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  1. add on liveries 717 tfdi

    Hi, roojer! You get the pad back by clicking the stand pocket:
  2. Passing LAROK the plane continued in NAV for an RNAV fix requiring a sharp turn left for final approach rwy 21. When the plane reached this waypoint, it could not make a turn and continued straight swinging left and right instead. I had to go to HDG mode and then use DIRECT to get back to the next flightplan waypoint and resume NAV.
  3. VC Side Windows Issue (P3Dv4)

    You are welcome, aksledhead. If you wait for some time after switching it on, it should also clear the other windows.
  4. VC Side Windows Issue (P3Dv4)

    Have you switched the windshield anti-fog/anti-ice system on?
  5. Displays going black during flight

    Collin, The approach you present makes me feel uncomfortable, and I guess I am not the only one here to feel so. I am a longtime regular user of many FS forums, including AVSIM and FSLabs and thorougly monitor what is going on there. Never have I seen any reference to this exact problem in any aircraft addon I know of. I spent a lof of time in the last days trying to find something. In relation to it, this (forgive me) looks not very serious: I am not a software developer and my knowledge about coding is nowhere near yours, but I have a mind I trust and many years of experience in using (all) MFS platforms in the history. As a beta tester I've seen various problems appearing, being dealt with and solved. Many of them were memory leaks - I personally discovered one in Aerosoft airbus some time ago. In the beginning nobody knew what it was (was it the sim itself?) and not all users were affected, but in the end it turned out to be connected with the product's custom view system. On another occassion, together with Kosta of FSLabs, we have traced a memory problem which for a long time affected some users and showed up in the course of the flight. It turned out to be connected to some options selected in the F/O's MCDU. Figure out! And these are only some of the things that come to my head. I am not saying the problem of displays timeout has nothing to do with P3Dv4 itself. If you say so, I have no reason not to believe you. But I wouldn't really like to repeat myself again as above Chris has covered it all up pretty well. So very shortly: I have this problem in EVERY FLIGHT and ONLY WITH THE 717. If you want me to believe that has nothing to do with your aircraft and comes only from the platform itself, my mind is going... As of now I stop using the 717, as not being able to make one whole flight (and I've tried eight times, every time in different flight situation, spending good 24 hours on it) makes it unusable. TFDi 717 is a lovely aircraft I so much wanted to love. I do believe you can overcome this problem that, for many, is a stopover in using the addon. All the best!
  6. ( Blue displays!

    No difference for me with Sorry to say.
  7. Displays going black during flight

    Henry, as I am not using QoTSII in P3D, I am not aware of the mentioned post. Could you link me to it? I tried to find it for a while but to no avail. Also, sorry for repeating myself but, if this is not TFDi's issue but LM's one, I still completely fail to understand why it never ever happened to me flying other complex aircraft for long hours in different scenarios, but is happening each time I try to fly the 717. Can you offer any logical answer to me? I would seriously be grateful for sheding some light on it. However, from your reply I can conclude there may be no change in this aspect in TFDi. So, not to extend this topic, I might switch into the ticket system to make it an individual matter.
  8. Displays going black during flight

    Today I have performed a flight between LFML and LIRN. In the (fortunately) last moments of my final approach, the four displays have gone off again. I managed to land a few seconds later. This time the displays were not completely black but represented some blurry textures (see the pic below). Can you maybe recognize what they are? Might it be a clue to what is happening here? From what I saw in different posts people get various forms of the 4 disappearing displays, including other colour variations or even blue screens. I am not an aircraft developer but I do have some beta testing experience and it looks to me like some kind of memory problem (memory leak?). It usually happens at around 1-2 hours from entering the cockpit. It looks like being triggered by something, like heavy clouds or complex scenery coming in sight (in this case it was the whole Naples area scenery around the plane). It happens in less than a second when passing some kind of (memory?) threshold. Interestingly the F/O's displays never go blank. Figure out why? And it doesn't look to me like LM's problem, at least not mainly, as I have countless hours in other very complex addon aircraft (e.g. FSL A320 or PMDG NGX) and scenery and still I never had any memory issues. I also have a rather capable system, as you can see in my signature. I am very disappointed and worried as I would love to love flying this piece of aviation software. Can some developers comment on this issue, e.g. if anything is currently being tracked and worked on? Otherwise I am sorry to say this will be an unusable plane for me, which would be a great pity. Thank you in advance!
  9. Displays going black during flight

    I am currently performing my very first flight with TFDi 717 (bought it last night): LICJ-LIMJ. Left four of the six displays have just gone black. I was doing nothing special at that moment. They show up correctly when selected as pop-ups. I hope I will finish the flight using this workaround. I am using Prepar3Dv4.1. I also use FSL A320, PMDG NGX, Majestic Q400 and some GA aircraft. I have never had disappearing displays before. What an awful feeling, I was so happy to buy this aircraft. I love the way it looks and sounds. I like its uniqueness so much. Is there any posible way around known to avoid this problem?
  10. Repaints request Post here please

    Excellent, Josh, thanks a million!
  11. Repaints request Post here please

    Hello, everyone! My name is Rafal and I am new in this forum. I hope the thread is still alive, as the last post looks like over 7 months old. I am surprised nobody requested the Boeing House Colours. Since there are now few real world 717 operators, it would be excellent to fly anywehre one wishes with the house livery. I am aware there is a blank livery available, which could serve the purpose, but you know, blank is just lifeless. So big thanks in advance to any talented artist who could paint the Boeing House Colours.