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  1. Ahh right, yes I see your logic now. OK that makes sense, I’m sold! 😉
  2. Thanks dimkzr, Good information. In the actual aircraft, I believe that there should be an announcement when approaching the transition level/altitude. It's not modelled in the TFDi I don't think, but the idea behind it is to remind the pilot to change to STD or vice versa. This all makes sense and what I would expect, logically, a little like the 737 starts to flash away in yellow to remind you of the same. This is obviously the reason for having them in the FMC in the first place, but as you've pointed out, they're variable (transition level is anyway), so I'd assume not capable of being held in a database, except maybe for a placeholder or perhaps if they can put some logic in regarding the pressure bands as well then maybe, but either way it should be capable of correction otherwise there's the potential for misinformation to creep in and before you know it the pilots don't have a firm grasp of their actual altitude. I wouldn't even currently say they're for information, because they're wrong. They're more of a distraction. (Fake news! ) I can't imagine a situation in this day and age where manufactures would purposely design a system where the outcome could so easily be that the pilots are not aware of their actual altitude because they haven't switch to STD or local at the correct time. It has air crash investigators written all over it lol.
  3. Hi, OK thanks for the confirmation, yup certainly is hard to find info on the 717. I know a couple of active commercial pilots here in the UK, but neither fly this airframe... If I ever come across anything I'll let you know. My personal opinion is, at least for the Transition Level, it would have to be editable, it's hardly ever standard on the approach plates and always assigned by ATC, therefore you'd have thought an unknown like this would have to be configurable... Otherwise they might as well have omitted it from the system as it serves no purpose..... Thanks for the reply, Cheers, Mark.
  4. Hi all, Happy new year!! Just thought I'd give this a bit of a bump. Also, clean up the actual issue, as I've complicated things by trying to include too much information and my own guesses. Please disregard my AIRAC comments etc. The actual problem is this, you can't amend either the transition level or transition altitude on the climb and descent pages respectively. They seem to have a standard figure in of 7000 (on both) but this can't be changed by simply enter a new figure and hitting the respective LSK. Effectively, the 717 is stuck with a default 7000 and I don't seem to be able to change it. I've noticed the value changes for different airports, it's 5000 for EGLL, but I still can't change them. Cheers, Mark.
  5. Performance

    Hi, Another three flights, four all together now, again with all add-ons except AS P3D and ASCA. No issues at all. It performs very well. 70 - 80 FPS at cruise altitude, 30-35FPS at Airports. I've tried each one with a different type of default weather to make sure it wasn't clouds, fog et cetera reacting with TrueGlass or something similar. It is starting to look like an incompatibility with AS and/or ASCA. Weather radar integration perhaps? Flight 1: EGPF - ENBR / 1 hour 30 mins / Fair weather / no issues Flight 2: ENBR - ENBO / 1 hour 35 mins / Thunderstorms / no issues (Apart from the normal wind shear nightmare that default P3D weather produces! ) Flight 3: ENBR - ESGG / 1 hour 14 mins / Heavy Snow / No issues Flight 4: ENBR - EGPF / 1 hour 30 mins / Fogged in / No Issues Cheers, Mark.
  6. Performance

    Performed first flight without AS P3D and ASCA, EGPF > ENBR, 1 hour 30 mins, no issues. Even let the AFS perform a full auto land, just because....... Weather set to P3D's 'Fair weather.' All other add-ons still used. Try again in the morning with P3D stormy conditions this time.
  7. Performance

    I can't replicate it........ I've absolutely hammered it with weather changes and texture reloads, exactly the same as before, it just wouldn't do it.
  8. Hi Joshua, Yes, It's not in the AIRAC data, that was my mistake, not supplied from Navigraph anyway. You have to set it manually in both of those and it was just a co-incidence that is was correct as soon as I loaded them. The strange thing is though, that you have a TransitionAlt column in your Navigraph access database, as I mentioned above, perhaps this is your own doing through. Perhaps it's there to save any changes made to the transition altitude of an airport within the FMC. But for some reason it doesn't read this column, and it won't let me edit it in the FMC either. Cheers, Mark.
  9. Performance

