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  1. wx radar

    This might be a good opportunity to breifly explain our options.
  2. Some performance measurements

    I do these sorts of comparisons myself and encourage them! A couple of remarks for your consideration: When I want to compare one aircraft with another, to level the playing field I try to minimize external interactions which may skew the results. I do this by turning off AI, weather - I use clear skies, and usually start my flight at JON (Johnston Atoll), which is a minimal airstrip on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific. There's almost nothing - scenery, vectors, traffic etc. that can interfere with a head-to-head aircraft comparison. One idiosyncrasy in your test result: When you're running with no limits (vsync, FPS unlimited etc.) I would expect the simulator is going to run untethered and only be limited by either your main CPU thread or your GPU. One of those should be hitting 100%, establishing the upper limit of your your FPS. So when I read results like you're reporting for the NGX and A320 like " GPU load between 50-85%. CPU was between 65-80%" and "GPU load was below 70% for the whole test. CPU load stayed right around 67-70%", then at least on the surface, something is off. I'm not saying your tests are inaccurate or misleading, just that there appears to be some detail missing that might be enlightening. I may try these myself. Once you've established the limiting factor, you can potentially make changes to reduce the load on that component to increase your FPS.
  3. Latest version

  4. Lost mouse function after update

    Not so strange. Touch points are obstructed if your eye point is behind a surface such as the seat back or a wall. The seat fabric (for instance) is transparent from behind, so you csn see the VC, but all you can 'touch' is the back of the seat. It's been like that as long as I've been using FSX.
  5. Fogging Oddities

    Good stuff Collin! Look forward to giving it a spin.
  6. Are you using an Affinity masK? If not, try this - just add these two lines to the top of your Prepar3D.cfg file: [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=245 //11 11 01 01 This will keep P3D from running on a couple of processor threads. If it helps, you can stop there or it provides some confirmation that another process is interfering with P3D and give you some confidence that it's worth the effort of trying to figure out the cause. You can try other affinity masks such as 252 or 254, but I think 245 is the most popular setting. These assume Hyper Threading (HT) is enabled in your BIOS (which it would be by default). Have a look at these also to streamline your system: https://www.techrepublic.com/blog/10-things/10-plus-windows-7-services-you-may-not-need/ https://www.pcmag.com/feature/251692/12-tips-to-speed-up-windows-7/7
  7. How to Disable TruGlass?

    Very odd. In the tests I did over a 60 second period, FRAPS reported min. FPS during the test period no more than a couple of frames below the average. Min and max range was remarkably close. I'm not saying you're not having difficulties or even that what you're seeing isn't linked to Trueglass, but I am suggesting that there's probably something else running on your system that's interfering with your simming pleasure because on it's own, Trueglass appears very light weight. As an example, I had a periodic stutter occurring ever 10 seconds on my system at one point. Turned out to be Windows was updating my desktop wallpaper image (even though my sim was full screen and the desktop was totally hidden). Drove me crazy and was a bear to find, but when I turned off the wallpaper slide show, stutter solved. The most recent Windows 10 home update I received changed my lock screen background from a fixed picture, to a Bing slideshow. Just sayin' . You never know!
  8. How to Disable TruGlass?

    Follow-up: I was curious and couldn't wait for the OP to report, so I did this test myself. In two otherwise identical test scenarios (B717 ready for takeoff on the tarmac of a quiet airport, 4K monitor) using FRAPS to report the average FPS. In the VC, I was experiencing: with TrueGlass.dll - Clear Skies: 59.004 Gray and Rainy: 47.900 without TrueGlass.dll - Clear Skies: 59.400 Gray and Rainy: 48.167 Not too bad!
  9. How to Disable TruGlass?

    Please report back how many FPS you gained back by disabling Trueglass. I'm betting it's negligible but if it's significant, it's worth knowing about.
  10. Masive Frame Drop After Update P3Dv4

    Hi Greg, have you monitored you GPU for usage and memory consumption ? Your 770 is pretty underpowered for the total load you're putting on it and if you're maxing out that card somewhere, your frame rates are going to plummet. Just a thought.
  11. Fogging Oddities

    More experimenting... I sat on the tarmac in a cold and dark state in the rain (gray and rainy P3D weather theme) 1) The three rearward windows on each side fog up more quickly than the three forward windows. 2) When I hit selected 'ready for takeoff' from the tablet, the three forward windows cleared extremely quickly (like in about one second), but the three on either side stayed fully fogged. - Apparently due to the anti-ice switch being activated with 'ready for takeoff'. 3) In 'ready for takeoff'' state, I continued to sit and let the windows all fog up again. Turning on the anti-fog switch resulted in the five forward most windows to defog at a nice slow and consistent rate. The rearmost windows (back and upper) on each side never cleared. Finally, I am getting some CTD (hangs at 100% load progress, no error logs) when I load the 717 with 'Gray and Rainy' weather already set. I can load without rain, then set the weather without issue. Seems to be location/scenery dependent, as I crashed three times in a row at KSFO (with airport scenery and photoscenery) but no problem at KMIA with default (UTX USA was active at all times, default aircraft setting is F-22, ready for take off).
  12. Fogging Oddities

    My first flight with TrueGlass and i noticed a couple of oddities with Fogging (see photo): 1) Not sure how your fog/defog algorithm works, but assuming the 'whiteout' I'm seeing on the rear and upper VC windows is the fog effect, I'm not sure why only these two windows were affected, and why so much in comparison to the rest of the VC windows (which were clear). I had the anti-fog switch off for the flight but noticed what appeared to be fog developing on these windows when I landed, so I switched on the anti-fog switch. After several minutes, it failed to clear these (they actually got more foggy). 2) The sun shade appears to be inappropriately affected by the fog effect. Of course, this could be user error or expected behaviour.
  13. Nice Flight Today

    Since people are generally posting about issues and problems, I thought I'd post a positive today: I had perfect flight today from San Francisco KSFO to Toronto CYYZ (a 4.5 hour flight that was almost the limit of the 717's range)! It was pretty much 'by the book' from a cold and dark start at the gate, full flight plan with SID that I manually entered (I got it from Flight Aware). About 1 hour out of Toronto, I got the latest weather and added the STAR and runway selection and did a full ILS autoland at CYYZ, after dark. I am running the latest beta on P3D v4.1, AS weather, UTX USA and Canada and default AI at 50%. Every aspect of the add-on appeared to work perfectly today. Bravo gents! Looking forward to the next increment. Don't break it!! LOL
  14. Very jumpy FPS with 717

    Three things come to mind: 1) ensure all required and compatible libraries and drivers are installed 2) upgrade your hardware 3) turn down your settings