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  1. Significant FPS loss

    Try turning off landing lights if DL is enabled.
  2. TFDi Design 717: Introducing RealLight

    i've looked at them both and fsl spotlights are quite good with full color range and user configurable light source placement and vectoring. reallights are as you said, pre-baked texture set so i can edit the .bmp to adjust color and brightness. kinda like the evolution of mv vc night lighting. looks fine and glad you guys found a solution for p3dv4.
  3. TFDi Design 717: Introducing RealLight

    fsl spotlights look as good as the real lights.
  4. New lights - Awesome!

    p3dv4 vc night lighting is excellent.
  5. you cannot do anything about the color banding. tfdi would need to change the lighting scheme.
  6. 717_int_glass.dds

    Version 1.0.0


    VC Glass Reflection Mod Glass reflection texture modified to remove the seriously large knobs depicted in the original. Place 717_int_glass.dds in the 717's /Texture folder replacing the original (back up original first).
  7. TERRAIN radar on

    hdg west from kden.
  8. TERRAIN radar on

    wxr and terrain displays working. good job.
  9. old fix request, if not already on your to do list: 1) ext mdl pilot size too large 2) turbine animation should transition to blur at speed.
  10. Night Lighting

    Main panel floods look ok, gauge back lights improved in dusk/dawn. Just the oh floods look bad as color banding is sooo obvious on white surfaces. Too much light on the seats and pedestal. But I think I can remedy that.
  11. vc dawn/dusk lighting fix

    ok, sure, as long as the gauge backlight knob is still separate from the flood light knob, one can elect to use the fsl floodlights or your solution in the future.
  12. vc dawn/dusk lighting fix

    Ideally, tfdi will license the technology so no cost to users. Perhaps doing the vc lighting right will quell calls for refund and other complaints...
  13. Bobblehead Pilots

    agree. as for other items i listed here, any feedback from the dev? http://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/bugsandsuggestions/717/external-model-fix-list-r161/ or am i just wasting my time?
  14. vc dawn/dusk lighting fix

    i'm using the fsl demo version on the pmdg744v3 around athens and get 30 locked at 30 with the spotlights on (all 20 of them).