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  1. RealLight not working for me, too. 980ti.
  2. no TrueGlass

    I decided to update my client to 4.1 an voila, TrueGlass is up an running. But......if I disable and re-enable it via menue it crashes my whole computer!! I get a looping sound an have to power it down, not even the reset switch is working. What the hell is wrong with that bird? I can tell you that my machine runs rock solid otherwise. Reboot only every 6-8 weeks to install new Windows updates. Sadly that plane has to go to hangar until all those big problems got fixed.
  3. no TrueGlass

    Yep. Installer is running. To be sure I re-installed again, this time with AV turned off. It's to no avail. Trueglass still not showing up.
  4. no TrueGlass

    Did a complete uninstall/reinstall but that didn't help. Trueglass still not showing up in the addons menue nor is it working.
  5. no TrueGlass

    I do not even have the enable/disable option in the addons menue. The trueglass.dll though is in the gauges directory.
  6. no TrueGlass

    V to be exact I also got a Windows-Bluescreen yesterday. Never had that happen before with any other plane or software.
  7. no TrueGlass

    Same problem for me. I'm a new 717 user, maybe I'm doing something wrong?!