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  1. Congratulations guys you guys did amazing work
  2. Is there a change log available?
  3. Thrust loss

    Just for everyone’s info, the issue with the throttle seems to be solved for me from the latest update
  4. 717 Throttles stopped responding

    Sounds good because I still got issues with the throttles
  5. 717 Throttles stopped responding

    I'm still having trouble with the throttles in flight. They just stop responding while in flight and I basically have to shut the sim down. Annoying is an understatement😃. Hope a fix comes soon because I got the plane in the hanger until a fix comes.
  6. Thrust loss

    Great because I have the same problem, just no throttle while cruising just switches off in flight very weird until eventually install
  7. Flickering numbers FMC

    Well I did a clean install and the aircrafts working fine now so problem solved I guess lol
  8. Flickering numbers FMC

    I'll check but maybe I'll try a clean install and see if that solves it.
  9. Flickering numbers FMC

    The numbers are all flickering back and forth on the FMC is this normal or am I a knob lol, also my throttle, gauges everything is going haywire
  10. PFPX

    I was able to include it through Aerosoft, they have a zip file on the forums to include it in the program
  11. PFPX

    Does anyone have a tip on how to get the 717 in the Professional Flight Planner X? thanks
  12. Stabilizer motion

    Ah I see, cool beans thanks!
  13. Stabilizer motion

    Is there anyway to turn this off lol?
  14. Throttle FSUIPC

    Good day simmers, Does anyone have a setting for their throttle in FSUIPC? I'm looking for the proper slope setting. thanks
  15. Insuffcient Fuel flashes constantly

    Sounds like the same issue I got with my FMS at least it's addressed thanks