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  1. When will the 717 be ready for primetime?

    My mind was open all the time, all I'm saying is that examples from 777's, A320's, MD-11's, etc. are fine, but these planes are not 717's. The theory says a Yaw Damper does not provide turn coordination, so if the Y/D does that in a certain plane it has to be in the planes manuals. And that's what I was asking for all the time. Just because other airplanes have it that is no proof that a 717 has it. I hope you get my point. Having a Master I am sure you are well aware that general assumptions should not be made in product development. Thanks Miller, this is exactly what I was looking for! So the MD80/MD90 series has a Y/D with turn coordination. This is a real hint on the 717 (unlike 777's, etc.). Thanks!
  2. When will the 717 be ready for primetime?

    If you call EASAs official ATPL theory learning objectives a lack of education, ok, then I have a lack of education. From the theory books: Turn Coordination is mostly adchieved by differential ailerons counteracting the adverse yaw moment. Some airplanes have an additional function that integrates a Yaw Damper, as others presented above, but then again none has yet shown any FCOM text from the 717 about it. I know myself that Airbusses, etc. have an additional computer providing such function, but there is no hard evidence on the 717, at least not in the documentation I have. Thank you for this extract! It talks about lateral directional oscillation, I can not see information regarding turn coordination though. Am I blind or do I miss something? A non coonridated turn is not an oscillation as far as I know. It is a steady condition. Lateral oscillations are basically Dutch Rolls as I wrote earlier. That's at least how we learn it in ATPL theory. Any active pilot please correct me if I misunderstood my theory lessons (which is very well possible).
  3. Very Odd APU Behaviour

    Is there? The noise you hear when the engine runs down is no actual cooling. The cooling happens earlier after landing when you taxi to the stand. On the A320 or 737 for example you need to wait 3 minutes before you can shut down an engine for single engine taxi to allow the engine core to cool. Once you cut the fuel supply there is no cool down going on anymore. Once the fuel is cut off the rotors only continue to rotate for a short while due to the kinetic energy they have left due to to their rotation. That's the same for the APU, it physically has to be the same for any turbine, the only question is whether the sensors remain powered long enough to measure that or not when cutting off the fuel supply.
  4. When will the 717 be ready for primetime?

    Would you have any documentation prooving this? Don't get me wrong, I'd really like to know as they are teaching us the exact difference in ATPL theory. I even talked to some airline pilots about it and none remembers seeing an airliner with a Yaw Damper that can provide turn coordination. Some have some turn coordination features, but none has a Y/D that incorporates one. Even a look into the 717s FCOM did not provide any information on that.
  5. Very Odd APU Behaviour

    Assuming the fuel pump indeed cuts the APU fuel supply (which still has to be confirmed) there may be an automatic complete shutdown of the APU. Togeather with the shutdown the sensors power may then be cut. Systems like these exist on other aircraft if the fuel supply is completly cut. When being shut down using the normal procedures this is the case. When cutting the fuel off directly I would not know how such a cooldown period could work. Without fuel the APU can't run. Now someone needs to grab an FCOM and look up the APU system to look up the details on how the APU works... If anyone has one - please help us out!
  6. When will the 717 be ready for primetime?

