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  1. Autoland off centre

    On the video, at 20 meters radio-altimeters, the ac seems to be correctly aligned, but because of the overspeed, the bounce pushes the ac off-course. To be honest, I never done an autoland (the weather is clear and this plane is so amazing to hand fly), i'll try tonight
  2. Autoland off centre

    did you update your p3d native navaids data and what cycle are you using with the 717? is the problem occured in a default p3d airport or in custom sceneries as well?
  3. Switch view Crash

    Apparently this issue occurs only with the 717 (what it was reported on avsim) so it seems related to this addon not p3d.
  4. Autoland off centre

    130K lbs / flaps 40 it should be 150 kts max (maybe 145) (hum 130K kbs exceeds the aircraft limits anyway).
  5. VOR autotune

    (Navigation category is missing :p) Hi, I noticed that the autotune feature always points the VOR 1 and the VOR 2 to the same beacon. It should be two different beacons.
  6. VOR autotune

  7. Autoland off centre

    I can't read the ac weight but 157kts as vref seems a bit too higher, isn't it?
  8. VOR autotune

    Hi, I noticed that the autotune feature always points the VOR 1 and the VOR 2 to the same beacon. It should be two different beacons.
  9. OK, I surrender. . .

    Normally we just use the MCDU to do a VOR approach on the 717, like on an Airbus or a Boeing 757/767. We don't need to catch a radial from a VOR beacon but simply select the appropriate approach on the MCDU and that it The problem is the DIR-TO function is not yet implemented on the 717 so if you fly online the ATC will guide you to intercept a course and you currently can't do a DIR-TO with an intercept course on this addon. So you have to switch to HDG mode, enter the VOR frequency / intcp crs on the RAD NAV page then when your heading crosses the course click on the VOR ARM key and ARM the AP nav mode. Once the plane intercepted the course, you can continue on the track and manage manually the descent or done a DIR-TO to the next waypoint and keep the MCDU manages the descent (but be carreful: a lot of approaches are not correctly interpreted and will not work (incorrect altitude, missing waypoints...)
  10. Tcas LVAR

    Yep if you switch the LVAR value from 10 to 50, the knob turns to TA/RA but no sound, the mode is still standby. If you right-click on the knob after that, you can hear the 'click', the mode changes, but the knob doesn't turn until you reach the TA/RA position.
  11. Exterior is always dark....normal?

    If you compare the 717 (or any aircraft) to static scenary aircrafts or mtl, yep it's normal
  12. Great plane now.

    Yep, honestly, this plane is the most pleasant plane to hand fly that I've flown on p3d. For 2018 please : - DME Arc - FIX page - DIR TO intc crs - cabin lights - ND alt blue arrow Thanks for your great job in 2017 after the missed initilal release !
  13. Top of descent

    ok cheers
  14. 717 Real Light vs Dynamic lighting

    RealLight > dynamic lighting RealLight doesn't affect fps on my computer, dynamic lights can drop 10 fps.
  15. Top of descent

    Hi I can't see any "RESET MCP ALT" message on the MCDU before reaching the TOD. Is this message exists on the 717 in RW?