    Hi Henry, OK, so it happened to me again, in the climb phase, it started to slowly grind to a halt. Here's some other interesting things I noticed. This time I changed plane, whilst it was stuck at 1FPS, to my Aerosoft DHC-6 (In mid air), and it instantly shot back up to 40FPS, meaning it defiantly looks like a process related to the 717 in particular rather than a general P3D one that's being fired. Secondly, and most interestingly, I looked at my AS P3D and the exact time it froze, AS P3D and ASCA decided to reload and change the theme. I have it set to dynamic, so this happens frequently. I'll see if I can make it happen again by manually changing the theme whilst in flight. Cheers, Mark.
  10. Hi Joshua, I had another chat with Navigraph, about something different, and they informed me that they do not include transition altitudes as part of their data. Confusing........ If I look in an access database under C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\TFDi_Design_717\Data called navigationdata.mdb, it's in the Airports table under the TransitionAlt column. But perhaps this is a private column that you guys have created and when I run an AIRAC update, it's updating other columns and tables but not this one? I mentioned this because it kind of makes my comment about the others being agreement a moot point, (Others are the charts themselves from Navigraph and PMDG). I think the problems still there obviously, I'm assuming it's supposed to pull this column regardless, or I'm supposed to be able to change it in the FMC, but sorry the Navigraph data part might be a red herring!! Cheers, Mark.
  11. Hi Joshua, Yes it does, it shows as the latest. 07DEC-03JAN / NAV1713 Thanks, Mark.
  12. Performance

    Hi, Since it did it to me this morning, I did some testing whilst it was actually happening. Here's what I tried: Quitting all of my add-ons one by one. This had no effect. (This includes, Active Sky P3D, ASCA, EZCA, TrueGlass, My VA tracker, Navigraph Simlink, Joy2Key, Trackhat, Pro-ATC X) Shutting the 717 down again manually to cold and dark, system by system. This had no affect. (I'd only got as far as running on the APU and setting the FMC up anyway.) Changing a scenery setting to force a reload. No effect. Turned off Dynamic lighting and HDR. No Effect. Changed views. No effect. Watched the P3D process with a process viewer. It was hardly doing anything in terms of accessing files etc. Finally I saved the flight whilst it was slow, quit P3D and loaded the flight and it was fine. What ever it was, didn't save as part of the config. After this, I started a new flight, same add-ons, locations, weather etc, and I've let it sit there for 6 hours. I've repeated what I did this morning, I've basically just let it stew, poked it, tried to break it and annoy it, and it's been absolutely flawless again. F.Y.I. The entire time, Active sky has been running in the background. The worst kind of fault to find, one you can't replicate............
  13. Hi, After I've created the route in the FMC, In this case EGPF > ENBR, departing from RW23 SID PTH4A, when I look at the PERF page, I can see the transition altitude is 7000 and it should be 6000 for this airport. I have updated all of my add-ons with Navigraph and they're all in agreement except the 717. I've looked at what is listed as the transition height for EGPF in the 717's Navigraph access database and it's actually listed correctly as 6000 in there as well. So two points of interest: A: It's not pulling through the correct transition altitudes for airports based on it's own AIRAC database B: I can't edit it in the FMC either, if I type 6000 and hit LSK6 it does nothing at all. (I know this one could be by design and you haven't got round to it yet.) If this is a genuine bug, shall I raise it in the bug page? Thanks, Mark.
  14. Performance

    Here's the difference I can see so far. On a good flight with the 717, my GPU sits at 60% CPU usage and my i7-7700K sits at 54% average. (Core 0 takes a beating at 90% but the rest hover around 30%ish) Once it starts to freeze and jam up, my i7-7700K CPU is 100% maxed on every core, literally screaming, but my GPU CPU usage has dropped right down to 25%. It's as if it's stopped using the GPU for something and smashed the CPU with it instead. OR, it could be because the frames are so low due to the 100% CPU usage, it just can't pass information to the GPU quick enough and the low usage is just a consequence of this. Either way, it looks like something has triggered a process off within the 717 which is absolutely hammering every core of the CPU. Hope this helps.
  15. Performance

    Hi, Ha, it's just done it to me! Just sitting on the tarmac, stand 1 at EGPH, initially at 30 FPS (See my other posts for my experience so far and what I run etc, it has been excellent.) programming the FMC, When I suddenly noticed it was a bit laggy when I moved my head, and it's suddenly dropped to between 1 - 5 FPS. Last night I did a two hour flight down the length of Norway (With Orbx Norway) and it was absolutely flawless!!!! First time I've experienced the lag everyone else is talking about. It happened around the time I hit the STAR LSK for my destination airport, ENBR, but I don't think it was that which caused it.