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  1. ICAO not recognised

    Is there a way of adding ICAO's or airports to Smartcars please? Happy New Year to all. Cheers
  2. Landing Rates

    Thank you so much for the speedy response, much appreciated. So I take it that it is not a "score" as such just an indication of how forcefully one is "slamming" the undercarriage into the ground. I found the "minus" sign before the figures a tad confusing. Maybe a short paragraph on the subject in the next release manual. Thankyou again. Cheers Dan
  3. Landing Rates

    I searched manual but could not find definition. What is this "-fpm" please? Is it some sort of score, If so, what "score" is considered a perfect landing, what "score" is considered a safe landing. If it is not a "score" then the query remains...what is it please? Thanking you all in advance and season's greetings. Dan