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  1. HW Rendering?

    I recently opted in to the beta and did a completely fresh install of the Add-on Manager and 717 into P3D v4 after a lengthy hiatus. Is the Hardware Rendering option still available? If so, where is it lurking? I could not find it when configuring the aircraft. Thanks!
  2. I'm glad I asked about HW rendering. Appears there's more than a few of us who are incompetent. 😂 I also have a 1080ti and experiencd very nice performance with it set. I also have not (so far with only limited testing) been unable to reproduce a crash on view switch.
  3. 717 Throttles stopped responding

    I was simply cruising on AP without a flight plan. I inspected the sim's Fuel and Payload menu (no changes made). When I closed it, the engines immediately started spoiling down. The FADEC technique saved the flight. Subsequent attempts to reproduce the problem didn't result in a failure.
  4. HW Rendering?

    Doh... I didn't notice the scroll bar so I missed the additional options that were off screen- including the Hardware rendering option. LOL. All set now. Thanks.
  5. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Hey Collin, did you ever get any feedback on this request? I just fot a new hot Windows 10 machine with v4 installed and finally opted in to the v4 beta program a couple of days ago. In had my first CTD on view switch with no logs yesterday. It was a relatively short flight and no major add-ons running (just some AI and bits of various scenery). I can run some tests with dlls disabled if you need more data. Brian A.
  6. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Are you guys using HDR lighting enabled? Probably unrelated, but switching views with HDR ON has been crashing my GPU. Just a suggestion for a quick test since this issue is pesky.
  7. v1.0.8.0 Install

    I believe in the add-on manager refers to the Add-on Manager version itself, not the aircraft version. To check the 717 aircraft version, turn on the FMC and the first page will show the current version.
  8. Night Lighting Changes

    IMHO, you've got to address the lack of VC lighting for dawn/dusk situation. If that means some blotchy panels, so be it. It's not that bad.
  9. CTD

    Having the latest is not the same as having dx10 June 2010. You should specifically install that library. It's fine to have multiple versions of DirectX installed.
  10. @foobar - If this were true, I expect we'd all be seeing issues and I for one (W7, P3D V3.4.9, i5-3570@4.3, GTX980, 4K) am experiencing smooth FPS and good performance (by comparison, a little better FPS and VAS than NGX). Further, H/W rendering works very well on my system because I've tailored my setup to keep my GPU well below 100% utilization. There are a huge number of variables (OS, H/W, sim version, add-ons, settings....) to contend with so these types of issues are virtually inevitable for any developer who tries to push the design envelope even a bit. I feel for those struggling with this A/C, but I don't blame TFDi to pushing out the product prematurely. It's simply impossible to test for every permutation and combination that will be encountered upon release. EDIT: I suggest an experiment which may help get a handle on this issue: Set up a monitor for your GPU (NI or Process Exporer have this capability) and configure your settings (turn off SGSS filtering in your NI profile, turn down graphics rendering options..) to ensure your GPU utilization has lots of headroom (say 30% or 40%) and is relatively consistent. Then turn on the 717 addon manager hardware rendering option (for my system, this increased my GPU utilization by about 13%.. from about 53% to 66%) and see how the 717 performs. Not a solution, but I am curious if offloading your CPU to a GPU with ample headroom makes a difference to those struggling.
  11. keep updated by Change Log

    The link doesn't seem to be working any more. (I check it routinely to see if there's been any updates before I run the Addon Manager.) Feel free to delete this post if/when you update the link. Cheers!
  12. Autothrottle Disconnect?

    +1 - Once engaged, I had a hell of a time getting it turned off. After landing, it drove me off the end of the runway and through downtown San Jose before it quit! LOL
  13. Can't Log In to Addon Manager

    Dead in the water - very frustrating that I can't even download the 717. Message says something about 'Invalid Credentials'. Already opened a ticket last night. While I'm waiting for some help, I thought I'd bitch about it here and ask if anyone else has got hung up at the gate like this. So many reporting how smoothly the Addon Manager works just adds to it!
  14. Can't Log In to Addon Manager

    Already tried that (twice). If there's a problem with the password 'content', I don't know what it is. EDIT... Third time's the charm. I avoided the used of '&' in my PW and it worked! Moving on...