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  1. Feedback

    (I just noticed the EGPWS mode 4 does not work anymore)
  2. Feedback

    Well, this is a great release! Descent / ats / speedbrake issues seem resolved and that is a great news. No lag / stutters / fps issue for me. Trueglass is amazing ! Well played guys!
  3. Very jumpy FPS with 717

    do you expect any answer?
  4. green banana is gone

    I think I was under drugs (or I was confusing with another airplane i'am currently testing :p) Any chance to have the blue arrow?
  5. green banana is gone

    TOC/TOD indications and target altitude prediction are 2 differrents things. I m pretty sure the green banana was displayed before but I can't see it anymore.
  6. Hi, since the last update I don't see anymore the green banana on the mfd (the green curve regarding the target altitude). I tried all ap vertical modes (vs/prof/fl ch) but no chance.
  7. @turbofandude thanks a lot, it will be useful!
  8. I'm Just LOVING This 717

    +1, the last updates were very nice.
  9. DIR-TO intercept inbound course (pages are reversed)
  10. ATC rarely guides us to a waypoint while we are doing a VOR approach. They ask us to intercept a radial to a VOR, so without one of that 2 features we are not able to do a VOR approach. For now the only way is to track the radiale by hand in HDG/TRK mode. Sorry if I'm not clear, my english sucks
  11. Nop, I referred to the vor arm option of the nav page (boeing style vor app) and the intc fix/crs of the dir-to page (airbus style vor app). No one have been simulated, so how we can make an vor approach (except by tracking the VOR in HDG/TRK mode)?
  12. I tried 7 months ago... but no answer...
  13. No news...? Please guys, we are waiting for 7 months now... VOR approches represent 50% of approches in some european countries. We can't use the fms to do it (dir intercept is not simulated...), we can't use the track option of the rad/nav page (this is not simulated)... The only way to do that is the TRK mode... (yep, the vor rose works since 3 months only...) I don't understand why this is not a priority...
  14. yup, this happens to me sometimes. What I do is switching to HDG mode before entering a star, then DIR-TO to the next waypoint and switching back to NAV mode. Sometime it does not work (the plane want to make a 360 turn) so I switch again to HDG, make another DIR-TO to the same waypoint, then go back to NAV mode and it works.