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  1. Displays going black during flight

    I am really disappointed by your response. I was hoping you would invest the time and energy into looking for a solution - not trying to prove yourself right. Not sure if you can see it clearly, but the people who posted on this thread are desperate to use your product - that's a compliment. You should be proud of what you have accomplished. But this nasty little bug is now preventing them from doing that - and they are turning to you for help. Why not help them? Instead you have decided to take a different approach - you have either blamed someone else, gone silent, or in my case...shamed me. How about a little empathy for your customers? We all spent our hard earned money on your product - which we cant use out of no fault of our own - doesn't that count for something? Its really strange to me how little you care. The overall consensus on this thread is to bench the product until there is a fix. If that never happens, your product will never be used again. Thats not a good thing for someone who relies on sales as their business model - what do you think the chances are that any of us buy another TFDI product after this experience? Look.....we just want to use what we paid for. If in fact that's not possible, tell us - admit you cant fix it - but make the situation right. Customer service is an important part of the sales process - the people on this thread dont seem to happy with their experience thus far. Why not take the high road - instead of shaming me, tell me that I matter. Make me whole! The customer is always right. Make me feel that way.
  2. Displays going black during flight

    The only issue relating to black screens on their forum dealt with an activation problem. Not quite the same issue......but good try deflecting. Time to get serious and start looking for an answer.
  3. Displays go black

    It’s very frustrating that with the number of complaints TFDi has received on this issue that you have yet to do something to address it. Collin.....you keep saying it’s a LM problem and that it appears on other aircraft as well. But no one has reported this issue on any other addon....nor can you provide conclusive evidence of it either. Additionally, everyone with the problem can point to a specific point in time when it started to occur.....after a recent update. At what point do you accept responsibility for the issue and actually begin to troubleshoot it? You guys have done a marvelous job with the aircraft to date....but your failure to address this problem is very disappointing. It’s a deal breaker if you ask me. And I’m sure if you were experiencing the problem too, you would feel the same exact way we do. I’m not happy........and I expect results. I just hope you guys figure this out. I’d hate for your company to be tarnished over something I know you can easily fix if you invest the time and resources. ZK
  4. Displays going black during flight

    I never had this problem until last week. Now every time I load up my TFDI 717, i run into it.....and its killing me! Like everyone else, it usually happens 30+ minutes into the flight; its specific ONLY to the tfdi 717; and its always the same 4 displays that blank out. My rig is relatively new (I am running an Origin PC with an intel i7-8700 overclocked to 4.3 GHz, 32GB of ram and an NVIDIA 1080ti GPU) so I know its not a performance issue. And with the exception of this forum, I cant find any information on the internet to help problem solve. So I am looking to you guys for a fix. I realize you cant replicate the issue on your end - so I am happy to invite you over to my home to experience it first hand - and I am happy to pay for the flight to come visit. Just let me know when! You guys need to get this sorted! I love your 717 but its not flyable with this gremlin....and it would be such a shame to shelf the addon because you guys dont want to do the homework required to find a solution. We NEED your help!!!! Pleeeeeaaaassee help us!
  5. Panel Lighting Not Working When Flying Into Dusk

    unfortunately this is a short coming to their night lighting engine. It was addressed in another post (see below). Devs are looking into a fix. http://forums.tfdidesign.com/index.php?/topic/468-cockpit-at-dusk-and-dawn/&do=findComment&comment=2162
  6. Autothrottle Disconnect?

    @Sandman i had a feeling that would do it. Thanks for the quick reply. Loving my TFDi 717....but then again, who wouldn't?
  7. Autothrottle Disconnect?

    Remind me....how do I disconnect the ATS (autothrottle) system?
  8. Engine spool up on taxi

    Dumb question......I am having trouble regulating throttles/power during taxi. the slightest touch of the throttle causes the engines to spool up past 40% N1. They eventually drop back down to where my throttles are set (usually around 24% N1), but it makes for a wild ride. Can't seem to regulate it for a smooth transition. Can anyone opine?
  9. 717 acting odd

    Use the tablet in the VC to reset the aircraft.....put it into cold and dark. Tablets are stored just to the left of the yoke where the yoke meets the cockpit floor. There is a small side pocket with a click spot.