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  1. CTD when going back to cockpit

    Any updates on this issue? I have all major addons on P3DV4.1, PMDG, FSLABS, MJC, NONE of them crash when switching views only the 717 does it for me? This has been a known issue for months now.
  2. CTD on

    Sadly it still crashing on my computer when switching views. Latest beta, latest Windows 10, latest Nvidia drivers, and latest P3D V4.1. I have all major addons, none do this except this bird.
  3. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    980TI latest driver available.
  4. P3D V4 CTD - no errors

    Can confirm. Came here to say exactly this. CTD for me at random when switching from external to internal view only. Only happening with the TFDi 717 at this time. No logs on the event viewer but P3D crashes to desktop. No addons except for AS16. Running
  5. 717_int_glass.dds

    Thank you!! it was really annoying...
  6. I think that it would be a good idea if it would at least require confirmation. Is that possible? I too have accidentally done that on the ground.
  7. update

    Noticed was released today the addon manager did do an update to the aircraft but FMC still shows not sure if it took the update or the dev forgot to update the version #.
  8. IRUs Failed To Align

    Mine also aligned without issues.
  9. TFDi review - Posted at Avsim yesterday Jan 10

    I have noticed when you limit FPS in P3D performance is terrible on the 717. Set to unlimited and I gained 10 FPS instantly. ( I had it locked to 30).
  10. Descend speeds not following PROF

    The a/c pretty much does whatever it wants when on autoflight.
  11. Lagging Throttle

    According to that post it has already been"tuned". I say they are still a problem even after the last update.
  12. Fuel/Load manager with ready to fly issue

    That is supposed to be fixed with the latest update. Check here Change log
  13. Air display bug

    Sorry the gif is kind of small, but you can notice the air temp flickers and changes non stop.
  14. The Immediate To-Do List

    I have to say after today's update, autoflight and performance seems to be a lot better. Thank you guys for the great work.
  15. Lack of pop-up windows