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  1. Adding or changing aircraft types

  2. GoFlight Compatibility?

    It hasn't been a priority, but it's on our list.
  3. MCDU CLR Button Causing CTD

    User sent email:
  4. Wrong fonts in displays

    Try deleting the ZIP folder and opening the addon manager, this will redownload the fonts zip and you can retry installing that font.
  5. FMS Texture changed color during flight

    This is a known issue with P3Dv4, happens with other aircraft as well, we're working with Lockheed to hopefully fix it.
  6. New Video Tutorials Request

    We're working on a whole new set of documentation, be on the look out.
  7. Is TOD a little wonky?

    If this issue is still happening, please submit a bug report here:
  8. That is a display only item and cannot be changed.
  9. How to know track angle of a leg in the F-PLN.

    @turbofandudeWhat would the proper format for this?
  10. Test and adjustment

    Do you have Reshade installed? Try disabling it.
  11. Wrong fonts in displays

    You just need to extract the fonts from the font zip folder. Select all of them and right-click, and select install.
  12. P3D V4 Installation

    You must sign up for the Community Opt-In Beta:
  13. Buying 717 question.

    Yes, that would be the proper procedure.
  14. Brake Overheat

    In response to that, not brake overheat.
  15. Today we released an update that officially allows you guys to start trying out TrueGlass as well as some new features and quite a few fixes. As of now, TrueGlass supports rain and fog, but icing will be included soon. With each update, we are getting closer and closer to a long-term version. We have a few items we need to finish before we are ready to put it into its long-term phase. These things include but are not limited to HOLDs, ALTN FPLN, Paint Kit, and an External Model update. These are all features that will be in the 1.1 version of the aircraft, which is going to be our final feature update for the foreseeable future. Once we reach version 1.1, our focus will be shifted from the 717 to the future of TFDi and what it may bring. We have nothing to announce now, so don't ask. With that version, minor reports of little importance will likely not be addressed. Updates from this point out for this product will probably only include fixes to crashes and significant issues.
  16. Brake Overheat

    Distance to Go
  17. Display Frame Rate

    Try Hardware Rendering in the Addon Manager.
  18. Blurry Cockpit Textures in P3D

  19. Pictures of your TFDi 717?

    We have an awesome thread going on here:
  20. Watching Youtube on IPAD?

    Not at this time
  21. MCDU distance to next waypoint

    It should be listed on the PROG page.
  22. Brake Overheat

    Brakes will cool down over time, you can also load up into a different state using the tablet. It should change to DTG once in the air.
  23. How can I fix this?

    Try disabling Reshade
  24. FSL Spotlights - TRAIL lower left corner

    We do not use FSL Spotlights, maybe this is reshade?
  25. Feedback

    Please post feedback in this thread