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  1. Tablet issues after update

    I updated the 717 and my tablet is missing some things.
  2. Shutting down during flight

    So I didn't have anything assigned to the mixture, but this got me thinking. I've never had a problem with any other (pmdg, fslabs, majestic, etc etc) with typing and pushing keys when I wasn't on the p3d screen affecting the sim. So I think the plane still recognized my keys while typing on a second screen. I've gone in and deleted all key commands in p3d and it seems to have fixed the issue.
  3. Shutting down during flight

    I can try to make a video. My steps are APU on, start engines, turn on engine gens, apu off. The aircraft works fine until about 5 mins after reaching cruising altitude, when it seems to just shut down. At that point the apu has long been off and the engine gens are still in the on position.
  4. I've had this happen now two flights in a row. First flight was klas to klax, second flight was kmsp to kclt. I reach cruising altitude and then about 5 minutes later it's like I just lose power. The screens on the right side of the cockpit shut off and the aircraft stalls. Engines shut down and I have to glide to land. Any ideas?
  5. CTD nvwgf2um.dll

    My issues were fixed with the last update. I no longer have this issue.
  6. CTD nvwgf2um.dll

    I'm running version 1.0.3. P3D v3.4 hotfix 1, gtx960.
  7. CTD nvwgf2um.dll

    I can't seem to complete a flight without this happening. Also, I'm not sure if there is an issue when I try to go DIRTO.
  8. Engine sounds

    Is it just me or does is sound like the engines derate or spool down just after rotating? The engines don't actually decrease looking at the engine info in the cockpit, it just sounds like the engines do.
  9. CTD with 717

    I've not had this CTD before now. On the ground at KLGA entering some FMC stuff.