just making sure I wasn't chasing bugs in the wrong version of the plane. @turbofandude @Joshua Che. In the meantime, can you provide full route info (SID, STAR, etc.), weight, weather, cost index, cruise altitude, etc.
  22. FMS and routes

    Are you in the Community Opt-In Beta?