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  1. Below is a list of some suggestions I thought about. Tablet: Integration of a basic "Push-Back" system In the connection option have an indication of ping for other players. Maybe a strength indicator? In the shared-cockpit option. Maybe have a "chat" function. Shared-Cockpit: Add an avatar for the human sitting in the other position. So when you look there is an avatar there representing a person in that position. Auto-reconnect when a person drops from a session. An indicator on screen. Something small which can show if you are connected. You might miss the scrolling message and maybe do not wish to keep looking in the tablet. Keep up the great work devs. It is appreciated. Regards
  2. 1.1 update this year?

    To all Our community is for mature people. Our motto is "Friendship and Respect" We have a dedicated TeamSpeak channel for voice chat as well. Regards
  3. 1.1 update this year?

    To all Here is the TFDI specific section I am creating Dogs Of War Vu. TFDI B717 forum Regards
  4. 1.1 update this year?

    Hi Red Had it for a while. Great devs. We do Shared-Cockpit a few times a week. Regards
  5. 1.1 update this year?

    Hi Funkyjeever See this post by Colin TFDi Design 717: Approaching 1.1 He said "Very soon"..Without the "TM" . Maybe before this Christmas Regards Shared-Cockpit for TFDI B717 @