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  1. Problems with fmc.

    During last flight... From LEPA to KONER go to FMC to insert star KONER1R for ils 04R Z...and...see the fmc. Report 04R with incorrect distance.
  2. Still Getting CTD with P3D 4.2 Update

    I have a first crash to desk without any errors. First type of crash in a lot flights with 717. Few hours ago update to last opt beta (no ctd in other old version) and try to flight from LEPA to LIRP...during cruise, chaseplane switch automatic to external to return to vc...ctd
  3. Hi guys, today in my last flight i'm land at ENGM...well...during approach have a rain and trueglass show raindrop on vc, and it's gate rain stop, but in vc realglass continue to show rain. Any idea to resolve?
  4. VOR tuning problem on arrival

    ...for info...expected data to release .23? Thanks.
  5. Hi, the problem test (in my case) at LIRP, LEPA and LERS, but for my opinion, extend to all airports. Navdata use is 1713 and 1801 from navigraph. For test load at gate or runways...but the problems with vor's remain.
  6. Hi, when enter a ils frequency on FMC, lost VOR'S in ND. No show distance, or radial in ND. If cancel the ils freq...the vor's works. Please make attention at this very important problem. Try to reinstall aircraft, but don't have any results. My sim is p3d 4.1 and have a last opt beta. Thanks Gianluca Balloni
  7. VOR autotune

    Have a same problems...and at moment is a very big problem.
  8. VOR tuning problem on arrival

    Yes...same problems! During last flight from LFRS to LIRP, at LIRP vor don't works. VOR1 and 2 don't shows any information. In FMC the frequency shows correct name,freq ecc., but don't works on ND.
  9. Hi, test now and the lights works well, without problems. I have a nvidia 1080.
  10. True light and True glass question.

    Thanks for reply!
  11. True light and True glass question.

    Hi, i have a simple question about this two products. Where find the folders contain files (After install) of this two "addons"? Thanks advance Gianluca Balloni
  12. Strange Night Lighting issue

    Don't good idea to use (in future) fsl spotlight, at moment in v4 don't works...and in v3 cause 99% of DXGI crash with nvidia (i don't now if same problem are present with ati cards) drivers up to 382.05.
  13. [P3D v4] Vsync and fps problem.

    see this my the problem in detail.
  14. [P3D v4] Vsync and fps problem.

    and...with fps lock (with 30hz fps lock to 31/30 in sim) situation don't change...minus jump but don't works well already, because costant fps 24 to 30, also in default airport with minimal graphics settings.