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  1. VOR tuning problem on arrival

    Great, will test it as soon as Addon Manager decides to offer me .23 update
  2. We already have decent B727 and MD-8X for both platforms. 767 and MD-1X are things of the past. And while a good A350 would be nice, I think that Embraer could be even better. It's a small regional jet with a glass cockpit - very similar to 717, so TFDi will be on familiar ground. The only other Embraer worth mentioning is from Wilco, and it's too basic and very outdated. So my vote is for Embraer. (On a second though, Bombardier would be nice, too, since it's not represented in P3D very well).
  3. Flickering Cockpit

  4. Airport filter

    You can show a notification when Addon Manager discovers a new "unmodified" database - provided that user has that "hide small airfields" checkbox ticked. Or just automatically rebuild it without asking (how long could it take anyway, a minute or two once per month?).
  5. Latest beta performance

    Instantly gained 8-10 fps by disabling TrueGlass. And by "disabling" I mean deleting \gauges\TrueGlass.dll, because simply turning it off from "add-ons" menu had no effect at all. Now 717 is almost as smooth as PMDG737. It still very fps-heavy, but now it at least feels smoother.
  6. Airport filter

    It can be a one-time procedure. Like starting Addon Manager and pressing "Hide small airfields" button to scan and modify the database files.
  7. Airport filter

    I think he was asking for a hard proof that it is indeed a FMS feature (which is not - it's a database feature, and databases differs from airline to airline). To be honest, I don't think this request is important. You begin to search for a nearest airfield only in case of an emergency, and TFDi 717 doesn't simulate failures. Maybe someday they could add some kind of checkbox to TFDi Addon Manager, to simply exclude all small airfields from displaying in sim.
  8. Airport filter

    Could it be that these small airports aren't just filtered, but weren't included in the database at all (per airline request)?
  9. Airport filter

    Nothing specific about software limitations in the official 717 FMS guide from Boeing. Only this part: My guess is that even if there is a software limitation, they will simply remove airports where this airline won't be flying for sure (e.g. Australia for US customers), and keep everything else. Not sure about TFDi, but with the real 717 you can check the length of any given runway from the FMC database, so you won't land where you aren't supposed to.
  10. Latest beta performance

    It's not just him. Me and some other folks around here are also experiencing less than stellar performance. And, at least in my case, it has nothing to do with "tweaks", addons and whatnots, since I'm able to run other aircrafts (PMDG, Aerosoft) with much higher P3D settings and better frames. I can recall only two planes with performance worse than 717: FSLabs320 (known for its poor optimization) and early Aerosoft CRJ releases (it was optimized later, and now runs silky smooth on my system). For me, 717 performance is not terrible (I can squeeze ~30 fps), but miles away from being great.
  11. tfdi 717 p3d v4

  12. running out of available memory

    @turbofandude thank you for this advice! +5-7 FPS boost for me after installing low-res textures. I think these options (2048, 1024, and "absolute low-res" mix of 1024 and 512 textures) should be included in TFDi configurator. About this "absolute low-res" mix... Look at the PMDG 737. There are a lot of terrible and blurry textures on a specific objects (like the circuit breakers panel) which are usually out of view. I think a lot of people with mid- and low-range hardware, like me, would gladly sacrifice eye-candy in favor of better performance.
  13. Low FPS in the cockpit, P3Dv4.1

    I was able to significantly (+5-7) increase FPS by installing low-res cockpit textures. What is better, it's hard to notice any visual difference on a common FullHD display. This plane is still the most demanding one in my fleet, but now it at least bearable. Thinking about replacing some of these textures with even lower resolution...
  14. running out of available memory

  15. VOR tuning problem on arrival

    Nope. It seems that they can't be used simultaneously at all. Loaded plane at ESGG. Both VOR and ILS frequencies are 100% correct and present in this scenery. First screenshot: manually tuned VOR R, everything is fine. Second screenshot: tuned ILS, and VOR R disappeared. Once I remove ILS, VOR R is reappearing. Same story with VOR L.