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  1. I just tried it with EZDock V2.6.0.32 (latest beta) installed. No CTD. I changed views many times randomly over a 1 hour duration. Regards
  2. Hi guys I do not use Chaseplane. I have: Win 8.1 Latest 717 beta ASP4 latest (15 Mar 2018) No CTD. Many, many view changes and stable. Hope this is helpful Regards
  3. wx radar

    Hi Just to let you know there is a new ASP4 Open Beta 030818 available (released 08/03/18) Here Changelog: Update 030818 ⦁ Added additional option: Cloud motion effect offset – which allows user control of cloud motion logitudinal (z) axis spawn location, to move effect further forward if desired (can be helpful for improved effect depending on aircraft size and other variables). Higher setting moves spawn point further forward. Requires P3D 4.2+. Will not work on P3D 4.0 or 4.1. ⦁ Fixed problem related to custom renamed wx files and lower case extension (“.wx”) preventing loading of such wx files ⦁ Added additional configuration information in LOG EXPORT function to help with support issues/troubleshooting Update 022818 ⦁ Fixed issue related to radar/data communications (with problematic detail map range) with P3D 4.1 Update 022618 ⦁ Fixed issue related to wx download issue and subsequent failure of wx update on some systems Update 021518 ⦁ Fixed issue with P3D Volumetric Fog OFF where low surface vis conditions might persist to aloft altitudes without clearing appropriately
  4. Is the 717 P3D4.2 compatible?

    Hi Newtie You need to join the beta . How do I join the Community Opt-In Beta? A: If you wish to test development builds, go to the Client Area and select the 717 from your product list. Click on the Addons tab on the left sidebar of the page, click on "Click here to view & order", and select TFDi Design 717 Community Opt-In Beta (we suggest that you select the PayPal payment option, it will skip payment information since it is free). Ensure that your simulator is closed, then open the Addon Manager and you should receive the latest beta build. Hope this helps. Regards Asid
  5. I am addicited to COB

    Funkyj4ever is waiting for the next update
  6. This was well deserved. I have used the support on occasion and found it excellent. Many other companies could learn from this. Thank you TFDI Design Team
  7. The results are in! Over 1,100 people participated in selecting the winners. Whether it was for best aircraft, best support from a developer or simply being the best YouTuber – each award given to those who won should be recognised as a real influence on the industry. BEST SUPPORT FROM A DEVELOPER – TFDi Design Nominees • Aerosoft • FSLabs • FlyTampa • FSFX Packages • Majestic • Orbx • PMDG • TFDi Design Full results
  8. Is the 717 P3D4.2 compatible?

    Working in (13 January 2018 - Community Opt-in Beta Release) Using FSUIPC: 5.121C ASP4 with beta patch
  9. Below is a list of some suggestions I thought about. Tablet: Integration of a basic "Push-Back" system In the connection option have an indication of ping for other players. Maybe a strength indicator? In the shared-cockpit option. Maybe have a "chat" function. Shared-Cockpit: Add an avatar for the human sitting in the other position. So when you look there is an avatar there representing a person in that position. Auto-reconnect when a person drops from a session. An indicator on screen. Something small which can show if you are connected. You might miss the scrolling message and maybe do not wish to keep looking in the tablet. Keep up the great work devs. It is appreciated. Regards
  10. 1.1 update this year?

    To all Our community is for mature people. Our motto is "Friendship and Respect" We have a dedicated TeamSpeak channel for voice chat as well. Regards
  11. 1.1 update this year?

    To all Here is the TFDI specific section I am creating Dogs Of War Vu. TFDI B717 forum Regards
  12. 1.1 update this year?

    Hi Red Had it for a while. Great devs. We do Shared-Cockpit a few times a week. Regards
  13. 1.1 update this year?

    Hi Funkyjeever See this post by Colin TFDi Design 717: Approaching 1.1 He said "Very soon"..Without the "TM" . Maybe before this Christmas Regards Shared-Cockpit for TFDI B717 @