    Exactly my words You're right, I very well may have missed your point. I might still be missing it now. I find your second part interesting, talking about study level sims where you mention the FSL A320. I second your opinion that when a developer advertises something as study level sim it should be that out of the box. TFDi already admitted they made a mistake there and are doing their best to change it. Nonetheless, while you point out that a study level sim should have everything from the beginning on and list the FSL A320 as exactly that in the same phrase. The FSL also misses a lot of features which are supposed to be added later (just like the 717). SEC FPLN, Winds, Step Climbs, FIX INFO, to name just a few. Still you call it a study level sim. The Yaw Damper does work, turn coordination is not among the features of a Yaw Damper. The single purpose of the Y/D is preventing the Dutch Roll. It is a common misconception among simmers that a Y/D should provide turn coordination - and in fact it does as an extra feature in a few airliners - but that's not what the Y/D should. I searched the 717 FCOM, but could not find any reference to additional turn coordination features in the Y/D. Therefore I conclude it should not provide turn coordination (unless anyone got some reference of the 717s Y/D including that feature of course!). Dutch Roll is not a simulated feature in FS, unfortunately. I fact I am not even sure if compressibility effects are modelled in FS at all. I tend to second your opinion that many addons seem to be unfinished in recent releases (not just aircraft), it seems with diverging plattforms the pressure of getting addons out to the market seems to get bigger and bigger. Let's hope this trend is not going to continue through the next years. There have also been some quite solid releases in the last time though (A2A Connie to name just one). The usage of the FD is very much under the airlines SOPs, often even the same in whole regions. While we could argue whether or not it affects the safety of flight and whether or not you should "practice" flying without the FD with pax in your back I support not to get into such discussions now. There's so many different philosophies regarding FD usage that I do not think it would make a lot of sense to argue about them. Let's just remain that with some airlines you may be required to use it all the time, with others you may fly without it, for whatever reason they may have.
  7. Volotea Livery - Released!

    So I'm not a good painter? I really hope this is just a language barrier as this is already the second time you say something like this to one doing a Volotea paint. I tell you what, do you own and be happy with it.
  8. Very Odd APU Behaviour

    Could it be that probably simply the power to the sensors is cut off? One for TFDi to answer...
  9. When will the 717 be ready for primetime?

    What makes the 717 unairworthy in your opinion? Comparing the present bugs with the MEL I find nothing that would restrict the 717 from flying. I did not see any 717 Dutch Roll yet, so the Yaw Damper does a good job. Turn Coordination is lacking a bit, but I would not know of many addons where it works properly. If the FD is a show stopper you'll have issues flying many addon planes. To date I hardly saw any addon where the FD was working flawlessy. Even in the big names I still see issues in the FD compared with the FD in a real airplane. Now this is an interesting statement. I'm fully with you that there should be more, expecially experienced, pilots flying raw data, but at least those whom I know still do it a lot. In fact of those pilots I know half of them still flies any non precision approach using raw data only. With Volotea, if I'm not mistaken, it is even standart procedure to do so. I find it to be a common misconception among simmers that everything would be done fully automated in nowadays airline flying. At least those pilots I know do not do it and keep their manual flying skills.
  10. When will the 717 be ready for primetime?

    I can't really second this feeling, while there are bugs you can get around them with some basic piloting skills. In real world pilot training you learn one thing: If you have failures, if all your whistles go off blowing out your ears, then do not think of what you do not have. Think of what you have. I tend to do the same here and I come to the conclusion that there is really not a lot that is missing. Out of the thousands of different systems an airliner consists of there are basically just three that are lacking here: LNAV (linedrawing), VNAV and predictions. With these in place the 717 would be among the top notch airliner addons available to date. Additionally, exactly these systems are what a pilot is trained not to trust. With a little handflying (maybe some 5 mins out of a 1:30h flight) I can get my 717 to perform like any other aircraft - and even train my handflyingskills. That's how I view it and that's why I do not get such feelings about this aircraft as some others do.
  11. Two arrows for wind directions?

    What is the sense for an LB option with just about half the carriers in one single country in the world using this? You see, there isn't always a reason for everything. Some just like this and others that.
  12. Thank you for the pictures everyone, I guess there is just nothing like this available for AeBal then, right? I'll have to make something up then, could very well take some days though as painting is not my highest priority right now.
  13. Volotea Livery - Released!

    Sorry, but I have no idea what you are trying to say.
  14. Volotea Livery - Released!

    Not at this moment, sorry. Perhaps in the future should the paintkit offer dirt layers.
  15. TFDi 717 Germanwings/AeBal

    Yes, I'll do the "normal" AeBal livery. I miss a good high quality picture of their logo as they have it on their forward fuselage though, that is basically the only thing that prevents me from doing it at the moment. Do you by any chance know the font they use or have some good high quality pictures of the logo?