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  1. 717 Throttles stopped responding

    I'm still having trouble with the throttles in flight. They just stop responding while in flight and I basically have to shut the sim down. Annoying is an understatementšŸ˜ƒ. Hope a fix comes soon because I got the plane in the hanger until a fix comes.
  2. Thrust loss

    Great because I have the same problem, just no throttle while cruising just switches off in flight very weird until eventually install
  3. Flickering numbers FMC

    Well I did a clean install and the aircrafts working fine now so problem solved I guess lol
  4. Flickering numbers FMC

    I'll check but maybe I'll try a clean install and see if that solves it.
  5. Flickering numbers FMC

    The numbers are all flickering back and forth on the FMC is this normal or am I a knob lol, also my throttle, gauges everything is going haywire
  6. PFPX

    I was able to include it through Aerosoft, they have a zip file on the forums to include it in the program
  7. PFPX

    Does anyone have a tip on how to get the 717 in the Professional Flight Planner X? thanks
  8. Stabilizer motion

    Ah I see, cool beans thanks!
  9. Stabilizer motion

    Is there anyway to turn this off lol?
  10. Throttle FSUIPC

    Good day simmers, Does anyone have a setting for their throttle in FSUIPC? I'm looking for the proper slope setting. thanks
  11. Insuffcient Fuel flashes constantly

    Sounds like the same issue I got with my FMS at least it's addressed thanks
  12. FMC Problem

    Yep I was like what the heck is going on here lol
  13. FMC Problem

    I just got the latest update via add on manager and I was putting a route in the FMC when all of a sudden it just started going nuts. Flickering from page to page, up and down, all the text was all over the place. I tried to start a new flight and was the same thing. Never happened before the update.
  14. Vibrating yoke

    Is there a way I can post a short video?
  15. Vibrating yoke

    Then again it's weird cause I'm not even stalling the aircraft and it still shakes oh well I guess it's something I'll have to live with