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  1. Switch view Crash

    Happened to me once with, after this I prefer to stay in the cockpit.
  2. Low FPS in the cockpit, P3Dv4.1

    I guess I should also jump on this "poor cockpit performance" bandwagon. My situation is not terrible, but the plane is barely usable. Even after dialing back my P3D settings, I'm getting somewhere around 25 fps in the cockpit, regardless of the scenery (be it at Heathrow or at some dirt strip in the middle of nowhere). Disabling TrueGlass has no effect at all, neither do switching between software and hardware rendering for the displays. Disabling F/O displays from the tablet doesn't help either. External views is very snappy, and PMDG 737, Aerosoft CRJ and A2A planes are screamingly fast on my machine. It's just the 717's cockpit that brings my fps from 50+ to ~25.
  3. Basic ground services

    For those of us without GSX, it would be nice to have some basic ground services: 1. Ladder truck (or air stairs, but there was some reasonable arguments against it) that can be spawned from the tablet. No animations are needed - just a simple spawn. 2. Pushback. Nothing special, just a couple PMDG-style options: "straight pushback for XXX meters", "pushback and turn nose left/right". Again, no animated tow trucks are needed, just pushback itself.
  4. Fan blade textures (or animation)

    Maybe the ability to call a ladder truck? A lot of aircraft in X-Plane have this feature. It doesn't even need to be animated - a simple spawn button in the tablet will do the trick. Also, it would be nice to have a pushback of some kind, even a very basic like in PMDG: push back for XXX meters, push back and turn nose left, push back and turn nose right.
  5. Don't think so. TrueGlass is purely cosmetic and can be disabled to save a frame or two, while RealLight is essential, can't be configured and shouldn't be disabled.
  6. Nothing has changed for me after this update - same performance, RealLight is working fine.
  7. Elevator "stuck" during flight controls check

    Cool! Found this in AOM to backup your words:
  8. Clearing flight plan

    Simply change FROM/TO on INIT page.
  9. "Static" lights option for P3Dv4

    Anyone? It's basically swapping one effect for another which is already there. Maybe there is some unofficial way to do this? By renaming some files, or something.
  10. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature of the real 717, but still. During the flight control checks, if I move elevator either up or down, it stays "stuck" in that position until taxi (then it returns to neutral and continues to work as expected). Both engines are running, L/R HYD pumps and HYD TRANS/AUX pumps are on. I'm using, but this issue was also present in
  11. According to FCOM, there shouldn't be any alerts. Baroset on PFD can be either white (normal operation) or boxed red (failure). No yellow numbers, no flashing - nothing. Because, if you cannot edit TA/TL values, these alerts could easily lead to distraction and misinformation. That's probably why on any plane database values for TA/TL in MCDU has the lowest priority behind manual entry, actual charts, and finally ATIS. If you don't have ATIS - read your charts. If you don't have charts - you can't fly. Simple :-) P.S. I believe these values are in MCDU not just for "informational" purposes, but also to give you a hint why your flightplan altitudes suddenly became a flight levels, or vice versa :-) P.P.S. If I remember correctly, on A320 you won't receive any baro alerts if you leave default TA/TL values in MCDU.
  12. In some countries TL also depends of barometric pressure: I don't think that these values are editable. According to Boeing FMS guide: Also, there is no announcements anywhere when climbing below TL or past TA with the "wrong" baro pressure, which only confirms that these values in MCDU are just for information purposes.
  13. VOR tuning problem on arrival

    I have a problem with VOR tracking. During preflight and departure I can track VOR (autotuned or manually inserted) as expected. But on arrival it's just blank - no tracking, no distance (in case of VOR/DME), nothing - only identifier is shown. It doesn't matter if this VOR was autotuned or manually inserted. It happened at least in two airports already (ENBR and EGPF). The VOR/DME itself is here. First screenshot shows plane just after loading the flight at EGPF - everything is fine. Second screenshot was taken during the arrival into EGPF, about ~7nm far from the airport - no VOR.
  14. No problems for me, just got this update.