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  1. Shared Cockpit - still buggy

  2. Wrong fonts in displays

    Go to C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\TFDi Design Addon Manager\Downloads\13 and open the and install all the fonts manually and see if it fixes the issue.
  3. Shared Cockpit - still buggy

    Are you able to reliably recreate this issue?
  4. Aligning IRS without airport codes

    Please provide said documentation and @turbofandude will take a look
  5. Hello Everyone! We published a new article addressing the silence from the development team and letting you know about the road ahead. The article can be read here: Cheers!
  6. Only the XML format
  7. addon manager not opening

    Is it displayed on the task manager?
  8. how to add liveires

  9. To import a flight plan, place the exported flight plan from simbrief or any other co route exporter into that folder. When you enter the Airports, it should show your Co Route.
  10. Currently implemented, the folder location will change to the windows documents folder, but is currently located in the airplane, documents folder. You can export your flight plan by going to Menu on the CDU -> MAINT -> Enter name for flight in scratch pad -> SAVE FPLN AS CO RTE
  11. about seating Hold but

    Holding is not quite done yet; it was accidentally released in a very unpolished/unfinished form.
  12. DME calculation seems to be wrong

  13. External light switching

    Can you provide some documentation on this?
  14. Stutters are back.

  15. Flight Manual

    Hit Z? Autopilot Disco is not connected to ATR.
  16. Some errors...

    What CPU and what graphics card?
  17. GoFlight Compatibility?

    We received an MCP from GoFlight and will be working with their developer SDK to add native support for it.
  18. Very poor performance. Single digit FPS

    We used a more robust and modern rendering technology to allow expansion and better performance in the newer simulators. The unfortunate drawback is that it requires a little more horsepower to see the improved performance. If you don't have the required power, you will instead see lower frame rates than other aircraft. Regardless, I'm not quite sure how you can have steady 30 FPS with any addon aircraft that uses any gauges since your hardware isn't on the high-end side of things.
  19. Cold and Dark Gnd Pwr Gen switches in On position

    @turbofandude Looks like you missed a few
  20. Error while updateing

    You will need to run this instead of the addon manager:
  21. Error while updateing

    Okay, try this, open up the Start Menu, type TFDi Design Addon Manager Update Tool and run that.
  22. Error while updateing

    Go to %localappdata%\TFDi Design Addon Manager\downloads and delete the 13 folder in there.
  23. Accel height