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  1. Few questions

    Hey Gunny, If you launch the addon manager, and go to Install, you'll be able to choose the platforms to install the 717 to. P3D v4 is within one of the options.
  2. ADDON Liveries?

    Welcome to the forum! Please have a look at the downloads section for all the liveries that both we and the community have made:
  3. weather radar not woking

    Also keep in mind - your graphics card must support DirectX 11 to see the radar visuals. If it is DX11 supported, please make sure you have the June 2010 version of the DirectX runtime; you may have to uninstall your current runtime & reinstall the June 2010 version. And yes, please answer Collin's question - how long are you leaving it in test?
  4. TERRAIN radar on

    Also - very exciting - I have finally gotten the terrain display to work in the 64 bit 717 running on P3D v4! (huge thank you to Jon - MVJB) It will also be in the next update. And yes - I found it to be WAY smoother than the 32 bit version Cheers,
  5. TERRAIN radar on

    Hey Santiago, The terrain display will be working in the next update! Cheers,
  6. Terrain and engine derate

    Gents, I just installed your version (I had a dev beta before so I wasn't able to confirm) and yes, it seems the terrain display and weather radar are indeed broken for some strange reason. I will bug this immediately in our internal dev tracker and we will do our best to get this fixed as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for your patience. Cheers,
  7. ATTN: TERR mode in v4

    Hi all, I've seen a number of you ask this question so I thought I'd address it here: Terrain display has been disabled in Prepar3D v4. A new version is in the works and we now have regained the ability to probe for terrain in a 64 bit environment. I will keep you all posted soon. Cheers,
  8. Error when updating

    Actually, the Addon Manager downloaded the correct build. You have the latest version with; are you seeing version in the MCDU IDENT page?
  9. Love it

    I'm sure the rest of the rest of the Team will be very happy to hear this when they're back from Flight Sim Con! Thanks for your kind words!
  10. Error when updating

    Sanpp, Could you please open a ticket with us regarding this issue? I could not find you in our ticket system via your email registered on this forum.
  11. Displays going black during flight

    Thanks for letting me know; I'll forward this to the rest of team and we will keep you guys posted. Flight Sim Con happened this weekend so we all appreciate your patience in our delayed response during this time. Cheers,
  12. Displays going black during flight

    Is there a particular route both of you are flying when this happens? Particular STAR in the MCDU?
  13. Thanks!

    Glad you're enjoying your new 717!
  14. Vibrating yoke

    Sounds like the stick shaker in the 717; did anything happen on takeoff? Is this a reproducible issue?
  15. Error when updating

    Sanpp, What is the error message?