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  1. Hi, test now and the lights works well, without problems. I have a nvidia 1080.
  2. True light and True glass question.

    Thanks for reply!
  3. True light and True glass question.

    Hi, i have a simple question about this two products. Where find the folders contain files (After install) of this two "addons"? Thanks advance Gianluca Balloni
  4. Strange Night Lighting issue

    Don't good idea to use (in future) fsl spotlight, at moment in v4 don't works...and in v3 cause 99% of DXGI crash with nvidia (i don't now if same problem are present with ati cards) drivers up to 382.05.
  5. [P3D v4] Vsync and fps problem.

    see this my the problem in detail.
  6. [P3D v4] Vsync and fps problem.

    and...with fps lock (with 30hz fps lock to 31/30 in sim) situation don't change...minus jump but don't works well already, because costant fps 24 to 30, also in default airport with minimal graphics settings.
  7. [P3D v4] Vsync and fps problem.

    mmm...try to disable "allow render..." and situation are little good, but remain problem...fps jump more time and don't have a smooth flight. Any idea?
  8. [P3D v4] Vsync and fps problem.

    Hi, i have 717 last update with p3d v4 hf1. All works great but...I have a big problem (same problem have in v3)... I'm use 30hz refresh rate with unlimited fps and vsync+tb on in sim. With this settings have a perfect smooth sim also with complex addons, like pmdg (v4 v3) or fslabs (v3)...but...with 717, the fps fluctuate from 30 to 27 to 40 and sim don't smooth. Why this problem only with 717?
  9. Blurry Cockpit Textures in P3D

    in my situation, yes...only vc textures when activate doom or thunderstorm lights. This blurries more evident at night but still present also in daytime.
  10. Blurry Cockpit Textures in P3D

    in my sim, at 2048x2048 i have blurries vc cockpit at night with dome lights on.
  11. Stutters and VAS leakage

    With the last update i have same problems...fps fluxing and stutters...and the new cockpit's lights are very very orrible, with blurries textures.
  12. Stutters and VAS leakage

    Uninstall and reinstall now...but...don't resolve. I have this very very abnormal situation (only with 717 tfdi). I'm use 30hz monitor with VSYNC and TripleBuffering ON with unlimited fps. When load 717...fps don't stable...drop from 24 and up to 40/ default airport without any particular meteo situations. In other aircraft fps don't go over 30 (because 30hz+vsync lock to 30). Any idea?
  13. Stutters and VAS leakage

    MSAA at max and i have "Allow hardware rendering" disabled. In my case, repeat, the very big problem is microstutters because fps drop every 5 seconds (ca) from 30 to 27 or from 30 up to 38 or more. In my p3d use fps unlimited and in inspector use fps limiter at 30.5 on 60hz monitor. If set 30fps in p3d i have better situation because fps don't up to 30 fps...but i have same problem drop fps from 30 to 27 and i have microstutters. Only on 717 i have this problem with fps limiter and fps incostant. PS: Sorry for my bad english
  14. Stutters and VAS leakage

    i7 7700k@5.0ghz with 1080 and 16gb ram ddr4