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  1. QNH Not working (Sorta)

    : How do I join the Community Opt-In Beta? A: If you wish to test development builds, go to the Client Area and select the 717 from your product list. Click on the Addons tab on the left sidebar of the page, click on "Click here to view & order", and select TFDi Design 717 Community Opt-In Beta (we suggest that you select the PayPal payment option, it will skip payment information since it is free). Ensure that your simulator is closed, then open the Addon Manager and you should receive the latest beta build.
  2. omdb2

  3. True Glass question

    It works for p3dv4 only
  4. How to do a ferry flight?

    found this
  5. Possible MCDU input/font bug

    uninstall then reinstall
  6. Custom Failures system

    thinking same thing im hopeing it will be in 1.1 update
  7. add more fuel to ac in cfg?

    well i found this is intresting
  8. what happend to the wooden lil plane its off the site
  9. Longest 717 flight

    lol i did the flight on sunday in 717 i barly had any fuel left when i arrived in perth
  10. Longest 717 flight

    Sydney to Perth
  11. Cancelling Selected SID/STAR?

  12. add more fuel to ac in cfg?

    ahh ok so i prob shoud not mess with it lol
  13. lol

    omg guys soo funny and cute
  14. add more fuel to ac in cfg?

    i know but can i add more fuel tanks aux fule tanks
  15. hey can i add more fuel to the ac in the cfg