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  1. Hi, since the last update I don't see anymore the green banana on the mfd (the green curve regarding the target altitude). I tried all ap vertical modes (vs/prof/fl ch) but no chance.
  2. @turbofandude thanks a lot, it will be useful!
  3. I'm Just LOVING This 717

    +1, the last updates were very nice.
  4. DIR-TO intercept inbound course (pages are reversed)
  5. ATC rarely guides us to a waypoint while we are doing a VOR approach. They ask us to intercept a radial to a VOR, so without one of that 2 features we are not able to do a VOR approach. For now the only way is to track the radiale by hand in HDG/TRK mode. Sorry if I'm not clear, my english sucks
  6. Nop, I referred to the vor arm option of the nav page (boeing style vor app) and the intc fix/crs of the dir-to page (airbus style vor app). No one have been simulated, so how we can make an vor approach (except by tracking the VOR in HDG/TRK mode)?
  7. I tried 7 months ago... but no answer...
  8. No news...? Please guys, we are waiting for 7 months now... VOR approches represent 50% of approches in some european countries. We can't use the fms to do it (dir intercept is not simulated...), we can't use the track option of the rad/nav page (this is not simulated)... The only way to do that is the TRK mode... (yep, the vor rose works since 3 months only...) I don't understand why this is not a priority...
  9. yup, this happens to me sometimes. What I do is switching to HDG mode before entering a star, then DIR-TO to the next waypoint and switching back to NAV mode. Sometime it does not work (the plane want to make a 360 turn) so I switch again to HDG, make another DIR-TO to the same waypoint, then go back to NAV mode and it works.
  10. Change STAR & RY

    that is strange. Clicking on the departure rwy to change the sid or arrival one to change the star works fine for me.It works fine also during the procedure it self. Which arrival airport?
  11. Issues entering route

    You have to validate a full flightplan, eg : (FPL-XXX000-IS -B712/M-SDFGHRWY/C -ESSA1125 -N0454F360 DCT NOSLI DCT PELUP N851 MAKEL DCT LUB/N0457F350 UP605 KEMAD/N0459F360 DCT ERNEP DCT EMGOD T729 NOSPA DCT BETEX DCT -EDDF0159 ETAR -PBN/A1B2 RVR/075) But remember that DCT are limited in a flight plan, in most case (in europe) it can exceed 50nm. Try something like that : SID NOSLI N850 BAGOS UN850 MIC T155 ALOSI T157 KERAX STAR ps: I don t check it
  12. Issues entering route

    Try to validate your route with the Eurocontrol IFPS validator but I'm pretty sure this route is not valid
  13. can not disengage autopilot correctly

    yep, both work correctly with / p3dv4.
  14. @gamesyns any news about that?