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  1. TFDi 717 - Delta Air Lines - N935AT

    Just so you know, I love this texture. I fly with it all the time!
  2. Ground roll is far too quiet ...??

    Initially during testing TSS had sent us a sound pack that needed some things fixed/changed. This was way early on. Closer to release, a new sound pack was sent and pushed out. The sounds were night and day. So yes, it could possibly be there was more going on in the initial push of the aircraft.
  3. Cockpit sounds

    Hey guys, I do agree some ambience is to be added to the cockpit (i.e: wind deflecting off spoiler needs to be louder, some rattling in the cockpit, etc), but in terms of the engine sounds, those are pretty spot on in terms of frequencies. The sounds TSS provided were mastered to its counter-part.
  4. Ground roll is far too quiet ...??

    Hey Paul, This was something @HughesMDflyer4 and I were talking about. The ground roll is there BUT some nasty thuds when you hit the runway lights wouldn't hurt . Im just trying to find a sweet spot for the audio to not be too obnoxious like you're taking off in an airport that doesn't know how to maintenance their runways lol.
  5. sounds

    @RICK@av8r1313Sorry for the late reply. According to our resources, the air frame of the 717 is pretty tightly sealed and stiffly attached to its sub-frame. The "touchdown" sound/shaking sensation is mimicked on our aircraft by a squeak/rumble coming from the glare shield. Not much moves around in the cockpit, at most you hear the sound of metal (from the speed brake handle) rattling and making contact with the metal handle. Trust me, as a sound engineer, I was waiting to bring more life to this aircraft in terms of rumble and fullness on bass. Before i did that, i had to confirm what our pilots hear when they are sitting in the flight deck. We aim to make this as immersive as possible to its counter part, but making an ambience that isn't actually found in the real 717, just doesn't feel right to me. I would like to thank you for the respect on the work done to this aircraft. -To The Skies My Friend
  6. Bob Rossing

    Bunch of weird lines, MCDU Flicker on INIT Page for remaining fuel.
  7. Flightplan and navdata

    Im looking forward to CoRoutes as well, but from what I've seen from the development team is they're looking to perfect the imperfections. We all know there is a list of things we'd all like to see put into this plane, but I like the approach being taken. Id rather see imperfections being fixed rather than new additions that require testing first.

    @gamesyns Yea! Stop teasing us, lets get it rolled out already. We want 1.0.6! We want 1.0.6! Everyone chant with me lol!
  9. fix landing light animation speed

    fix landing light animation speed
  10. Fix RA BARO text

    fix RA BARO text
  11. improve PROF mode

    VERT ALERT, proper meters display, step-climb, use VS mode properly
  12. Fix distance based RNAV leg naming

    Some distance based RNAV legs are named incorrectly
  13. Fix DME not on PFD when VOR/ILS Captured

    DME not on PFD when VOR/ILS Captured
  14. Rudder not reverting to airflow mode with low hyd pressure
  15. Fix PROF VS Mode annunciation

    fix PROF vs mode annunciation